Juliet Bravo was a British police series from 1980 to 1985 in 88 episodes with the series The Gentle Touch in which a woman played the lead in an English police series.

Jean Darblay is stationed as an inspector in the imaginary town of Hartley in Lancashire , to the chagrin of her male colleagues. But soon she got appreciation from the other police officers from her desk. Jeans ringer was Juliet Bravo .

The leading role of Inspector Jean Darblay was played by Stephanie Turner between 1980 and 1982 and her replacement was Inspector Kate Longton (played by Anna Carteret) between 1983 and 1985.

All actors in the series edit ]Edit

  • Stephanie Turner - (Inspector Jean Darblay) (series 1)
  • Anna Carteret - (Inspector Kate Longton) (Series 4-6)
  • David Ellison - (Sergeant Joseph Beck)
  • Noel Collins - (Sergeant George Parrish)
  • CJ Allen - (cop Brian Kellehar)
  • Mark Botham - (cop Danny Sparks)
  • Mark Drewry - (cop Roland Bentley) (Series 1)
  • Edward Peel - (Detective Mark Perrin) (Series 5 & 6)
  • Tony Caunter - (Detective Jim Logan) (Series 1-3)
  • John Ringham - (Superintendent Lake) (Series 1)
  • James Grout - (Superintendent Albert Hallam) (Series 2)
  • David Hargreaves - (Tom Darblay) (Series 1-3)
  • Tom Georgeson - (John Holden) and (Mark Peake)
  • Bob Davidson - (Tim Forbes)
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