Two and a Half Men is an American sitcom that is broadcast since 2003. on U.S. television The leading roles were during the first through the eighth season played by Charlie Sheen ,Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones . Since 2013, the principal cast of Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher . The series is broadcast in the Netherlands on the transmitter Veronica and in Belgium onFOUR .

Initially Charlie Sheen was one of the protagonists. However, due to alcohol and drug problems Sheen, the series was put on hold in 2011. [1] Although there has been contractually agreed that, at least until the year 2012, new episodes will be produced in 2010, the makers - after Sheen producer Chuck Lorre openly rebelled - the production of season 8 midway. After Sheen, who played the role of Charlie Harper, was eventually fired from Two and a Half Men , [2] Ashton Kutcher signed for a new lead Walden Schmidt. [3]


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Story edit ]Edit

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Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) is a bachelor and advertising jingle writer. He leads a good life in his beach house in Malibu, a lot of money and has no shortage of women.

Charlie Sheen already played a character named Charlie in the sitcom Spin City . Sheen and Cryer already played together in the films Hot Shots! , and Hot Shots! Part Deux . Also, Ryan Stiles played in Hot Shots and Hot Shots! Part Deux .

Season 8 edit ]Edit

By alcohol and drug problems, and Charlie Sheen disputes between him and the producers, the production of season 8 was put stop halfway. The planned number of 24 episodes was not achieved. In the last episode in which Sheen plays a role, marries his character with his eternal stalker Rose and the couple leaves on honeymoon to Paris.

Season 9 edit ]Edit

As of September 2011, the series went on. Charlie Harper by circumstances in his marriage with his stalkster died in Paris. The new character Walden Schmidt, an Internet billionaire played by Ashton Kutcher, enters the scene of Two and a Half Men below. Walden has purchased the home of the now deceased Charlie. He just separated from Bridget Schmidt, played by Judy Greer , and suicidal tendencies. He leaves remain initially Berta, but Alan comes back (later son) and wriggles smart in there yet again. Walden insists that he will continue to live in Malibu and, now, his confidant and friend.

Cast edit ]Edit

[1][2]Actors and creators of Two and a Half Men on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2011.  Above, from left: Chuck Lorre , Marin Hinkle , Conchata Ferrell , Ashton Kutcher .  Below, left to right: Lee Aronsohn , Jon Cryer , Angus T. Jones , Holland Taylor .

Actor Personage Comments
Jon Cryer Alan Harper Season 1-present
Ashton Kutcher Walden Schmidt Season 9-present
Charlie Sheen Charlie Harper Season 1-8
Angus T. Jones Jake Harper Season 1-10
Amber Tamblyn Jenny Season 11-present [4]
Conchata Ferrell Berta Season 1-present
Holland Taylor Evelyn Harper Season 1-present
Marin Hinkle Judith Melnick Season 1-8, and then sporadically
Melanie Lynskey Rose Season 1-2, and then sporadically
April Bowlby Kandi Season 3-4, 10
Jennifer Bini Taylor Chelsea Season 6-7, 9
Ryan Stiles Dr. Herbert "Herb" Melnick Season 2-present

Episodes edit ]Edit


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DVDs Edit ]Edit

Season Hatched Episodes
Season 1 September 12, 2005 24
Season 2 August 28, 2006 24
Season 3 May 19, 2008 24
Season 4 October 6, 2008 24
Season 5 April 13, 2009 19
Season 6 October 5, 2009 24
Season 7 September 21, 2010 22
Season 8 August 8, 2011 16
Season 9 October 1, 2012 24
Season 10 September 30, 2013 23
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