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Superman (also known as Clark Kent and Kal-El) is a National/DC comic book superhero.

Superman may also refer to:

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Comic books and related media[]

  • Superman (comic book), the eponymous comic book series
    • Superman (vol. 2), the series from 1987–2006
  • Superman (comic strip), a comic strip that ran from 1939 to 1966
  • Superman (Earth-One), the Silver Age incarnation of Superman
  • Superman (Earth-Two), a character from Earth-Two based on Superman as he originally appeared
  • Superman (Kal Kent), the Superman of the 853rd century
  • Superman (Kingdom Come), an alternate version of Superman from the Elseworlds miniseries Kingdom Come

In film, radio, and television:

  • Superman (film series), a series of five films 1978–2006
  • Superman (radio) or The Adventures of Superman, a radio show from 1940–1951
  • Superman (serial), a 1948 movie serial starring Kirk Alyn
  • Superman (TV series), a 1988 animated series
  • Superman (1940s cartoons), a series of seventeen shorts
    • Superman (animated short), a Fleischer Studios film short
  • Superman (1952 TV series) or Adventures of Superman
  • Superman (1996 TV series) or Superman: The Animated Series

In video games:

  • Superman (arcade game)
  • Superman (Atari game)
  • Superman (Kemco game), a video game for the NES
  • Superman (Sunsoft game), a video game for the Mega Drive/Genesis
  • Superman (1999 video game), a video game for the Nintendo 64

In other print media:

  • Bill Dunn or the Superman, a character from The Reign of the Super-Man by Jerry Siegel
  • The Super-Man, an anti-hero created by Chris Ware


In albums:

  • Superman (Alison MacCallum album)
  • Superman (Gary Chaw album)
  • Superman, an album by Machi
  • Streisand Superman, an album by Barbra Streisand
  • Sunshine Superman (album), an album by Donovan

In songs:

  • "Superman" (Black Lace song), a song made famous by Black Lace
  • "Superman" (Crystal Kay song)
  • "Sunset Superman" (Dio song)
  • "Superman" (Donna Fargo song)
  • "Superman" (Eminem song)
  • "Superman" (Lazlo Bane song), the original opening theme of Scrubs
  • "Superman" (Stereophonics song)
  • "Superman" (The Clique song), notably covered by R.E.M.
  • "Superman" (Unwritten Law song)
  • "Superman (It's Not Easy)", a song by Five for Fighting
  • "Superman", a song by Goldfinger from Hang-Ups
  • "Superman", a song by Joe Brooks
  • "Superman", a song by Gabriella Cilmi from Ten
  • "Superman", a song by Offer Nissim featuring Maya Simantov
  • "Superman", a song by Skee-Lo from I Wish
  • "Superman", a song by Super Junior
  • "Superman", a song by The Game from L.A.X.
  • "Superman", a song by Taylor Swift from Speak Now
  • "Superman", a song by Hadise from Aşk Kaç Beden Giyer?
  • "Superman 14", a single by Kevin Costner and Modern West from Untold Truths
  • "Superman's Song", a single by Crash Test Dummies
  • "Supermen", a single by Dino Merlin
  • "The Supermen", a song by David Bowie
  • "O Superman", a song by Laurie Anderson
  • "Sunshine Superman", a song by Donovan
  • "Waitin' for a Superman", a song by The Flaming Lips
  • "(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman", a song by The Kinks


  • Superman (Nietzsche) or Übermensch, a concept of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche
  • "Superman" (Pali: uttama-puriso) is occasionally used in early Buddhist scriptures to refer to a Tathāgata


  • Superman (gene), a plant gene in Arabidopsis thaliana

Sport and racing[]

  • The Superman, a stunt in which a rider strikes a flying pose:
    • A pose used by Mat Rempits, Malaysian street racers
    • A trick in Freestyle Motocross
    • A cycling-position created by the British cyclist Graeme Obree

Athletes nicknamed Superman[]

  • Sam Fuld, American baseball player
  • Dwight Howard, American basketball player
  • Jimmie Johnson, American race car driver
  • Shaquille O'Neal, American basketball player
  • Arthur D. Pennington, Negro League baseball star
  • John Cena, WWE professional wrestler
  • Ibrahima Sonko, Senegalese-French footballer
  • Dennis Hallman, MMA fighter
  • Cam Newton, American football player

See also[]

  • Superman Escape, a roller-coaster type ride at Warner Bros. Movie World, Australia
  • Superman, the name of a monster truck
  • Superman in other media
  • Superman X, a character in the Legion of Super-Heroes television series
  • "Super Men", an episode of the television series CSI: NY
  • Superman curse, a string of unfortunate events that follow people who are involved with Superman projects
  • Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, a 1993 television series
  • Smallville, a 2001 television series
  • Suppaman, a character in Dr. Slump media
  • Supermen (Psychomech), a fictional race in the novel Psychomech
  • Nvidia Tegra (Kal-El) series - a system-on-a-chip series, named after a given name of Superman.