Sing If You Can is a British game show broadcast on ITV. It features celebrities attempting to sing in front of a live studio audience whilst various attempts are made to disrupt their performances. It is presented by Keith Lemon and Stacey Solomon, though originally Vernon Kay was scheduled to host, but he felt that it would be better hosted by a comedian.[1][2]


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Six celebrities are divided into two teams, each with a captain. After the celebrity has performed, a three-person judging panel views their thoughts. After all six celebrities have performed, the audience vote to decide which team wins. The losing team captain is dropped into a tank of water, and the winning team then perform a final song on a spinning stage. The amount of money to be donated to charity increases as the stage spins, and the longer the celebrities stay on the stage, the more money they win. The show raised money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.


Episode 1[edit]Edit

Red team - Team Gabriella Jodie Prenger(Captain) Brendan Cole Brigitte Nielsen
Blue team - Team Troy Zoe Birkett (Captain) Jonathan Ansell Andrew Stone
Judging panel Coleen Nolan Shaun Ryder Dave Gorman
Song Contestant(s) Distraction
"Back to Black" Brigitte Nielsen and Zoe Birkett Knife Throwing
"Rescue Me" Jodie Prenger Snakes
"Ave Maria" Jonathan Ansell Balloons Popping
"Born to Be Wild" Andrew Stone and Brendan Cole Various Shaking Floors, Gunge and Feathers
"Firework" Jonathan Ansell No Distraction
"Only Girl (In the World)" Brigitte Nielsen No Distraction
"Walking on Sunshine" Jodie Prenger, Brigitte Nielsen and Brendan Cole Spinning Stage

Episode 2[edit]Edit

Red team - Team Mash Ricky Groves (Captain) Brenda Edwards Sheila Ferguson
Blue team - Team Bangers Gemma Merna (Captain) Shaun Williamson Matt Stevens
Judging panel Caroline Flack John Thomson Rob Rouse
Song Contestant(s) Distraction
"I'm Still Standing" Matt Stevens Children, Morris Dancers, Gymnasts, Rugby Team on a Bouncy Castle
"Don't Leave Me This Way" Shaun Williamson & Ricky Groves Waxing
"Respect" Brenda Edwards Bike Stunts
"One Way Or Another" Gemma Merna & Sheila Ferguson Feet in: Yesterdays Breakfast, Clawed Frogs, Blood Worms, Crabs, Freezing Slush, Sewer Maggots, Snapping Crayfish
"Just Dance" Brenda Edwards No Distraction
"Bad Romance" Shaun Williamson No Distraction
"I Predict A Riot" Gemma Merna, Shaun Williamson, Matt Stevens Spinning Stage

Episode 3[edit]Edit

Red team - Team Darth Vadar Rodney Marsh (Captain) Lisa Maxwell Mikey Graham
Blue team - Team Luke Skywalker Darren Gough (Captain) Ray Quinn Camilla Kerslake
Judging panel Jarred Christmas Jamelia Richard Bacon
Song Contestant(s) Distraction
"Do You Love Me" Darren Gough, Mikey Graham Dance routine in inflatable costumes
"The Only Way Is Up" Lisa Maxwell Dressed as a fox, dropped in bins with feathers, paint etc.
"Parklife" Rodney Marsh, Ray Quinn Join a dog show
"Stay" Camilla Kerslake Different weather (rain, wind etc.)
"Toxic" Lisa Maxwell No Distraction
"She Said" Ray Quinn No Distraction
"Valerie" Darren Gough, Ray Quinn, Camilla Kerslake Spinning Stage

Episode 4[edit]Edit

Red team - Team He-Man Toyah Willcox (Captain) Sian Reeves Ben Richards
Blue team - Team Skeletor Faye Tozer (Captain) Sinitta Jedward
Judging panel Trevor Nelson Rachel Stevens Louis Walsh
Song Contestant(s) Distraction
"Fight for This Love" Faye Tozer and Toyah Willcox Shaolin stunts
"Mercy" Ben Richards and Jedward Electrocution and gunge
"Rehab" Sian Reeves Drinking disgusting cocktails (Pig nipple, lamb brain, etc.)
"Everyday I Love You Less and Less" Sinitta Different weather (whilst sitting in a car, because she had broken her ankle)
"Grenade" Ben Richards No distractions
"Tik Tok" Faye Tozer with Jedward as Backing Dancers No distractions
"I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" Faye Tozer, Jedward (Sinitta could not participate as she had broken her ankle) Spinning stage

