Agbar Tower is a skyscraper in Barcelona. The name is derived from the Ag BarParth uas, the Spanish water company that is located in the tower.

King Juan Carlos has the Agbar Tower officially opened on 16 september 2005.

On 12 september 2007 the tower was climbed by Alain Robert.


The tower was designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel. This is 144.4 metres high, has 38 floors and has the shape of a cylinder that starting from the 26th floor turns into a dome. The outer wall is completely covered with aluminum awnings of 120 at 30 cm. reflect the sunlight during the day and at night this these by led lamps lit.Because the Tower surrounded by a ditch, it seems as if this is slid from the ground up.

To the tower to make it fit well in the city, the architect is inspired by a number of typical Barcelona objects. So it seems the Tower somewhat on the bell towers of theSagrada Família and has something of the tops of the Montserratmountain. In addition, it looks like a blue water jet that comes up out of the ground which in turn applies to the water company which is established. In a single interview would Jean Nouvel have called it a phallic symbol .

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