Sorel Etrog (Iaşi1933 – August 29, TorontoFebruary 26, 2014) was a Canadian artist born in Romania , writer, and philosopher best known for his work as a sculptor.

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Life and work[Edit][edit | edit source]

Etrog caught in 1945 his training at in Romania. With his Jewish family emigrated to Israelin 1950, where he continued his studies at the Institute of Painting and Sculpturein Tel Aviv. In 1954 he joined the artists ' community in the village of Ein Hod, which in 1953 was founded by the Romanian artist Marcel Janco. Thanks to a first solo exhibition in 1958 he obtained a grant from the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York, where he was strongly influenced by the primitive art. In 1959 got Etrog, after meeting with the Canadian collector Samuel Zacks, a first exhibition at Gallery Moos in Toronto. He left New York in 1963 to finally to settle in Canada, after which he also acquired Canadian nationality. He represented Canada at the Venice Biennalein 1966. [1]

Sorel Etrog also enjoyed fame as an author, playwright and poet. He worked in the 1960s among others along with Eugène Ionesco and Samuel Beckett (book illustrations). Etrog and Marshall McLuhan published Spiraltogether, based on Etrogs eponymous film, which was broadcast by the CBC in 1975.

Sorel Etrog was appointed to the order of Canada and in 1996 Chevalier in the French Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

Wooncomplexen of a young lady[Edit][edit | edit source]

The bronze statue of the then unknown in Europe Etrog, called Wooncomplexen of a young lady, was in 1961 at the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo (KMM) offered by Zacks led the Canadian couple as a gift for the sculpture garden. Etrog has the park, where the image arrived in 1963, not themselves visited. It seems that the pictures of the garden made such a big impression on him that he decided to make more work for public spaces.

Al Green Sculpture Park[Edit][edit | edit source]

In the Al Green Sculpture Park, as well as in the immediate surroundings, in Toronto-Davisville are six sculptures of Etrog: Capriccio (1962), Source I (1964), Grande Odalisque (1965), Fiesole (1967), Pieton (1976) and Wind Bird (2003).

Photo Gallery[Edit][edit | edit source]

  • [5]

    Flight II (1964) in Toronto

  • [7]

    Survivors are not heroes (1967), Toronto

  • [8]

    Dreamchanger (1976) in Toronto

  • [9]

    Sunlife (1984) in Toronto

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