Madonna , full name Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone ( Bay City (Michigan) , August 16 1958 ) is an American singer , actress and director . Madonna is also the ever transformingQueen of Pop and is the best-selling female artist of all time. According to Guinness World Records, the singer proved a number of 200 million albums sold. [1] In 2008, named Billboard Magazine Madonna to the next best artist of all time in the Top 100 All-time Artist. [2]


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Lifespan edit ]Edit

Youth edit ]Edit

Upon receiving her confirmation , a Catholic sacrament , Madonna chose the name Veronica as a second middle name. Her father, Sylvio (or Tony) Ciccone, is of Italian descent. Her mother, Madonna Ciccone-Fortin, is of French-Canadian descent. Besides Madonna daughter they had five children: Anthony, Martin, Paula, Christopher and Melanie.

Madonna grew up in Rochester Hills and Pontiac, both in the shadow of Detroit in the U.S. state of Michigan . At age five she lost her mother (30), who in 1963 died of cancer . Sylvio Ciccone later remarried with the family housekeeper, Joan Gustafson. With her ​​Sylvio had two children: Jennifer and Mario.

As a child, Madonna took piano and ballet lessons. At school she was actively involved in artistic activities. After high school she received a scholarship to the University of Michigan and attended classes at the Christopher Flynn Ballet School, he was Madonna's mentor in the early years of her career. He died in the nineties, however, the impact of AIDS . Madonna paid his medical expenses and took care of him when he was in New York for an alternative treatment that was also paid by Madonna. After two years in 1976, she left the university to step with $ 35 in a taxi and ask to put it where it all happens in one place off the driver, the driver dropped her off at Times Square in the heart of New York. That is, in any case, the version Madonna sold to the press. Reportedly, she would have the real story changed a little, because Madonna does not come from a poor family like she does believe the press but from a good family from the middle class. [source?] She would have never lived in hovels, but in a small, comfortable studio at The Music Building in New York. [source?] The full truth about this is not yet discovered.

Madonna sang in various punk bands, including Emmy and the Emmys. Moreover, they also worked for a while as a saleswoman at Dunkin 'Donuts (though she did not last long because they thought it was too dirty) [source?] . In 1978 she worked as a background singer with the French singer Patrick Hernandez who had a hit with "Born To Be Alive". They even played it in 1979 in a student film "A Certain Sacrifice" which was only released in 1985.

80 edit ]Edit

Madonna / The First Album edit ]Edit

In 1982 Madonna gets her first record contract after they had sung a song. around the corner from the bedside of Seymour Stein, the director of record label Sire Records, This song Is not No Big Deal appears years later on the B-side of the single Papa Do not Preach . Moreover, it is released in 1998 on the (unofficial) album In The Beginning .

Madonna's first single is called Everybody , a song she wrote also himself. Many people think at the time that the song is sung, partly because the cover of the band to see a picture of Madonna. By a dark singer [source?]

Also thanks to MTV Madonna manages to quickly build an image. In 1983 her coming debut album Madonna out. The first big hit of the album's Holiday . This plate is a worldwide hit. Other hits from this album Borderline and Lucky Star. Also Everybody insists. At this stage of her career is her former boyfriend John Jellybean Benitez important support. [source?]

Like a Virgin edit ]Edit

In 1984 Madonna comes with the album Like a Virgin , produced by Nile Rodgers, known from Chic . The album is both well received by fans and critics, and attracts attention including the provocative title and cover. : This three hits album coming Like A Virgin , Dress You Up and Material Girl .

In 1985 Madonna makes her first trip to Hollywood . In the film Vision Quest , she plays a club singer. This film delivers her two hits: Crazy For You and Gambler . Later that year she played a major role in the film Desperately Seeking Susan . For this role, she received critical acclaim. This movie is the song Into The Groove that later editions of the album Like A Virgin is added as an extra number.

On 13 July 1985, Madonna appears on the Philadelphia -stage at Live Aid . That week before appeared in various media nude photos of Madonna from the time she posed as a sideline for kunstadacemie students in New York. Bette Midler announced Madonna to Live Aid as "the woman who pulled her bra straps himself up and there known for they let them occasionally pockets. " Madonna sang three songs: Holiday , Into The Groove and Love Makes The World Go Round .

On August 16, 1985, her 27th birthday, Madonna married actor Sean Penn . With him she plays in 1986 in the film Shanghai Surprise , a big flop. The couple soon gets a negative reputation because of their attitude towards the media, especially because of Penns aggression against paparazzi .

In the fall of 1985 Madonna starts her first tour, The Virgin Tour , only in the United States (she will begin her first world tour in 1987).

[1][2]"Who's that girl world tour", Rotterdam, August 26, 1987====True Blue edit ]====

After a quiet period of several months, Madonna is surprisingly back with a new album and a new look : short blond hair, and all lingerie and bracelets seem to have disappeared. This new image she presents for the first time in the video for the song Papa Do not Preach , ahead of the publication of her third album, True Blue . This album will be released in June 1986 and is dedicated to the coolest guy in the universe : husband Sean Penn. On this album hits Open Your Heart , True Blue , the ballad Live to Tell (from the film At Close Range in which Sean Penn plays a role), La Isla Bonita and Papa Do not Preach . Unlike her first two albums, Madonna, this time to the texts of the songs co-written and co-produced the album himself.

While the singles from True Blue piece by piece to dominate the charts, Madonna also finds the time to record a movie: Who's That Girl . The film is very successful, but delivers Madonna in the summer of 1987 it again some world hits: Who's That Girl , Causing a commotion and The look of love . These singles are taken from the soundtrack album Who's That Girl - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack . In addition to the above three singles is also the Madonna song Can not Stop found on the album, as well as tracks from, among others, Scritti Politti and Club Nouveau.

In 1987, Madonna begins her first world tour, the Who's That Girl World Tour 1987 . On this tour, it is the first time accompanied by backing vocalists and dancers Donna DeLory and Niki Harris (the latter later sang along to songs of Snap! ). Madonna also shows in August 1987 two sold-out concerts in De Kuip in Rotterdam. Her concert in Turin (Italy) on September 4, 1987, broadcast live on television and attracts millions of viewers worldwide.

