How I Met Your Mother ("How I met your mother") is an American comedy series by CBS, which on 19 september 2005 the first episode aired. The show was created by Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, which their friendship used as inspiration for the characters. The series began on 23 september 2013 to its ninth and final season.

How I Met Your Mother in 2006, 2007 and 2008 both won a Emmy Award for the Art Direction, which was accompanied by a second Emmy in 2006 for thecinematography. Actor Neil Patrick Harris was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2010 for his role as Barney Stinson. The program itself was also nominated in the category ' best comedy '. 8 to 10 million Americans each week looking forward to the show.

The series is broadcast on RTL5in Netherlands. [1In Flanders is to watch them on 2BE.

On January 30, 2013, it was announced that the ninth season of the series would be the last. [2]


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Starting Point[Edit]Edit

The series revolves around the year 2030 Ted in his son and daughter tells of events that eventually led to his meeting with their mother. His story begins in the year2005. In the series during the episodes for telling these stories flashbacks repeatedly used. The voice of Ted in the year 2030 is voiced by Bob Saget.


Season 1[Edit]Edit

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In the year 2030, Ted Mosby has (voice-over by Bob Saget) convened his son and daughter to tell them how he met their mother.

The story begins in 2005 with Ted (Josh Radnor). He is a 27-year-old architect who lives with his two best friends from Wesleyan University, law student Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel) and kindergarten teacher Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan). Eriksen and Aldrin are almost nine years a bunch. Their engagement is the cause of it that Ted is going to think about marriage and finding his soul mate. This abhorrence of his friendBarney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris), an incorrigible womanizer with an unnamed course in business. Ted starts at that time, the search for his ultimate soul mate. He will meet the ambitious young tv reporter Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders), when he with Barney the game Have you with Ted? plays. Ted immediately falls for her, but the love at first sight is not mutual. With this five-piece is immediately in the first episode the entire main cast suggested.

As the series progresses, Ted has multiple relationships: for example with Victoria, a confectioner. He met her at a wedding. As a result, Robin jealous and so she realizes that she has feelings for Ted. When Victoria moves to Germany for a fellowship is their interaction a long-afstandrelatie. Then Ted almost strange with Robin. As a result, Ted and Victoria end their relationship. Ted writes in with a dating agency and after quite a lot of trouble to this Office know him match with a potential soulmate. He comes not only showed up on the blind-date and start going out with Robin. Meanwhile, Lily begins to wonder if she by her relationship with Marshall perhaps opportunities let walk. Then she gets a scholarship offered to an art training in San Francisco and she decides on the offer. Her relationship with Marshall piece of it.

Season 2[Edit]Edit

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In the beginning of series 2, Ted and Robin do have a few. The tune left by Marshall that Lily should try to go on with his life without Lily, and begins dating others.

Lily realizes she is no real artist and returns to New York. There she is reunited with Marshall, and the season culminates in their marriage. Barney loses a "Slap Bet" that Marshall allows five times, on chosen moments, Barney a slap in his face. This he does twice in the course of this season. It turns out that Barney has a brother who is gay and black. Also Barney goes on a trip to California to participate in "The Price is Right" (American game show). At first he believes that Bob Barker is his father, but discovered later that, according to himself, that is not the case. In season 2 discover Marshall, Lily and Ted that Robin has been a Canadian teen-pop star in the early ' 90s.

In the final of the season, through a series of flashbacks, Barney comes out (on the wedding of Marshall and Lily) that Ted and Robin have no relationship for some time more. They wanted, however, not to tell anyone because they did not want to Marshall and Lily's wedding messing up. Ted and Robin have decided to remain friends. The reason of the break up is that Ted wants to get married and Robin not. The season ends with Barney who is enthusiastic about the prospect that Ted and he will be each other's wingman, which he the season closed with "it's gonna be legen, wait for it..."[3]

Season 3[Edit]Edit

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The season start where the previous season ended, so with Barney's getting away with his sense that "... dary." Ted and Robin both have time to get over their break-up. Ted let his beard grow and Robin goes to Argentina, where she falls in love with Gaël (Enrique Iglesias). When Robin comes back in the us, along with Gaël, Ted that the decision also for him time to move on with his life and he goes along with Barney on women hunt. During a wild night, of which Ted still can remember hardly anything, it turns out that he is a butterfly-tattoo has put under on his back, which he later in the season let delete. Hereby he learns Stella common.

