Angel novels have been published since 2000 by Pocket Books. The last was published in 2004.


Season 1Edit

These Buffyverse tales take place during Buffy season 4, and Angel season 1 (from autumn 1999 to spring 2000).

Title Location, time Description
City Of L.A. 1999 Novelization of the Series Premiere.
Not Forgotten L.A. 1999 Angel Investigations tries to help some struggling immigrants.
Close to the Ground L.A. 1999 A big Hollywood studio head recruits Angel to act as a bodyguard for his daughter, but Angel is simultaneously being hunted by a wizard who seeks the secret behind Angel's status as an immortal with a soul.
Soul Trade L.A. 1999 A girl's soul is mysteriously taken. Angel investigates, but soon discovers a black market where souls are bought and traded... and his soul just became the new hot item on the market.
Redemption L.A. 1999 A wealthy actress who plays a vampire on TV requests help when she faces attacks by a group who seem to genuinely believe that she is a vampire, but Angel is confused by her resemblance to one of his first victims as Angelus.
Shakedown L.A. 1999 Doyle has a vision of a seismic shift.
Hollywood Noir L.A. 1999 A decayed corpse at a Hollywood construction site is a sign of dire events, especially when a long-dead private detective reappears to finish his last case while Doyle has a vision of the grave of the P.I.'s last client.
Avatar L.A. 1999 Cordelia suggests beginning a Web site for their detective agency, but Angel soon discovers that a demon is hunting victims on the internet to steal their life-force and create a new body for itself.
Bruja L.A. 1999 L.A. is shocked when a woman attacks a priest, leading to Angel Investigations discovering that a ruthless spirit of vengeance has been unleashed.
The Summoned L.A. 1999 An anxious young woman, Terri Miller, arrives in L.A., and Doyle discovers that she is connected to recent violent deaths
Unseen (trilogy) Sunnydale, L.A., 2000 Buffy and Angel have to work together to solve disappearances of teenagers and calm down the gang warfare going on in LA.

Season 2Edit

These Buffyverse tales take place during Buffy season 5, and Angel season 2 (from autumn 2000 to spring 2001).

Title Location, time Description
Image L.A., 1950s, 2000 An old evil is trying to use a painting to achieve great power, and an artist who once painted Darla and unintentionally inspired Mary Shelley to write Frankenstein is involved.
Stranger to the Sun L.A., 2000 Wesley opens a strange package and is sent into a coma where he dreams of being trapped in a mine, as a vampire attempts a ritual that will bring permanent darkness to the world.
Vengeance L.A., 2001 Lily Pierce's motivational speaking spreads across the city.
Haunted L.A., 2001 Cordelia enters a haunted house for reality TV, but subsequently has a vision about a contestant that didn't make the final cut.

Season 3Edit

These Buffyverse tales take place around Buffy season 6, and Angel Season 3 (from autumn 2001 to spring 2002).

Title Location, time Description
Cursed L.A., 2001 When Spike is hired to steal an ancient artifact that is connected to a woman whom he and Angelus were once hired to kill, Angel and Spike must deal with their shared evil pasts and break an ancient curse that was placed on them.
Sanctuary L.A., 2001 A loud explosion occurs at Caritas and Fred is captured, prompting Lorne to try to question the guests while Angel Investigations conduct their own search.
The Longest Night L.A., 2001 It's December 21, and hour by hour Angel and his crew must survive the longest night of the year.
Monster Island Sunnydale, L.A., Monster Island, 2001 The Fang Gang and the Scooby Gang must unite to protect a safe-haven of half-blood demons from a supremacist group led by none other than the demonic father of Angel's dead friend Doyle.
Endangered Species L.A., 2001 Angel considers the ethics of wiping out all vampires when he discovers a plan to wipe out the being who created them, and finds himself pitted against one of Drusilla's first victims.
Impressions L.A., 2001 A desperate man arrives at the Hotel with a demon chasing him, having been tricked by a man posing as Angel because he likes the thrill of killing demons.

Season 4Edit

These Buffyverse tales take place around Buffy season 7, and Angel season 4 (from autumn 2002 to spring 2003).

Title Location, time Description
Seven Crows Mexico, 2002 Between Mexico and Arizona Riley and Sam Finn call in Buffy and Angel to investigate mysterious supernatural events.
Dark Mirror L.A., 2002 The gang must face dark versions of themselves when a group of demons target them in an attempt to 'recruit' an Angelus duplicate as their leader.
Heat Sunnydale, L.A., 2002 Buffy and Angel both battle the same ancient evil, a Possessor who was once "Qin", and Angel's old ally/adversary Jhiera is working with their enemy.
Solitary Man L.A., 2002 Team Angel copes with a detective-wannabe-old women.
Love and Death L.A., 2002 Demon-killers are provoked by an outspoken radio host, putting Angel, Connor and Lorne at risk
Monolith L.A., 2002 A huge monolith suddenly appears at Hollywood Boulevard.
Nemesis L.A., 2003 One of Fred's old friends from graduate school contacts her for help at a big scientific facility.
Book of the Dead L.A., 2003 Wesley's former-Watcher colleague arrives at LA for a rare book auction.


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Canonical issuesEdit

The books featured in this list are not part of Buffyverse canon. They are not considered as official Buffyverse reality, but are novels from the authors' imaginations. Unlike internet fan fiction however, all of these stories have been licensed as official Angel merchandise. Furthermore, the overall concept for each Buffyverse story had to be accepted by Joss Whedon (or his office), who did not want these stories to venture too far from his original intentions.

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