You Can Dance Edit ]Edit

She comes this year with the album You Can Dance . This contains remixes of well-known singles, but also album tracks continuously mixed together. There is also a new track: Spotlight .This song was deleted at the last minute for the album True Blue , and in Japan yet released as a single. The album sold less well than Madonna's previous albums. As well as the film Who's That Girl flop, is to recall that Madonna's career peaked. prompted some critics

In 1988 Madonna takes a short break, in which they include a play in Broadway plays (Speed ​​The Plow) and plays small roles in the films Bloodhounds of Broadway and Shadows and Fog (byWoody Allen ).

Like A Prayer edit ]Edit

In 1989 Madonna changes her appearance and image again. This time no bleached hair, but her own color: dark. She brings in March, the album Like A Prayer from. The video for the title song caused great commotion. In the video you can see how Madonna accidentally witnesses a rape and murder for which another passerby wrongly accused and arrested. Madonna visited this church, where a statue of St. Martin of Porres comes to life and her passionate coast.This Madonna shows the real culprit, after which the wrongly accused man is released. (Which is represented by the statue of St. Martin of Porres) The Vatican spoke of a blasphemous video because of the mixture of eroticism and Catholic symbols. Pepsi Cola pledged one million contract with Madonna. Despite (or because of) the controversy, the single became a worldwide number one hit. The song was a big hit again in 2002 in the version of Mad'House , and afterwards went into the mix at Sensation Anthem 2004 by DJ Paul Elstak , and Neophyte . Recently (March 2010) is Like a prayer re-released by Meck ft. Dino and concerns the Sticky & Sweet Tour version (2008-2009).

The album Like A Prayer , which is dedicated to her mother who taught me to pray, "delivers Madonna a few big hits, including Express yourself (with at that time the most expensive music video ever), Cherish , Dear Jessie (dedicated to the daughter of producer Pat Leonard ) Oh Father (about the relationship with her ​​father) and Keep It Together (about her relationship with her ​​family). Promise To Try talks about the loss of her mother at a young age. There is also a duet with Prince on: Love Song , and the number Till Death Do Us Part that tells about her failed marriage to actor Sean Penn. On January 4, 1989 she divorced him. The album closes with Act Of Contrition (Act of Contrition), which denounces them as the music of the song Like A Prayer turned backwards. If the song is played backwards on the end to hear the text. "What do you think I'm saying weirdo"

90 edit ]Edit

I'm Breathless edit ]Edit

Madonna plays in 1990 alongside Warren Beatty , the role of Breathless Mahoney in the film Dick Tracy and gets good reviews on here. They also scored a hit with Vogue , from the album I'm Breathless (referring to her role in the movie) that "music from and inspired by" the film Dick Tracy does. This album is also the song Hanky ​​Panky , which was a modest hit. Vogue was not initially intended to be. released as a single Madonna wrote the song along with Shep Pettibone specifically for the B-side of the (at that time still vinyl) single Keep It Together . Then she let out on the record executives of Warner Music the song everyone agreed that this song was too good for a B-side. It was decided to issue it as a single, the song was added to the soundtrack of Dick Tracy (even though it had nothing to do with the film). Also thanks to the iconic clip grows Vogue into one of Madonna's greatest hits. Moreover Vogue marks the beginning of a collaboration with producer Shep Pettibone (with whom she later album Erotica makes).

Blond Ambition Tour edit ]Edit

Also in 1990, Madonna started her second world tour, the Blond Ambition Tour . A perfectly orchestrated, tight show. On Tuesday, July 24, 1990 she enters almost three years after her Who's That Girl World Tour , in a not quite sold Kuip in Rotterdam . The show is characterized by a lot of cursing and sexual acts. So she "complained" example in Rotterdam that it is still too bright outside light causing her show is not clearly visible. In Toronto Madonna is likely to be if they do not adjust her show arrested. Some visitors to show seem to have because of obscene behavior Madonna on stage. Afterwards complained This is the infamous execution of the oriental version of the song Like a Virginintended. Madonna groped her during the song (covered) breasts, grabbing her crotch and at the end of the song she simulates an orgasm by violent rampage to go on the bed while she is groped by two background dancers. However, Madonna refuses to adjust the number or remove from her show and simply enter the number. The police did not arrest her, once the concert is over, Madonna was already on his way to the airport to fly to a gig the next day to the next town.

The show is considered controversial because of the use of Catholic symbols such as the cross and priests and nonnenhabijten while also show a high level of sexuality and includes swearing. This is reason for the Pope John Paul II to the people of Italy to call the concerts in Rome boycott. Madonna should indeed one of her shows in Rome cancel and was furious that someone could judge without having. Experienced the show as She invited the pope therefore one of her shows in Rome to attend. As expected, he hit this offer. Her next album is apparently dedicated to him. Since then, the relations between Madonna and the Vatican has not improved.

The Immaculate Collection edit ]Edit

At the end of 1990 is Madonna with her ​​first "Greatest Hits" album, The Immaculate Collection (The Immaculate Collection), an album that she dedicates to the Pope (which is also the nickname for her brother Christopher's). The CD is the first album ever that mixed in Q-sound , which allows the listener to experience the music. 3-dimensional style The songs on the album are all remixed by Shep Pettibone. The album also two new tracks, both of which are big hits (Rescue Me and Justify My Love , a collaboration with Lenny Kravitz ). The video for the last song by MTV boycotted because of the explicit nature. Madonna therefore brings the videocassette release of the first video single ever. Video 400,000 copies sold. The clip is then boyfriend Tony Ward to see them ever got as a birthday present. He is primarily known as a nude model for gay magazines and movies.

Blonde Ambition edit ]Edit

In 1991 Madonna will star in a documentary about her life during the Blond Ambition Tour in 1990, titled Truth or Dare . In Europe, the film will be titled In bed with Madonna . In the documentary Madonna emerges as an ambitious, sexy and demanding woman, but also soft features of her character emerge. So you can see that she visits the grave of her mother. Madonna visits the Festival of Cannes to give her. documentary due publicity The film was a success internationally and is still in the top 5 highest grossing documentaries of all time with a yield of 29 million dollars.

