Revenge is an American television series, which get broadcast by ABC . The series debuted on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 and is currently working on its third season. The leading roles are played by Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe . The first season was every Wednesday between 21:00 and 22:00 aired on the station. As of the second season of the series every Sunday between 21:00 and 22:00 am broadcast.

The series is based on The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas and tells the story of Emily Thorne , a woman who returns to the Hamptons , a place where they summer often spent with her ​​(deceased) father, in order to take revenge anyone that her family has done wrong in the past. Central to its plan, the revenge on Victoria Grayson , a woman who was in love with her ​​father and he has cheated and robbed.

The series was conceived and written by Mike Kelley . The first episode aired on September 21 2011 . The ratings were so good that ABC decided to order. A full season of the series after a few episodes On 10 May 2012 the station then decided to order them. a second season of the series [1] This has been running since September 30, 2012 in the United States. On 10 May 2013 it was announced that the series gets a third season. [2] This will run from Sunday, September 29 in the U.S..

In the Netherlands the series to see both pay channel Movie1 as NET 5 (since October 2012). In Belgium , the series was first pay channel Prime to see and since November 2012 alsoFIVE .


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The story edit ]Edit

Emily Thorne ( Emily VanCamp ) returns to the Hamptons to make supposedly spend the summer. She rents a cottage next to the villa of the Grayson family. But she's not just as a child she often came to 'The Hamptons'. In reality Emily is actually called "Amanda Clarke. Her father was a long time ago and have been deceived by the Grayson family and robbed after her deceased father in prison, she returns to take on all those who have contributed revenge. Top of her list is "Victoria Grayson" ( Madeleine Stowe ), the mother of the Grayson family, who has an affair also had with Emily's father, but he has dropped in favor of her husband. when it was too hot under her feet,

Emily should try, without much to stand out, to perform. Their plan But it appears easier said than done, because a lot of unexpected developments complicate this.

Cast edit ]Edit

Featuring edit ]Edit

Actor Role Description character
Emily VanCamp Emily Thorne / Amanda Clarke Emily is the protagonist of the series. Born as Amanda Clarke, she now returns to the Hamptons to take on all those she and her family have wronged. Revenge After her father (wrongly) ended up in jail, they ended up in a juvenile institution. There she met Emily Thorne, and she exchanged her identity.Her father was also smart enough to invest in the case of Nolan Ross, making them incredibly rich become. To get closer to the Grayson family to come, she begins a relationship with the son of Victoria: Daniel Grayson. She later discovered that her half-sister Charlotte Grayson and tries to keep her. Outside her revenge attempts
Madeleine Stowe Victoria Grayson Victoria is the mother of the Grayson family. She is married to Conrad Grayson and mother of Charlotte and Daniel. She is a cool, aloof woman who likes to manipulate people and have rarely seen. Their own emotions She once had an affair with Emily's father David, but eventually spans along with Conrad and Frank to have to pay for something that Conrad has mispeuterd David. She does not know Emily's true identity, but she trusts her for a penny. If the relationship of Daniel and Emily evolving and they even want to get married (and she would lose her son), she tries to return. Against Daniel Emily
Gabriel Mann Nolan Ross Nolan is one of the few confidants that Emily has in its fight against the Graysons. He is a software developer and hacker, and was a close friend of Emily's father David. David was one of the few people who believed in Nolan, Nolan and his money is his business 'NolCorp' a giant corporation can make. That money is used Emily now its plans to achieve. He often tries to help Emily but Emily does not trust him well in the beginning (time takes Nolan then Emily excessive risk taking). Gradually their relationship evolves and Nolan is the only one who can help Emily and trust.
Josh Bowman Daniel Grayson Daniel is the son of Victoria and Conrad Grayson, and must follow his father into the family business. He is studying this at the Harvard University and also falls quickly to the charms of Emily, where he also quickly engaged with it. Daniel is clearly the favorite of his mother.
Christa B. Allen Charlotte Clarke Charlotte is the only daughter of the Grayson family. She was named after an aunt of David Clarke. She is half sister Emilys after Conrad turns out that not only is her father David. They need to know anything about the games that her father and mother all play. In Season 2 Charlotte begins to accept that David Clarke is her real father and she tries to build her half-sister, Amanda a band. She also changed her last name. At the end of season 2 Charlotte discovers that she is pregnant with Declan.
Henry Czerny Conrad Grayson Conrad is the husband of Victoria and father of Daniel and Charlotte. He is the director of Grayson Global and the former boss of David Clarke. He has a group of terrorists supported and pushed the blame for this in the shoes of David (with the help of his wife Victoria and employee Frank). He has an affair with Lydia Davis, making his relationship with Victoria to burst.
Ashley Madekwe Ashley Davenport Ashley is a friend of Emily and one of the employees of Victoria. It regulates all her personal affairs. She will leave the series in season 3.
Nick Wechsler Jack Porter Jack is a childhood friend of Emily / Amanda, and does not recognize her when she returns to The Hamptons. He is the owner of the local pub (after his father dies) and is also the brother of Declan. Emily still has feelings for him but he starts a relationship with Amanda Clarke (Emily Thorne who actually called). In Season 2, he and Amanda have a child: Carl. Amanda dies later and later Jack loses his brother Declan. He discovers that the Grayson family is responsible for their death, and he wants revenge. Emily then reveals her true identity to him.
Connor Paolo Declan Porter Declan is the younger brother of Jack and is in love with Charlotte, with whom he begins a relationship after some time. At the end of season 2, he died from the effects of an explosion caused by a bomb.

