Play cover small.jpg
Cover for Issue #190
Editor Luke Albigés
Categories Video games
Circulation 7,668 (Jan 13 - Dec 13)[1]
21,735 (Jan 10 - Dec 10)[2]
24,062 (Jan 09 - Dec 09)[3]
26,464 (Jan 08 - Dec 08)[4]
24,007 (Jan 07 - Dec 07)[5]
First issue October 1995
Final issue April 2016
Company Imagine Publishing
Country United Kingdom
Website Official Play website
ISSN 1747-7859

Play (stylized as PLAY) is a monthly magazine produced by Imagine Publishing in the United Kingdom, which reports on Sony's PlayStation product range. It is the UK's longest-running PlayStation magazine.[6] Issue 269, the magazine's final printed edition was published in April 2016, and it has since become a digital only publication.[7] As well as being sold in the UK, PLAY is also sold in Australia. Though because of the distance between the two countries, Australia is one month behind, so some of the information may be inaccurate or old. Prior to issue 249, PLAY came with a covermounted DVD every issue.


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