A year later plays Madonna in the movie A League of Their Own , a women's baseball team . Critics are raving about Madonna's acting performance. The single comes from this movie This Used To Be My Playground , which the United States became Madonna's tenth number one hit, but strangely not on the soundtrack of the film. According to sources, this would come by Warner to sell the single not to stand in the way of the soundtrack was released by Sony[source?] .

Erotica edit ]Edit

In 1992 Madonna released the album Erotica on her own new record label Maverick, which among others Alanis Morissette and Deftones signed a contract. On Erotica are singles Erotica , Deeper and Deeper , Fever (a cover of Peggy Lee ), Bye Bye Baby , Bad Girl and Rain . The album, produced by Shep Pettibone, Madonna is a little techno way. For the cover of the album they wanted to completely naked in the picture, but record company Warner Music did not agree to. Therefore, a detail was chosen from one of the pictures from the book Sex , which she released shortly after the release of the album, which she brought her erotic fantasies in pictures and words. The public seems to have temporarily enough of Madonna's eroticism, for selling the album (to Madonna-standards) disappointing. The book Sex makes a lot of tongues wagging. It is, with its metal plates, now a much sought after and hard to find collectible. The book was initially titled X get. However, when Madonna was told that there would appear over the life of a film around the same time Malcolm X with the same title, she decided to give the book. another title

Girlie Show / Bedtime Stories edit ]Edit

In 1993 Madonna begins her new tour, titled The Girlie Show , a concert with many circus-like elements and even a topless pole dancer who opened the show. The show also contains sexual elements like orgies and BDSM . Madonna makes time outside London and Paris no European cities and the Netherlands also beaten. She focuses this time on the first occasion in Australia and South America, Israel and Turkey.

In 1994 Madonna is her critics in the song Human Nature . It says they do not know they are not allowed to talk about sex and her mind was giving. Her words at the end of the video for Human Nature speak for themselves: Absolutely No Regrets . Human Nature is on the album released in 1994 Bedtime Stories , which also contains other hits such as Secret , Take A Bow (with the background singer / producer Babyface , this number was seven weeks at number 1 on the U.S. Billboard charts ) and partly by Björk wrote Bedtime Story .

In 1995 Madonna brings a compilation CD, titled Something To Remember (also the title of one of the tracks coming from I'm Breathless album from 1990 ). It shows Madonna's favorite ballads and three new songs: You'll See (she later also in Spanish inzong: Veras ), One More Chance and I Want You (a cover of Marvin Gaye , recorded with Massive Attack ).

Evita - Ray Of Light edit ]Edit

In 1996 she plays in the film Evita about Eva Peron , wife of Argentine dictator Juan Peron which hit Do not Cry For Me Argentina comes. Also from this film is the single You must love me , an Oscar for best film song gets. The third single was Another Suitcase In Another Hall released. Madonna gets herself a Golden Globe for best actress. The film and the soundtrack will be a huge success.

The film does stir a lot of dust during the shooting. The fact that Madonna starring fulfills remove the anger of many Evita-haters on the neck. Once the film is out, they surprised many people by her remarkable voice and acting.Madonna gives himself to have. Working hard on her voice

During the recording of Evita Madonna finds out she is pregnant. In October 1996, Madonna gave birth to her first child, daughter Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon of her former friend and fitness trainer Carlos Leon. Madonna brings 1997largely out of the public by.

In March 1998, the album is released Ray of Light , which Frozen The first single is a world. This CD Madonna is breaking new ground in terms of sound, but also lyrically. Producer William Orbit is responsible for the electronic sound of the album and together with include Patrick Leonard Madonna writes her most spiritual texts so far, partly inspired by Judaism Kabbalah . Critics praise the sound and the voice of Madonna, who has become conspicuous. Much stronger after singing lessons for the movie Evita Also from this album are hits Ray Of Light , Drowned World / Substitute For Love , The Power of Good-bye and Nothing really matters .

In 1999 she sang the soundtrack for the Austin Powers movie Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me . This makes her one of her biggest hits of the 90s on: Beautiful Stranger .

2000s edit ]Edit

Music Edit ]Edit

[3][4]Madonna at Live8

In 2000 Madonna plays a leading role in the film The Next Best Thing alongside Rupert Everett . For this film she also takes two numbers, Time Stood Still and American Pie , a cover of the classicDon McLean .

In August, Madonna for the second time mother after a difficult birth son Rocco Ritchie arrived in Los Angeles in the world. The father is director Guy Ritchie .

Also displayed her album in September 2000 Music that technical emits new electronic music produced by Mirwais and William Orbit. Besides the title track, Music , also appear Do not Tell Me andWhat It Feels Like for a Girl single. As a bonus, in Europe even earlier hit American Pie added to the album, a decision by its record company that Madonna was in hindsight not happy.

In December of that year, Rocco baptized in Scotland and marry Madonna and Guy Ritchie one day later at Skibo Castle in Dornoch . Ritchie is the remix of the single What It Feels Like for a Girl a controversial video in which Madonna with a granny hard drive on the road and eventually crashes into a utility pole. Together they make for BMW the commercial Star in which she plays a spoiled, bitch lit star (a parody of itself).

In 2001 Madonna decided to go on tour. for the first time in eight years again Her Drowned World Tour starts on June 9 in Barcelona. She plays many numbers of successful albums Ray of Light andMusic . Again she does with this tour Netherlands not. However, they are playing for the first time himself guitar and she surprised her fans through some rough passages.

Greatest Hits Volume 2 edit ]Edit

At the end of 2001 Madonna brings her second compilation album, titled GHV2 (Greatest Hits Volume 2). Unlike her first compilation The Immaculate Collection , GHV2 contains no new songs.

2002 was a relatively quiet year for Madonna. A large part of the year, she is working on a new album. She still plays a minor role in the latest James Bond , which she is also the title song Die Another Day sings. Aided by the accompanying video packed with special effects, the number is a big hit in the autumn of the year.

American Life edit ]Edit

In 2003 Madonna released the album American Life out. This is one of her most personal albums ever, as she sings in Mother And Father about the loss of her mother, and Intervention is dedicated to her son Rocco. The general theme of the album is that materialistic things does not make people happy. The first single is American Life Madonna but decided to pull the video. at the last moment In the video, images of war and see the clip contains openly criticized President Bush . Because at that time the war in Iraq broke out, Madonna takes the clip inappropriate. Other voices claiming that her motivation to pull the clip back was commercially, given the patriotic mood in America at that time they ran the risk of being after all. Boycotted Other singles from the album Hollywood , Nothing Fails and Love Profusion (which is also used as a supporting music and video for a perfume of Estee Lauder ). Although the albumAmerican Life comes in at number 1 on the U.S. album charts, eventually falling sales counter.

