Mushroom World

Mushroom World.png

The Mushroom World as seen in Super Mario Galaxy
Universe Mario/Donkey Kong/Yoshi/Wario
Notable locations Mushroom Kingdom
Beanbean Kingdom
Donkey Kong Island
Yoshi's Island
Oceans Mushroom Sea
Notable races Humans
Notable people Mario
Princess Peach
Creator Shigeru Miyamoto
Not to be confused with World Mushroom in Super Mario 3D World.

Mushroom World (Japanese: きのこのせかい), also known as Mario World (Japanese: マリオワールド), is the name of the planet Mario and his friends reside on. The planet is part of the Grand Finale Galaxy, which is one of many galaxies in the Mushroom Universe. Mushroom World is the greater setting of most of the games in the Mario series and sub-series.


The Mushroom Kingdom, Castle of Koopa, and various other lands and kingdoms associated with the Mushroom Kingdom, such as Dinosaur Land, the Beanbean Kingdom, and Sarasaland, all exist on the Mushroom World; and while it has never been made explicit, it is highly likely that locations from closely related series (such as the Donkey Kong and WarioWare series) also exist on the Mushroom World.

Several small galaxies are in orbit around Mushroom World, including the Gateway Galaxy, the Good Egg Galaxy and Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor. Galaxies relatively close to Mushroom World on the map of the universe include the Sky Station Galaxy, Honeyhive Galaxy, the Loopdeeloop Galaxy and the Yoshi Star Galaxy.

The relationship between Mushroom World and EarthEdit


Peach's Castle being taken away from Mushroom World in Super Mario Galaxy.

Mushroom World and Earth are almost always believed to be separate planets, though confusion does exist in the form of remarkably similar ecosystems and terrains, several species of animals and obvious human populations on Mushroom World. The Mushroom World seems to exist at the same time period as Earth, seeing as how in Mushroom World there are cars and TVs and many other modern conveniences. In other media such as the various cartoon series and comics, Earth and Mushroom World were understood to be different versions of the same planet in separate universes, and Mushroom World was noticeably cartoony and slightly surreal (eg. Pasta Land, Down Under Land). In most sources travel between the two planets is possible through warp pipes, a fact that has remained consistent throughout.

Named lands of Mushroom WorldEdit

These are the lands associated with the Mushroom Kingdom and thus the greater Mushroom World. These lands appear in the Mario series of games, as well as some spin-off titles. (The lands marked with * mean they were only shown on The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!)

Worlds distinct from Mushroom WorldEdit

The following is a list of planets separate from Mushroom World. (The planets marked with * mean they were only shown on The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!)

Other worlds in the Mushroom UniverseEdit

Worlds in other dimensionsEdit

  • Earth is Mushroom World's "double" in a parallel universe. It can sometimes be accessed via Warp Pipes. It is in our Dimension.
  • In Super Paper Mario, Flipside, a place "between dimensions" is explored by Mario as well as other characters, and also Flopside, Flipside's counterpart, which is equally explored by Mario & Co. This game also contains an entire planet that exists in a different dimension: Planet Blobule. In fact, the game contains many other dimensions distinct from the Mushroom Universe.There is also a cloud that will make you go to the top of the over there stair,and you will bounce in space and there is a planet that could be the mushroom world.
  • The lands of Wario: Master of Disguise are in an alternate TV dimension that can be reached via the Telmet.
  • The various worlds traveled to in DK: Jungle Climber, such as Glass Maze, Toy Box and Veggie Patch, exist in different dimensions.
  • In Wario Land: Shake It!, a universe named the Shake Dimension is contained within an ancient globe located in a museum somewhere on Mushroom World.
  • The Factory is the home universe of the Smithy Gang, and can be accessed via Exor.
  • Subcon is a dimension that exists in Mario's dreams.
  • Subspace Dimensions that exist in giant purple balls in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Subspace is created via the explosion of Subspace Bombs or a firing of the Dark Cannon.


Name in Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Kinoko no Sekai
Spanish (NOA)Planeta de los Hongos
Spanish (NOE)Mundo de las Setas
FrenchMushroom Monde
DutchChampignon Wereld
GermanMushroom Welt
ItalianMondo dei Funghi
PortugueseMundo da Cogumelos
RussianГрибной Мир
"gribnoi mir"
Korean버섯의 세계
Beoseos-ui Segye
Mógu Shìjiè
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