ITV3 is an entertainment channel in the United Kingdom. It is owned by ITV plc and forward especially old drama series from. This transmitter is In some ways a continuation of the former Granada Plus.

The transmitter went on the air in on 1 november 2004 at 9 o'clock in the evening. It is to review via Freeview, cable (NTL/Telewest) and digital satellite (Sky Digital). The transmitter was from the start also available on NTL Ireland (later UPC Ireland), but was deleted from the range on 22 March 2006. This would have happened at the request of ITV plc itself. The company had previously been Irish newspapers from publishing to viewing figures of their channels, UTV and Men & Motors except. [source?]

ITV3 focuses mainly on people over 35 years. ITV plc hopes, along with additional investment in terrestrial ITV2, their non-profits to triple within five years. In an attempt to get higher ratings for the channel, ITV has purchased the exclusive rights to a number of new and sometimes popular American drama series such as Numb3rs , and Law & Order: Trial by Jury .

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