During the MTV Awards in September 2003 Madonna, causing Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears global turmoil to pass during the rendition of a medley of each other snogging Like A Virgin and Hollywood . This "cooperation" seems to like, well, because of Britney's album In The Zone , they take a duet that appears on single: Me Against The Music .

Re-Invention - Live8 edit ]Edit

[5][6]Madonna during Live8

In 2004 , the likes Re-Invention Tour instead. During this tour, Madonna occurs mainly in America, but even doing well after 14 years Netherlands again. In Europe she performs in Arnhem (Wednesday 8and Thursday 9 September , Gelredome ), Ireland , Lisbon , London and Paris . Both concerts in Arnhem are sold in no time. The Iraq war, peace, the electric chair, a skateboarder, a bagpiper, John Lennon's Imagine , Madonna comes around over the audience. These are all elements of this world tour. Unlike her previous show - The Drowned World Tour - she sings during the Re-Invention Tourcountless hits. Every album they have released, she sings at least one song. For the first time since the Who's That Girl World Tour 1987 will not count. backup singer Niki Harris She has just given birth to a child and also wants to devote more attention to her own career. Siedah Garrett as a replacement is requested, a singer who is best for her duet in 1987 with famous Michael Jackson , I Just Can not Stop Loving You . They also provided all the background vocals on Madonna's third album True Blue in 1986.

The concert begins with a video presentation of The Beast Within (a remix of the song Justify My Love from 1990 ) in which Madonna verses from Revelation mutters, accompanied by images from X-Static Process , a video and photo impression, shot by top photographer Steven Klein for his exhibition. That the then 46-year-old Madonna still lasts several years, is evident when, after opening the video screens of the stage rises: Strike A Pose , a handstand takes her little effort if they bet with the song Vogue . The audience reacts delirious. The documentary that Madonna is Jonas Akerlund about her life during the Re-Invention Tour , accompanied by a live CD, released on DVD under the title I'm Going To Tell You A Secret .

On 2 July 2005, Madonna performs in London's Hyde Park during the biggest rock concert of all time, Live 8 , a 200,000-strong audience and another 3 billion television, internet and mobile viewers. She sings her hits Like a Prayer , Ray Of Light and a long version of Music . After the concert, she announced that her new album Confessions on a Dance Floor is called.

Confessions on a Dance Floor edit ]Edit

The album seems to be a return to her musical roots: dance. The disc will be released in November 2005 and contains the hit Hung Up , a catchy and danceable song around a sample of the ABBA -song Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) . With Hung Up she scored her third number one in the Netherlands and also thirty top 10 hit. This success continued with the release of the singles Sorry (number 2 in the Netherlands), Get Together and Jump . On Tuesday, August 16 , 2005 , her 47th birthday, Madonna broke a collarbone, hand and three ribs in a fall from her horse on her country estate in Wiltshire ( England ) [3] . A month later she goes back to work. With a heavy dose of painkillers she takes the music video for Hung Up on.

On Friday, November 18 2005 Madonna in Belgium convicted of plagiarism . The first four dimensions of her song Frozen (1998) correspond to the song Ma vie error le camp (1993) by the Belgian composer Salvatore Acquaviva ofMouscron . The result of this conviction is that in Belgium CDs and DVDs which Frozen hearing is to be achieved and the number there should not be played on radio and television. off the shelves

In early 2006 Madonna set two new world records to her name. She is the first artist with an album, Confessions on a Dance Floor reached a position, in 40 countries the number. Hung Up did the same in the single charts in 41 countries.

Confessions Tour edit ]Edit


See Confessions Tour Main article on this topic.

[8][9]Madonna during Confessions Tour

In May 2006 Madonna begins a world tour, the Confessions Tour . The tour starts on May 21 in Los Angeles . The show was praised by critics. However, the action is also controversial: as Madonna rides her dancers as horses and mimics a crucifixion after. After several stops in the U.S. and Canada, it will arrive in Europe in late July. Also Netherlands is affected. On 3 and 4 September 2006, the show was at the Amsterdam ArenA increased. Tickets for these two concerts in the Netherlands were sold out quickly. Before the concert opponents of the concert walking (especially organization Cry for Life ) around the entrances while pamphlets are distributed with the text "Madonna, Jesus loves you." During the concert itself - and especially during the controversial execution of the song Live to tell - walk the believer activists around the ArenA in a symbolic reference to the fall of the Biblical Jericho ( Joshua 6).

They also played in England , Wales , Germany , Italy , Denmark , France , Czech Republic and Russia . After Europe are mid-September the last four concerts scheduled in Japan . OnNovember 3rd , the 4th single from the album Confessions on a Dance Floor appears Jump . On the B-side is the previously unreleased song History .

On 22 November 2006, the U.S. television broadcasts NBC a concert of Madonna's Confessions Tour off. Under pressure from Christian organizations sent the transmitter 'crucifixion scene "during Live to Tell not. Instead, it was shown other pictures during the song. In the Netherlands in late 2006 and the full kruisigingsact broadcast. Just before the concert in Amsterdam did a priest in vain a false bomb threat to prevent the concert. (and the crucifixion scene) In January 2007, the concert recording released on DVD and achieved 2nd place in the album top 100).

Adoption AIDS orphan edit ]Edit

Madonna also makes a lot of commotion in 2006 by the Malawian boy David from 13 months old to adopt. Madonna was the boy in sight, when she Malawi visited as part of a project where they cooperate. The singer donated a lot of money to build housing for orphans whose parents have died of two orphanages AIDS . David was another orphan, who ended up in an orphanage for two weeks after birth. His mother is deceased from AIDS, his father is still alive. David was at the first meeting with Madonna very ill, he was suffering from malaria and scurvy. David's father has given its approval to the adoption. Yet not everyone is happy with the adoption. Madonna would have adopted rules to her boot patched. The singer denied this in an interview with Oprah Winfrey , stating that the adoption of David is perfectly legal [4] . In early 2008, the adoption is declared legal by a judge in Malawi and David may remain permanently with her.