Episode 5[edit]Edit

Red team - Team Posh Tricia Penrose (Captain) Chesney Hawkes Martin Bayfield
Blue team - Team Scary Craig Doyle (Captain) Leanne Jones Roxanne Pallet
Judging panel Patsy Palmer Rob Deering Ronni Ancona
Song Contestant(s) Distraction
"All Time Low" Roxanne Pallet Walk of fear
"Dizzy" Tricia Penrose and Leanne Jones Spinning wheels
"Faith" Craig Doyle and Martin Bayfield Disgusting cocktails
"Fire" Chesney Hawkes Erupting volcano
"Angels" Martin Bayfield No distraction
"Buttons" Roxanne Pallet No distraction
"Roll With It" Tricia Penrose, Martin Bayfield & Chesney Hawkes Spinning stage

Episode 6 - The Final[edit]Edit

Red team - Team Gabriella Brigitte Nielsen (Captain) Brendan Cole Jodie Prenger
Blue team - Team Luke Skywalker Darren Gough (Captain) Ray Quinn Camilla Kerslake
Judging panel Samantha Womack Rob Rouse Sara Cox
Song Contestant(s) Distraction
"Sex on Fire" Ray Quinn Snakes
"Don't Stop Me Now" Jodie Prenger & Camilla Kerslake Break dancers
"Why Does It Always Rain on Me?" Brendan Cole Different weather
"House of Fun" Brigitte Nielson & Darren Gough Dogs
"Rolling in the Deep" Jodie Prenger No distraction
"Closer" Camilla Kerslake No distraction
"Is This the Way to Amarillo" Darren Gough, Ray Quinn & Camilla Kerslake Spinning stage
"Son of a Preacher Man" Stacey Solomon Bike stunts


Reviews have been mainly negative. The Guardian TV critic Grace Dent was scathing about the show, calling it "the worst TV programme ever made".[3] Daily Mirror columnist Kevin O'Sullivan called it "gormless garbage" and "mind-numbingly banal".[4]

International versions[edit]Edit

Country Name Hosts Network Date premiered
Argentina Canta si Puedes José María Listorti América 2 TBD
Brazil[5] Cante se Puder Patrícia Abravanel & Márcio Ballas SBT 18 January 2012
Chile Killer Karaoke (Chile) Cristián Sánchez & Sergio Freire Chilevisión 10 October 2013
Ecuador[6] Canta si Puedes Fabrizzio Ferretti & Erika Vélez Ecuavisa 24 March 2013
Lithuania[7] Dainuok, jei gali Algis Ramanauskas & Rimantė Kulvinskytė LNK 25 September 2011
Mexico[8] Karaoke, Canta y No Te Rajes Carlos Trillo Televisa Network 2 September 2013
Norway Killer Karaoke (Norway) TVNorge
Peru Canta si Puedes Raúl Romero América Televisión 31 August 2011
Philippines Killer Karaoke Pinoy Naman Michael V. TV 5 14 September 2013
Poland Kilerskie Karaoke Krzysztof Jankowski Eska TV 7 October 2012
Portugal Cante... Se Puder César Mourão & Andreia Rodrigues SIC 28 July 2013
Russia Караоке Киллер Maxim Golopolosov Ю 18 March 2013
Пой (если сможешь) Vyacheslav Manucharov

Julia Kovalchuk

Pyatnica! December 2013
Thailand Killer Karaoke Thailand ขอร้อง อย่าหยุดร้อง Chakrit Yamnam & Ball Chernyim Modernine TV 5 August 2013
Ukraine Спiвай, якщо зможеш DZIDZIO, Alyena Musienko Новий канал the premiere will take place on 2nd of September
USA Killer Karaoke Steve-O truTV 23 November 2012
Vietnam Đố ai hát được Phạm Anh Khoa VTV 29 December 2013
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