Lakilester as he appears in Paper Mario.

Lakilester (Paper Mario 2)

Lakilester as he would have appeared in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Lakilester (self-nicknamed Michael, Spike and Jonathan (Japanese only)) is a fictional character in Nintendo's Mario franchise and Mario's eighth and last party member in Paper Mario. He is a Lakitu.

Character history Edit

In Flower Fields, Mario and his team finds a Lakitu on the way to Cloudy Climb. He introduces himself by his nickname Spike, then attacks. After he is defeated, a female Lakitu, named Lakilulu, comes and asks Mario not to finish Lakilester. Lakilester is annoyed and asks Lakilulu to call him Spike because it's his new name. Lakilester tells Mario that he is working for Huff N. Puff and asks him why he is trying to save the world. No matter what he answers, Lakilester thinks Mario is cool and joins the party. By pressing C-Down, Mario can hop on his cloud and hover over certain surfaces, such as spikes and lava, without getting hurt.

In Super Paper Mario, Lakilester appears as a Catch Card found on the nintieth floor of the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials.


  • Like Vivian, Lakilester is a partner who joins Mario after Mario defeats them, as well as abandoning the antagonists to do so.
  • Also, like Koops, he wants to be stronger for his girlfriend.
  • His Japanese name is "Pokopi".