In 2009, Madonna decided not to adopt a baby. Malawi The 4-year Chifundo James lived like David in an orphanage. Only two years later, Madonna was the girl in her arms. The singer has named her daughter after Mercy James.

Despite all her break ups Madonna has custody of all four children. She wants to educate them as a family in America. Madonna once said: "Family is everything. Family comes first. It's not what I expected, but it never is. "

Clothing, Live Earth, and directorial debut edit ]Edit

2007 starts relatively quiet for Madonna. The DVD of The Confessions Tour: Live from London appears late January. Circulate rumors about recording a new album with, among others, Stuart Price , Timbaland and Pharrell Williams , but nothing is officially confirmed. Price tells it to news E! Madonna's new album will have. a completely new sound In the spring appears under intense media attention the clothing on the market that Madonna has designed for co H & M .In 2006, she appeared in commercials for all this store.

A new Madonna song appears on May 16, 2007 Hey You . The song Madonna has written for Live Earth , the benefit concert to the global warming with the current way of life is very fast. people aware Producer of the song is Pharrell Williams . The song is free to download and will not be single. In contrast to the dance music of her latest album, Confessions On A Dance Floor , is Hey You a ballad. Madonna sang the song on July 7 at Wembley Arena during Live Earth. To finish in London she sang Hung Up , Ray of Light and La Isla Bonita . During that last song she was reinforced by two members of the Romano-gypsy band Gogol Bordello , this act quickly took the top 10 most viewed videos on YouTube . Gogol Bordello is also featured in Madonna's directorial debut Filth & Wisdom , where she worked in the summer of 2007. The film will premiere on February 13, 2008 at the Berlin Film Festival. Madonna is here to present themselves and also gives a press conference about her directorial debut. Furthermore Madonna makes a documentary about the lives of people in Malawi , entitled I Am Because We Are . During her press conference on the premiere of Filth & Wisdom Madonna said this documentary probably will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival .

Madonna has also had success as a writer. There appear four new children's books from The English Roses series.

Hard Candy Edit ]Edit

Most of the time in 2007, Madonna in the recording studio, where she worked on her new album Hard Candy . Long before the appearance of the album leaked in the summer of 2007 for two songs out. A piece of a demo entitled Candy Shop leaked out, but Madonna's spokeswoman did not say about the song, which Madonna's fans did wonder if it was really the song though. Around August 22 2007 leaked a second song, titled Beat Goes On , a collaboration withPharrell Williams . The album will eventually be a completely different version of the song will appear, including a rap by Kanye West . This collaboration arose spontaneously when they encountered each other in the studio. The album will be released in Europe on April 25th 2008 and three days later in America and the rest of the world. The album gets good reviews and is largely produced by Madonna along with Timbaland , Justin Timberlake , Pharrell Williams and Danja. Madonna is doing a small club tour in New York, Paris and in Maidstone (Kent) to promote the album. Remarkably, her band almost completely renovated with respect to its last two tours. Stuart Price, her former producer and musical director of her tours since 2001, she moved to the side and she has hired Kevin Atunes, on the corresponding Sticky & Sweet Tour is completed by DJ Enferno. Stuart would not want to participate because he just became father (mother of the baby was Madonna's former assistant Angela also be seen in the documentary I'm going to tell you a secret ). The fan base is, however, speculated that Madonna Stuart just found work too corny.

The first single from the new album, titled 4 Minutes (to save the world) is a collaboration with Justin Timberlake & Timbaland. The song popped the Mega Top 50, the Single Top 100 and Top 50 Download in Netherlands at number 1. In Belgium, the number one immediately and actually it is anywhere in the world, the new number one. Except in America, where rapper Lil 'Wayne is doing slightly better. Its song is a hit single in America so Madonna 4 Minutes comes with the biggest hit of 2008. The video, directed by Jonas & Francis, reaches 60 million viewers online.

For the second single ( Give It 2 Me ) Madonna record a video with director / photographer Tom Munro and her former gardener Nathan Rissman and friend of the family. Pharell Williams also (of NERD and The Neptunes) can be seen. in that video The song is an international hit, but smaller than 4 Minutes. In the Netherlands, however, and the weeklong summer hit number 1 in the Top 40. In Belgium Madonna achieved first place in the digital music store iTunes, but the Ultratop reached its maximum point number on the 3rd place. As the third single Madonna brings Miles Away from a quieter but still uptempo song with backing vocals by Justin Timberlake . The track is produced by Timbaland . The single with dance remixes will be launched worldwide in November 2008. The song has no video, why is not clear. Despite the fact that Miles Away have made ​​it into the top 10 Netherlands, the single did not become a huge hit worldwide.

Sticky & Sweet World Tour and Celebration edit ]Edit

In the autumn of 2008, Madonna begins her massive tour, titled Sticky & Sweet Tour . The tour starts on August 23 in Cardiff , Wales , and doing on September 2nd at the Amsterdam ArenA. The show has been a spectacle, Madonna carries packets of Givenchy and Stella McCartney boots and give the best of themselves. Also in this show are a few elements that world are. Madonna girlfriend Britney Spears asked to record a video with Steven Klein , a respected and renowned photographer / video artist. In the video, Spears is seen in an elevator when she gets mad and actually breaks down the elevator. The video will be shown during Madonna's rendition of Human Nature and mention. confrontational The video became an instant hit on YouTube , already 24 hours after the beginning of the tour drew 300,000 viewers. Two weeks later, Spears makes her comeback at the MTV VMA Awards.

But Madonna also shows another video during the concert, where they John McCain compares with Hitler . At the end of the video, filmed by Klein, Madonna praises U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama on. This caused an uproar in America and did the tour even more sold out venues on. Furthermore performs Madonna again its worldwide hit Vogue , who completely reinvented with bits and beats out her latest smash hit 4 Minutes , it became an instant fan favorite. Madonna is featured in a oldschool car, extreme skipping a oldschool outfit from Givenchy and Moshino and builds with her ​​gypsy friends a hearty party on stage. She hypet "the" nerdy "glasses that back in and finally 'rides' she Justin Timberlake , digitally along on tour.

