Video game genres
FPS First-person shooter
SHMUP Shoot 'em up
TPS Third-person shooter
Video game platforms
Arcade Arcade game
GB Game Boy
GBA Game Boy Advance
GCN Nintendo GameCube
GEN Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive
MAC Macintosh / Mac OS
DS Nintendo DS
PS1 PlayStation / PSone
PS2 PlayStation 2
PS3 PlayStation 3
PSP PlayStation Portable
PCE TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine
Wii Wii
WIN Microsoft Windows
X360 Xbox 360

Franchises[edit | edit source]

Title Genre Number of games Year of first game Year of last game Platforms (number of games)
Ace Attorney Adventure 5 2001 2013 GBA(3), DS(5), WIN(3), Wii(3), iOS(1)
Ace Combat Flight 10 1992 2011 Arcade(2), PS1(3), PS2(3), X360(2), PS3(1)
Act of War Strategy 1 2005 - WIN(1)
ActRaiser Action 2 1990 1993 SNES, Wii
Advance Wars Strategy 4 2001 2008 GBA, DS
Adventure Island Platform 8 1986 2009 NES, SNES, GB, PCE, Wii
After Burner Flight 6 1987 2007 Arcade, S32X, GEN, SCD, X360, PS3, PSP
Age of Empires Strategy 4 1997 2011 WIN, MAC, PS2, WMO, NGE
Backyard Wrestling Sports 2 2003 2004 PS2(2), Xbox(2)
Baldur's Gate RPG 4 1998 2001 MAC(4), WIN(4)
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance RPG 2 2001 2004 GBA(1), GCN(1), PS2(2), Xbox(2)
Call of Juarez Shooter 3 2006 2011 PS3(2), WIN(3), X360(3)
Dead to Rights Shooter 5 2002 2010 GBA(1), GCN(1), PS2(2), PS3(1), PSP(1), WIN(2), X360(1), Xbox(2)
Devil May Cry Action 5 2001 2013 PS2(3), PS3(5), X360(5), WIN(3)
Growlanser RPG 6 1999 2012 PS2(6), PSP(2)
ToeJam & Earl Action 4 1991 2002 GEN(3) ,Wii(2), Xbox(1)

Additional franchises[edit | edit source]

This is a list of video game franchises organised alphabetically by name. This consists of long-running series as well as characters that have been portrayed in many games. This list does not include non-gaming intellectual properties that have been adapted for use in games (such as James Bond or sports leagues).

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