Robin and Ted are struggling to remain friends and are actually never alone with each other. As long as they are together with the Group seems to be all. At Thanksgiving to date an older man and Robin is Ted still single. Ted is quite jealous and rebuked Ted and Robin decide that they have no friends can be. Thanks to a mutual joke that Robin and Ted had when they were finally comes another set and remain good friends.

Marshall and Lily decide to buy an apartment but then comes together Marshall found out that Lily a huge credit card debt, giving them the can only buy at a great interest rate. When they eventually have bought the House and go look, it appears house near a sewage processing plant and that they so constantly in the stench be. They were in a weekend going to look but when the factory was closed. To complete the drama, it appears also to be higgledy-piggledy apartment. To renovate everything still takes a time making Ted, Marshall and Lily continue to housemates for the time being.

Barney finds out that his entire confidence and seduction tactics are based on lies when the woman to whom he lost his virginity has confessed that he there the first time none of baked. So he can make a few days no women decorate and when he tries, there are just stupid and insulting things out of his mouth. Rhonda again only when he manages to get in bed, after a tip from Heidi Klum, comes his self-confidence back.

Ted wants his tattoo removed and is thereby at doctor Stella rightly so. Ted would like once with Stella but Stella refuses this. Then Ted has 10 sessions to convince her to go out with him. After the 10th session they shall submit to him that they can not with him because she has a daughter. Ted realizes later that she really has refused him and wins her for standing by her take on a date that but 2 minutes (all free time she has in her lunch break). Barney ends up in bed with the Secretary of Stella in. It is an insecure and gullible thing called Abby and is played by Britney Spears.

When Barney women trying to decorate and he goes at them away to get something and then come back, he gets a slap in his face by the women he tries to conquer. When an unknown woman to get to Lily and her warns not to go out with Barney because he lies unto women to get them in bed, Barney must see to find out which woman they hate him that wants to ruin his life. The top is made of so many women and together with the group tries Barney find out who the mystery-woman is who wants to make life difficult for him. Eventually at a top 4 hatched by women who best have reason to hate Barney, he goes along with Lily at them along to find out if one of the four it is. When it turns out that none of the four the woman his life trying to screw up, they think of a plan to make the real woman who wants his life to trap acid. Robin occurs if date of Barney in the hope that the mystery-woman will step up to her. When a, for Barney, unknown woman goes to Robin, Barney feels guilty because he has lied to her, and what he has told her to lie and offers its sincere apologies to cannot remember. Unfortunately for Barney is also not that terrorizes him. Barney seems to repent for his actions here, but in the evening he pops up yet again with an unknown girl under false pretenses in bed. Later revealed to be Abby mystery-woman are just pissed because he had phoned her after their "date".

Robins first boyfriend is in town. Robin wants to show him what he has dropped when she was still a teenager. She had met him during filming her second clip (Robin in her teens was a Canadian pop idol, called Robin Sparkles). Barney at all costs must also get to see this clip and looks. Her ex, played by James van der Beek of Dawson's Creek is a total failure, become a hit impoverished musician. Robin sees this, however, is not in. As soon as they see him, turns them into a love-struck adolescent. Despite all the warnings from the group she falls as a block for him to be dumped by him again. She feels miserable and is referred to by Barney captured and as thanks she lets him see the videotape on which the second clip State. To view again and again after the clip ends the episode with Robin and Barney zoenend on the couch.

Barney asks Marshall if he wants to figure out if there is something in the "Brocode" States that his adventure with Robin can be justified at Ted. Unfortunately for Barney is the "Brocode" (invented and written by himself) so well written that there is nothing in says that his adventure can be justified at Ted. Barney knows that if he finds out that Ted and Robin have been to bed with each other, Ted will be fierce. However, it is Robin who eventually confesses what happened to Ted and Ted break the friendship with Barney. Ted decides to end the relationship with Stella also but after an accident with a taxi that he survives unscathed, he realizes that Stella is the woman for him. Everyone, including Barney, races in the meantime to the Hospital where Ted is to figure out how he is. Barney is right in front of the hospital, however, created by a bus.