After the end of the European part of the tour Madonna start in America. During her concerts in New York, she scolds the U.S. Vice President candidate Sarah Palin out. She calls her a bitch and a "fucker" that is not welcome on her show (Madonna is known to be a Democrats-trailer and it does not have to George Bush and presidential candidate McCain). In the same speech mentions Madonna also agree that everyone should get up and dance because "this is not a stupid Barbra Streisand 's show. "

The Sticky & Sweet Tour ended in São Paulo (Brazil) and thus has several records broken [5] (which were already in the hands of Madonna) including:

  • Total attendance: 2,350,282 fans
  • Ticketing: Ticket sales in

During the tour, on October 15, 2008, it was officially announced that Madonna, after nearly eight years of marriage, divorced her second husband Guy Ritchie. The final separation was carried out on 21 November. There is no action deleted and she refers also not once during a show.

On January 27, 2009 is known that the Sticky & Sweet Tour is going to get a sequel. Under the name Sticky & Sweet Tour II will be done. again in the summer of 2009 Europe Only London and Paris get to see the show again the other cities are all new. For the first time in her career, she will perform in Belgium , on July 11, 2009 on the festival grounds of Werchter . Her tour has changed little: she turns three songs on her setlist and some videos and costumes are adapted (as the song Candy Shop that they step up with a completely new outfit and background video).

On 23 July 2009, announced that Madonna's third compilation album Celebration will be called and come to be. this two new songs The single Celebration would be from 14.00 turned on Dutch radio stations on August 3, August 4, the download single hatch. The clip for this song was recorded in Milan and Barcelona fans could sign up to participate in the video. Furthermore, the dancers of the Sticky & Sweet Tour , and even see her daughter Lourdes. On July 30, the song leaked out and it spread worldwide. On the same day the single was frequently played on Dutch radio. Madonna's record company Warner Music has been released showing the download single on July 31 and officially given permission to turn on the radio the song. The release date for the CD single is September 11, 2009. On September 18, the album comes out, both in the form of a single and double album. This is a week earlier than planned. On November 9, 2010 Madonna made ​​by Ellen Degeneres announced that she will go into the studio. again after her film [6]

MDNA & Interscope Records Edit ]Edit

Thursday, December 15, 2011 it was announced that Madonna has signed a contract for three albums Interscope Records . [7] for four years will be released in March 2012. Her first album for the label, as well as her first album The first single will be called 'Give me all your luvin' and will be released in late January, just before Madonna's scheduled appearance at the Super Bowl . The single will Nicki Minaj and MIA will be heard. The video for the single was recorded in mid-December in New York along with Nicki Minaj and MIA by Megaforce. [8]

The second single from the album is Girl Gone Wild are. This Madonna on February 10, 2012 announced on the radio.

With the announcement of her new album, she broke several records. Her new album was number 1 in 50 countries on iTunes before it was published.

On January 11, 2012 Madonna announced via her Facebook page that her twelfth studio album MDNA was called. The singer also went touring in July 2012 she did the Netherlands and she gave two concerts at the Ziggo Dome . The first performance was sold out within half an hour, because of the great interest, a second concert scheduled. On February 20, 2012 showed Perez Hilton know that the 15-year-old Lourdes went on tour. Her son went on tour as a dancer. On July 12, 2012 Madonna arrived at the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels. This was the second ever concert of Madonna in Belgium. The third single from the album MDNA was Turn Up The Radio . The video was recorded in Italy and came out on July 16, 2012. MDNA also brought forth. two promo singles Masterpiece was sent in the UK to radio stations on April 2, 2012 as a promo single, "Superstar" was released on December 3 2012 as a free CD with the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo.

Controversy edit ]Edit

The American singer Madonna is widely regarded as one of the most controversial people in pop history. For over 30 years, she manages to keep up with new, for some, shocking images and looks. Attention of the public She pulls herself thus frequently the fury of one or more (often Christian had expressed himself when) organizations on the neck and even the pope the video for Like a Prayer was released in which she is dancing for burning crosses and kissed by a "dark "Jesus. Other notorious video clips are those of Express yourself (SM and bondage), Justify my love (the first clip ever that might be aired on MTV just after 23:00) and Erotica showing images of her project, the book Sex in which they see naked in various settings that the erotic fantasies of alter-ego "Dita" portray.

Sex and religion also provide guidance throughout her career. In 1990, Madonna after her Blonde Ambition Concert in Toronto almost arrested was a masturbation scene in the performance of Like a Virgin. The Blond Ambition Tour will be processed later in the documentary In Bed with Madonna in which she gives a look behind the scenes of the tour and include shows how a blow-job indicates using a bottle.

In 2003, the clip that she had retired American Life was initially created by Warner Brothers after images were leaked. There was a riot in America where Madonna was vilified for anti-patriotism by the media. A simple version that only the singer of international flags show was subsequently released. The original clip was an indictment of the Iraq war and the policies of then-President Bush and showed, among others, Iraqi, Palestinian and Jewish children between soldiers on the catwalk. The clip ends with Madonna throws a hand grenade into the crowd which is picked up by Bush. The next riot is formed by the tongue kiss with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera during the opening of the MTV Awards.

According to critics, Madonna is no more than an attention-getter that makes good use of the media to maintain its position. Queen of Pop But she also uses her popularity to draw attention to the problems in the world, again using controversy and shocking images. Attention As with the implementation of 'Live To Tell' during her Confessions Tour , where she sings to complete quasi-hanging glitter cross with a crown of thorns, while images of children and AIDS biblical texts in the background can be seen. Religious organizations around the world have protested and called it blasphemy, according to the artist himself was a call to the global problem AIDS bring. attention

For Live Earth , an organization against global warming, she took in 2007, the single free download Hey You and provided the clip of shocking images of natural disasters, famine, AIDS, etc. and exchanged it with positive images of children playing and blooming nature. The song and the clip became the theme song for the Live Earth concerts around the world.

In 2008, Madonna shares during her Sticky & Sweet Tour again a stitch from President Bush to images with dictators and even him in a video montage in the same row on Hitler , while Obama is compared with the Dalai Lama ( Tenzin Gyatso ).

