Richard Penniman (MaconGeorgiadecember 5, 1932), known by the stage name Little Richard, is an American singer and pianist of African-American descent. He ranks as one of the main founders of rock and roll. He is often mentioned in the same breath with Chuck BerryElvis Presley and Buddy Holly. By using the agreement with those of his rock shows on the one hand piano Jerry Lee Lewis, on the other hand, with those of Fats Domino, while he was having a great emphasis on show and characteristic high lash out though as a forerunner of the glam rock is seen.


[1][2]Little Richard in 1967

Richard is the third child from a family of sixteen, and does in his youth musical experience as a pianist in the Church. After in 1951 on a talent show he discovered to be only pictures, which, however, did not catch on. When in 1955 the rock 'n' roll craze gets going he breaks through with songs like Tutti FruttiLong Tall SallyLucille and Good Golly Miss Molly, all of which achieve gold record status. It prints its own stamp on the rock-'n'-roll, by its rousing and electrifying way of singing. After his successes he pulls back in 1957 , when he for a journalist States that rock and roll, with its lewd lyrics and strong sexual load, against God's will is and an expensive ring in the Hunter River at Sydney threw. In 1962, when rock and roll was much more accepted, he made his comeback with a UK tour. He was supported by a few of his British fans, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. In the meantime, he had a number of gospel plates included. Then he still at times, and he also makes plates, all he sticks most time in his career as apreacher. A difficult moment, given his religious background, was his confession that he is homosexual.

Little Richard played occasionally after 1980 along with younger pop artists such as Elvis Costello. He also rapte in the song Elvis is Dead by Living Colour and he played occasionally in movies. He recently toured Vrij along with Chuck Berry by the United States and he contributed to a Johnny Cash songs for.

He also has done many guest appearances in movies and tv series (often as himself), including in the film The Girl Can't Help Itand in the series ColumboSesame Street and Full House.


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