Vivian as she appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Vivian is a fictional character in Nintendo's Mario franchise and Mario's fifth party member in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Though she initially starts out as an enemy of Mario, she eventually defects to his side. Although she suffers from an inferiority complex, throughout the events of the video game, Vivian's character develops as she learns to respect herself.

Character history Edit

Vivian's first appearance in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is in Chapter 2, when the Shadow Sirens were sent by Grodus to ambush Mario. Grodus gives the three a picture, and they go to Boggly Woods. Vivian found Flurrie's necklace while going there. However, Beldam loses the picture and blames Vivian for it, taking the necklace away from Vivian. When Mario passes by again, it is discovered that Beldam had the picture all along, but is still angry at Vivian. They then challenge Mario to a fight. In this fight, Vivian is the middle strongest of the party and uses magic. After they are defeated, they run away, leaving behind Flurrie's Necklace. Vivian hesitates and goes back to get it, but ends up leaving.

Later on, at the Creepy Steeple, Mario fights Doopliss, a Duplighost. He steals Mario's body and identity, leaving Mario as a shadow. Meanwhile, Vivian and the Sirens have got an "infallible" plan. They have a weapon that will surely wipe out Mario: the Superbombomb. However, it is lost, presumably by Beldam. Vivian is sentenced to search for it while Marilyn and Beldam take a nap. When Mario returns to Twilight Town, he finds Vivian searching for the Superbombomb. Mario finds it for Vivian, but it is broken. Vivian then asks Mario his name. Mario is unable to say his name however, and he tells his story to Vivian. Vivian decides to repay his kindness and help him get his name and body back.

When Mario and Vivian finally reach Doopliss' room in Creepy Steeple again, they battle him along with all Mario's old partners, who think Doopliss is Mario. Vivian realizes that the one she was helping was Mario, and for a few turns, will not help Mario in battle. After two turns, Vivian returns because she thinks Mario was nicer to her than any of her siblings. After Doopliss is defeated, Mario's partners ask why Mario would join up with a creep like Vivian, Mario defends her and Vivian joins Mario for good. Throughout her travels, Vivian seems to develop a friendship with one of Mario's other partners, Goombella. At the very end of Mario's adventure, Beldam and Marilyn end their villain activities and promise not to mistreat Vivian again. When Mario is preparing to leave Rogueport, Vivian is about to tell Mario that she has a crush on him, but decides otherwise and tells Mario that she thinks he and Princess Peach will make a good couple.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Outside of battle, Vivian possesses the same ability Bow has in Paper Mario, but Vivian's works in a more interesting effect, as instead of literally turning invisible, Vivian can pull Mario into their shadow, where they can hide. This allows them to get past objects that move over them, and avoid sight from enemies and their attacks. Vivian possesses the strongest magic of any partner in the game, and is often thought of as the best partner in the game thanks to her fiery powers and the ability to burn enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • Mario in Super Paper Mario has a Vivian plush doll and she makes and appearance in Mario's house at the beginning as a painting.
  • Also in Super Paper Mario, Vivian appears as a Catch Card won by winning the Duel of 100 in the Sammer's Kingdom.
  • Vivian's Shadow Siren element is fire, thus making her a pyrokinetic.
  • In the battle with Vivian, when she has low HP, she can use Fiery Jinx. But when Vivian joins Mario's party, she has to be Super Ranked to learn Fiery Jinx.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Vivian appears as a sticker.