The Streets of San Francisco was a cop show from the 70s. It was produced and broadcast by ABC from 1972 to 1977. The series began with a television film (based on the detective novel " Poor, Poor Ophelia "by Carolyn Weston ) 1972. The show was about two police officers in San Francisco looking for criminals: veteran Lt.. Mike Stone ( Karl Malden ), assisted by the young graduate Insp. Steve Keller ( Michael Douglas ). The series made ​​a star of Michael Douglas.

Douglas stopped the series in the fifth season in 1976 for the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest produce. The absence of his character in the series was explained by stating that he had a job teaching at a local college. Lt.. Stone took another detective, Insp. Dan Robbins ( Richard Hatch ), but the popularity of the series took off and it was therefore terminated in 1977 . An NBC TV movie "Back to the Streets of San Francisco" was published in 1992 . Karl Malden is Mike Stone again, but Keller's absence is explained by the fact he is the victim of a murder.

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