Rambi as he appears in Donkey Kong Country.

Rambi the Rhino is a fictional character in Nintendo's Donkey Kong series. He is a rhinoceros and one of Donkey Kong's allies.

Character history Edit

Rambi is the very first Animal Buddy to appear in Donkey Kong Country. Next to both Enguarde and Squawks, he is also the most frequent Animal Buddy to appear in Donkey Kong games. For the most part, Rambi is invulnerable, being able to defeat most enemies (including most Zingers) by either stomping on them or hitting them with his horn. He is, however, vulnerable from the behind. His front is also vulnerable to enemy attacks (if he is not attacking) and some invincible enemies, such as Mincers. In Donkey Kong Country, jumping on enemies can result in him being injured because the physics of Donkey Kong Country differ from the other games in the series. As with most Animal Buddies, he can only be ridden by being freed from his crate.

In Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, he is given a charge attack, allowing him to ram into his enemies and breakable objects that lead to mini-games. Also, in DKC2, he can be transformed into for the first time.

Rambi does not appear in Donkey Kong Country 3, with fellow pachyderm, Ellie, taking his place.

Rambi later returns in Donkey Kong 64, however, he can only be played in Adventure mode by using an Animal Transformation crate, which only Donkey Kong can use. Rambi appears in Jungle Japes and Hideout Helm (in a mini-game). He is also playable in his own unlockable Arena.

Both Rambi and Ellie make cameo appearances in Donkey Konga, in which either of them will dance to whatever song Donkey Kong is playing.

In Mario Kart DS, Donkey Kong's first kart is the Rambi Rider, which is (surprise, surprise) based off of Rambi. The vehicle's front is shaped like Rambi's head, while the other parts of the kart are just a wooden box and tires.

Rambi would not make a real appearance until Donkey Kong Barrel Blast for the Wii. Similar to his appearances in the original DKC trilogy, he can be ridden if he is freed from his crate. The only stage he appears in is Dynamite Run.