Madonna in culture and commerce edit ]Edit

  • Madonna is set in 2008 in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame .
  • She got the role of Meryl Streep offered in Music of the Heart, Michelle Pfeiffer's role in The Fabulous Baker Boys and Sharon Stones role in Casino, but hit them all, all the films mentioned were nominated for an Oscar for this role.
  • During hitshow Celebrity Deathmatch MTV "fought" against Madonna (and defeated) Michael Jackson in a "battle royale" as the "King and Queen of Pop".
  • She has written several children's books: The English Roses (a series of which there are now nine books), the apples of Mr. Peabody , The Adventures of Abdi , Jacob and the Seven Thieves , and Lotsa the Casha .
  • Madonna has designed clothes for girls, titled English Roses , to the title of her first children's book. Daughter Lourdes also wears clothing.
  • She also has a collection for the renowned fashion store H & M designed.
  • Her song Ray of light from the eponymous album by Microsoft Windows XP used during their campaign.
  • Madonna's hit Beat Goes On was used in an advertisement for Apple's launch of the iPod Nano (new generation).
  • Apple iMac she has tested the video connection.
  • The song She's Madonna by Robbie Williams is based on a conversation that had the singer with the husband of Madonna, Guy Ritchie. In this conversation, Ritchie said he had dumped his girlfriend for a Madonna with the words: "I love you baby, but face it, she's Madonna".
  • Her song Miles Away is the introduction of a Japanese soap.

Trivia edit ]Edit

  • Madonna is distantly related to the Canadian star Celine Dion , former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the wife of the English Crown Prince Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles .
  • Her father, Silvio (or Tony) Ciccone, a wine shop, Ciccone Vineyard & Winery in Suttons Bay (Michigan, her home state).
  • Madonna has said that she wants to be God. Famous
  • Madonna has several nicknames: Queen Of Pop, Nonnie, Maddy, Mo, Boy Toy, Mads, Madge, Her Madgesty, Material Girl, Veronica Electronica, M, Varla, Dita, Mother of Re-invention, Queen of Dance, Queen of Shock , M-dolla, Supa Bitch ...

Discography edit ]Edit


See Madonna Discography Main article on this topic.

Tours edit ]Edit

1985 - The Virgin Tour (only U.S. ).

  • For Program: The Beastie Boys.
  • Tour opens in Seattle on April 9, 1985 and ends in New York City on June 11, 1985.
  • Numbers: Dress You Up , Holiday , Into the Groove , Everybody , Angel , Gambler , Borderline , Lucky Star , Crazy for You , Over and Over , Burning Up , Like a Virgin-Billie Jean , Material Girl .
  • DVD: The Virgin Tour Live in Detroit.

1987 - Who's That Girl World Tour

  • Tour opens in Osaka (Japan) on June 6, 1987 and ends on September 6, 1987 in Florence (Italy).
  • On 25 and August 26, 1987 Madonna gives two sold-out concerts in Rotterdam Kuip.
  • Numbers: Open your heart , Lucky Star , True Blue , Papa Do not Preach , White Heat , Causing A Commotion , The Look of Love , the medley Dress You Up / Material Girl / Like A Virgin with parts from I Can not Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) , Where's the Party , Live to Tell , Into the Groove , La Isla Bonita , Who's that Girl , Holiday .
  • DVD: Madonna - Ciao Italia.

1990 - Blond Ambition Tour

  • For Program: Technotronic
  • Tour opens in Makuhari (Japan) on April 13, 1990 and ends on August 5, 1990 in Nice, France.
  • On July 24, Madonna is in a not entirely sold Kuip in Rotterdam.
  • Numbers: Express Yourself , Open Your Heart , Causing A Commotion , Where's The Party , Like A Virgin , Like A Prayer , Live To Tell , Oh Father, Papa Do not Preach , Sooner or Later , Hanky ​​Panky , Now I'm Following You ,Material Girl , Cherish , Into the Groove , Vogue , Holiday , Family Affair, Keep it Together .
  • The Blond Ambition Tour provides $ 65.7 million in ticket sales.
  • DVD: There is no official DVD with the entire cast performance, there are some bootlegs in circulation. The documentary In Bed with Madonna / Truth Or Dare follows Madonna on tour and includes footage of the show.

1993 - The Girlie Show

  • For Program: UNV (in America), and Kenan Yonca Evcimik Dogulu (in Istanbul) and Peter Andre (in Australia).
  • Tour opens in London on September 25, 1993 and ending on December 19, 1993 in Tokyo (Japan).
  • Madonna does not do the Netherlands.
  • Numbers: Erotica , Fever , Vogue , Rain-Just My Imagination , Express Yourself , Deeper and Deeper , Why's It So Hard , In This Life , The Beast Within , Like A Virgin , Bye Bye Baby , I'm Going Bananas , La Isla Bonita , HolidayJustify My Love , Everybody Is A Star Everybody .
  • The Girlie Show provides $ 70.3 million in ticket sales.
  • DVD: Madonna - The Girlie Show: Live Down Under.
  • Madonna has to endure because they are on stage during heavy criticism of the Puerto Rican House of Representatives The Girlie Show the Puerto Rican flag between her legs is rubbed.

2001 - Drowned World Tour

  • Tour opens in Barcelona (Spain) on June 9, 2001 and ends on September 15 in Los Angeles (USA).
  • Madonna does not do the Netherlands.
  • Numbers: Drowned World / Substitute For Love , Impressive Instant , Candy Perfume Girl , Beautiful Stranger , Ray Of Light , Paradise (Not For Me) , Frozen , Open Your Heart "Swell" (Chord Intro) , Nobody's Perfect , Mer Girl-Sky Fits Heaven Mer Girl (Part II) , What It Feels Like For A Girl (Interlude) , I Deserve It , Do not Tell Me , Human Nature , The Funny Song (also known as Oh Dear Daddy ), Secret , Gone ( In some U.S. cities 'll See ), Do not Cry For Me Argentina (Interlude), Lo Que Siente La Mujer (Spanish version of What It Feels Like For A Girl ), La Isla Bonita , Holiday , Music .
  • The Drowned World Tour has 606 tickets sold in total 731. Total revenue $ 76,792,245.
  • DVD: Madonna - Drowned World Tour 2001 - Live in Detroit.

