PiT Swiggler

Swiggler is an enemy in the Nintendo DS game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. It is a large, Shroob-created, bio-mechanical Wiggler that was vital to the Shroob's conquest of the Mushroom Kingdom. Swiggler had the unique ability to transform the vim sucked from Toads into a fuel source for the Shroob's flying saucers. The giant Wiggler resided in a special room in the Vim Factory. In his lair, Swiggler would drink vim and, using special chemicals inside its body, transform the vim into fuel. Shroob UFOs would than attach themselves to Swiggler with special conduits, powering up the flying saucers.

During the events of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi confronted the massive Swiggler inside the Vim Factory. In battle, Swiggler could shoot poisonous clouds at the brothers (which could be countered with hammer strikes) and create seismic waves on the ground (which could be dodged by jumping). However, Swiggler would also drink vim and power-up nearby Shroob UFOs. This allowed the flying saucers to shoot energy blasts at Mario and Luigi. Fortunately, the heroic brothers could jump over these blasts to avoid damage.

During the fight, Swiggler was always aided by two Dr. Shroob guards. If one was destroyed, another Dr. Shroob would appear to take its place. However, these Dr. Shroobs unintentionally aided in Swiggler's demise. This is because the heroes could knock the Shroob mushrooms used by the Dr. Shroobs into Swiggler's vim drink. If a gray Shroob mushroom was knocked in, Swiggler would grow sickly and be weakened, presenting a perfect opportunity for attack. However, if a red mushroom was knocked in, the solution would heal Swiggler.

After the long battle, the four Marios emerged victorious. The vim-transforming monster was destroyed, and a Cobalt Star shard was discovered. However, the victory ended as a partial loss. In the end, Baby Bowser arrived and stole the Cobalt Shard, escaping in his Koopa Clown Car to Yoshi's Island.

Swiggler's name is a portmanteau of the word "Wiggler" and the word "swig", a small sip.