Orco the Killer Whale.

Orco the Killer Whale is a fictional character in Nintendo's Donkey Kong franchise. She is a large blue killer whale who Donkey Kong encounters in the game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

Generally Orco is found simply wandering around aimlessely, Donkey Kong can come up to Orco and grab on to her dorsal fin, Donkey can then ride Orco. Like Enguarde the Swordfish, Orco can smash through underwater barriers, and can also leap out of the water and reach extreme heights.


  • Orco's name is based off of the killer whale's official name, the Orca.
  • Curiously, Orco has several smaller killer whales follow behind her, leading some to believe she is a female. However, Orco's gender has never been specified, and the suffix "-o" in Orco's name belies this.
  • In Donkey Kong Jungle Beat's British manual Orco is known as "Shachee".
  • His appearance and name may be based on the Kirby boss Acro the Killer Whale.