2004 - Re-Invention Tour

  • Tour opens in Los Angeles (USA) on May 24, 2004 and ending on 14 September in Lisbon (Portugal).
  • Madonna was on 8 and 9 September 2004 for 73,300 fans at Gelredome in Arnhem. Revenue $ 6,759,661.
  • Numbers: The Beast Within , Vogue , Nobody Knows Me , Frozen , American Life , Express Yourself , Burning Up , Material Girl , Hollywood , Hanky ​​Panky , Deeper and Deeper , Die Another Day , Lament , Bedtime Story , Nothing Fails , Do Tell Me , Like A Prayer , Mother and Father , Imagine , Into the Groove , Papa Do not Preach , Crazy For You , Music , Holiday .
  • DVD: The tour documentary I'm Going To Tell You A Secret was published in June 2006 on DVD and also includes footage of the live show. It is uncertain whether there ever be a DVD will appear with the entire concert.
  • The Re-Invention Tour is the most lucrative tour in 2004 ($ 125 million tickets sold).
  • According to rumors, Madonna has also denied the'd Re-Invention Tour initially The Whore of Babylon Tour (the whore of Babylon, a reference to the Book of Revelation ) to be called.

2006 - Confessions Tour

[11][12]Madonna at Wembley during the Confessions Tour*Tour opens on May 21 in Los Angeles (USA) and ends on September 21 in Tokyo (Japan).

  • For program in a number of European stadium tour: Paul Oakenfold.
  • Madonna was on 3 and 4 September 2006 102 330 fans in the Amsterdam ArenA. Revenue $ 11,783,254.
  • Numbers: Future Lovers / I Feel Love , Get Together , Like a Virgin , Jump , Live to Tell , Forbidden Love , Isaac , Sorry , Like It Or Not , Sorry (Interlude) , I Love New York , Ray of Light ,Let It Will Be , Drowned World / Substitute for Love , Paradise (Not For Me) , Music , Erotica / You Thrill Me , La Isla Bonita , Lucky Star , Hung Up .
  • "Dance And Sing World Tour" and "Superpop World Tour" (named after the song Superpop, an unreleased song from 2005): According to rumors, other names for the tour were.
  • The Confessions Tour is the most lucrative tour by a female artist of all time ($ 195 million tickets sold).
  • For the Confessions Tour 1,209,618 tickets sold in total.
  • DVD: The Confessions Tour Live From London . This DVD is accompanied by a CD and was released in the Netherlands on January 26, 2007. Also, the DVD without cd. The DVD was goldbecome before he came out, 35,000 copies sold in the Netherlands.

2008 - Sticky & Sweet Tour

  • Tour opened on August 23, 2008 in Cardiff (Wales) and ended on September 2, 2009 in Tel Aviv (Israel).
  • Sticky & Sweet was a full stadium tour, and made way for old school and more rock elements at the expense of its distinctive performance art.
  • For program in a number of European stadium tour: Robyn .
  • Other programs: Benny Benassi (Rome), Paul Oakenfold, Bob Sinclar (Paris) and Hamutsun Serve.
  • Madonna was on September 2, 2008 for 50 588 fans in the Amsterdam ArenA. Revenue $ 6,717,734.
  • 2008 Setlist: The Sweet Machine (intro video) , Candy Shop , Beat Goes On (with Kanye West), Human Nature (Britney Spears), Vogue (mixed with 4 Minutes and Give It To Me ), Die Another Day (video interlude ) , Into The GrooveHeartbeat , Borderline , She's Not Me , Music (Fedde Le Grand remix) , Rain / Here Comes The Rain Again (video interlude) , Devil Would not Recognize You , Spanish Lesson , Miles Away , La Isla Bonita , You Must Love Me ,Get Stupid (video interlude) , 4 Minutes , Like A Prayer (mixed with Feels Like Home (original Meck)), Ray Of Light , public inquiry number (Amsterdam Express Yourself ), Hung Up , Give It 2 Me (with Pharrell Williams).
  • Setlist 2009: The Sweet Machine (intro video) , Candy Shop , Beat Goes On (with Kanye West), Human Nature (Britney Spears), Vogue (mixed with 4 Minutes and Give It To Me ), Die Another Day (video interlude ) , Into The GrooveHoliday (including a tribute to Michael Jackson), Dress You Up , She's Not Me , Music (Fedde le Grand remix) , Rain / Here Comes The Rain Again (video interlude) , Devil Would not Recognize You , Spanish Lesson , Miles Away ,La Isla Bonita / Lela Pala Tute , Doli Doli (interlude) , You Must Love Me , Get Stupid (video interlude) , 4 Minutes (with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland) Like A Prayer (mixed with Feels Like home ), Frozen (dance mix) , Ray Of Light , Give It 2 Me (with Pharrell Williams).
  • The Sticky & Sweet Tour is the most lucrative tour by a solo artist of all time ($ 408 million tickets sold).
  • The Sticky & Sweet Tour has 2,350,282 tickets sold in total.
  • The Sticky & Sweet Tour was followed up in 2009 with 28 concerts in which it was necessary wrong. Thus collapsed stage in Marseille during the construction in which two people were killed. Also Madonna fainted during two shows.She also was booed in Bulgaria after she stood up for the gypsies given the gypsy section the last song in her show (La isla bonita, Doli Doli, You must love me, Do not cry for me Argentina (only in Argentina played and is placed on the DVD that was released in March 2010)
  • Madonna has for the first time in her career, a concert in Belgium. It has also brought there the mix of Frozen played back without any legal consequences. Frozen in Belgium banned by the judge after plagiarism is detected and the number may be as well as on radio and TV. Not played in public areas in Belgium
  • The tour consisted of 85 shows: 42 in Europe, 30 in North America, 11 in South America and two in Asia. She is here the only artist who has ever stood. With only 85 shows for 2.4 million people

2012 - MDNA Tour

  • Setlist: Act of Contrition (Intro) , Girl Gone Wild , Revolver , Gang Bang , Papa Do not Preach , Hung Up , I Do not Give A , Best Friend (interlude) , Express Yourself , Turn Up The Radio , Give Me All Your Luvin, Open Your Heart ,Masterpiece , Justify My Love (interlude) , Vogue , Candy Shop / Erotica , Human Nature , Like a Virgin , Nobodys Knows Me (interlude) , I'm Addicted , I'm A Sinner , Like a Prayer , Celebration

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