Supporting roles edit ]Edit

Actor Role Description character
James Tupper David H. Clarke David is the father of Amanda. He was by Conrad Grayson falsely imputed responsibility for a terrorist act and therefore needed to prison. There he was killed by a guard (who had been given the task of Conrad). He once had a relationship with Victoria. He is the biological father of Charlotte. He is now considered as the most hated man in the United States and Emily wants at all costs clear the name of her father.
Margarita Levieva Amanda Clarke / Emily Thorne Amanda name is Emily Thorne, but identity changed with Amanda. They met in a juvenile detention center and exchanged it for identity. She soon becomes involved with Jack Porter with whom she later a son, Carl, get. She dies in season 2.
Justin Hartley Patrick Harper Patrick is the eldest son of Victoria. She got it when she was very young and later allow him up for adoption. She has kept its existence secret for quite a long time, but in season 2 finally comes out of her secret. Patrick returns in the life of Victoria at the end of season 2. He will play a role in season 3.

Conspiracy David Clarke edit ]Edit

  • Lydia Davis ( Amber Valletta ), former secretary of David Clarke. In exchange for a carefree life in the Hamptons Lydia decided to turn against her former employer and to lie to the court.
  • Bill Harmon ( Matthew Glave ), best friend of David and Amanda was seen by her uncle. Bill had huge debts and some illegal transactions carried out within the company. In exchange for debt repayment and secrecy Bill decided to testify against his former friend.
  • Tom Kingsly ( Yancey Arias ). Tom was the prosecutor of the case to David Clarke. Victoria tried to get David through him free but Conrad silenced him on. In return, Tom got all the financial resources to start. Many political career
  • Michelle Banks ( Amy Landecker ). After the arrest of David Emily was stopped temporarily in a children's home. In exchange for their own practice Michelle decided to ensure that Emily would never come from here. This event Emily would never see her father.
  • Mason Treadwell ( Roger Bart ). Mason was a journalist who visited David in jail and good evidence that David was facing it was framed. Under pressure from Conrad zwikte Mason and his notes decided never to an article to work out.
  • Paul Whitley ( James LeGros ). Paul was responsible for the investment of Grayson Global. He was appointed by Conrad to make sure that everyone kept returning. Against David Paul was the mastermind behind the condemnation of Clarke.

Episodes edit ]Edit


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DVD edit ]Edit

Season 1 comes out in the autumn.

DVD Reg. 1 Reg. 2 Number of episodes
Complete first season August 21, 


- 22
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