The Ellen DeGeneres Show , often shortened to Ellen , is an American talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and distributed by Warner Bros.. Television . Are in the program, in addition to interviews with celebrities , interviews with notable individuals from the public and there are also comic monologues held by the presenter. The program was first broadcast on 8 September 2003 . In the Netherlands the program since June 25 2007 on RTL 5 broadcast. RTL 8 announced that the show from August 27, 2012 comes back on television. This latest episodes are aired and will be the Dutch broadcasting about 4 weeks behind the U.S..

Special episodes edit ]Edit

  • Backwards Show - Everything in the program is done in reverse, so the dance and monologue done at the end and the end of the program is done at the beginning.
  • Two Shows In One - DeGeneres gives "two" episodes in one episode, she wears two different outfits, doing two different monologues, and dances twice.
  • Ellen: The Musical - The episode is like a musical, DeGeneres takes her usual interviews ended up singing a song.
  • Ellen Thanksgiving Special - From the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City .
  • I Like It! - An episode as the title suggests, there are things in the program that DeGeneres likes.
  • Ellen's Show on a Plane - This episode was shot in a terminal in Los Angeles and from a plane from Los Angeles to New York City.
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