Season 4[Edit]Edit

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The Group continues to be more mature now all of them are the 30 near his. Stella says Yes on Teds marriage proposal. Barney Meanwhile can especially hard dealing with the feelings he has for Robin. But that is all raised by the promotion that Barney makes. His company has another company retrieved and Stinson get a management position at Goliath National Bank (GNB). However, his faithful friends don't forget Barney and Marshall also ensures that a position at GNB. He helps his friend Ted by him (his company) to design GNB headquarters.

Marshall and Lily finally move to their new apartment after which on the table is whether or not they are ready for children. Robin takes a new job in Tokyo. They will, however, soon returned to New York because they make her low regarded job at Metro News One is missing and to attend Ted and Stella's wedding. She is sent away before the ceremony, however, because Stella no ex-and at the party will.

Eventually marries Ted not with Stella. She leaves him at the altar for the father of her daughter, Tony. The marriage has been cancelled and Robin and Ted are roommates. End up getting Robin, thanks to Barney, a job as a news anchor. The only downside is that it is a morning show that at 4 am starts.

Ted discovers that Barney has feelings for Robin. The tension rises even more when Ted and Robin decide to have sex again, because that would make it easier to live with each other's shortcomings. After a while they sleep with each other constantly and Barney do their utmost to eliminate their shortcomings so that that situation would cease. Ted notes how Barney feels and talk to his roommate. They decide to be friends just back.

Later, Ted of the GNB project and he steps on, leading to the creation of his own architectural practice. At the same time, with his birthday approaching, Ted realizes that he is older but he comes to repent and concludes that the trip is at least as important as the destination when it comes to aging goes. Women having sex and finally his 200th Devourer Barney strictly rubs that only too happy to in the face of the bully who made life difficult for him when he was young. At that defining moment in his life he wonders where he wants to go with his life what gives him more certainty about his feelings for Robin.

Walking Street runs Ted in on his former fiance and her former ex-husband, Tony. Who decides what to look up later Ted to compassion are related to the troubles around Stella. He even offers him a post as a professor of architecture, but Ted saves this off. At the end of the season leaves Lily plots for four weeks the group, in response to a dirty Barney pronunciation. In the last episode is Robin to know that Barney has feelings for her where she enters, and Ted then decides that it is better for him to give lessons in architecture than to carry out the profession of architect.

The last thing we see in season 4 is Ted that for a lecture hall, where apparently his future wife in it.

Season 5[Edit]Edit

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Ted begins his job as Professor of architecture, and stands in the middle of a lecture hall. Although ' the mother ', Teds is indeed present, future wife, he turns out to be in the wrong Lecture Hall, namely that of economy.

Barney and Robin meanwhile had a relationship during the summer. Lily close them on in Robins room, forcing them to be ' the conversation ' about their relationship. After a difficult period, they decide to make an end to their relationship. Robin describes it instead as "two friends who come back together". Barney immediately goes back to his old ways, and try using "the playbook", a book with to score with women. Throughout the season to Barney and Robin show feelings of regret of their breakup.

Ted date with any yet graduate student called Cindy (Rachel Bilson), and it turns out that her roommate Teds future wife is. Robin meets Don, her new fellow presenter at her morning tv show on Channel 12.Although she disapproves of his behaviour in the beginning (So he presents in the beginning without pants), the two eventually start a relationship and goes to live with him Robin. At the end of the season they end the relationship, as Don takes a job in Chicago that Robin has previously rejected in order to be with Don. Marshall uses his fourth hit (from "The slapbet") to Barney, once again, on Thanksgiving. Ted buys a house in a spontaneous whim, but that turns out to be a gigantic hovel. It will be a hard task to revamp it and it seems uncertain whether they really fix up the House, but the Viewer is there that this ultimately will be the House where he with his wife and children will live in the future.

Lily and Marshall discuss the idea of a baby, but Lily is uncertain. The couple decided to postpone it until they see the last double of the group. To see the latest thinking in the end Lily doppelganger (The double of Barney, a taxi driver), and Marshall and Lily decide to try to get children. However, it appears that Barney had themselves dressed up as a taxi driver. Yet Marshall and Lily by with their promise; They are going to try to have children.

Season 6[Edit]Edit

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The first episode of the sixth season called "Big Days" was broadcast on september 20, 2010 on CBS. In this sixth season there will be a sixth person as girlfriend at the group. Ted met at a day Zoey (guest star byJennifer Morrison), to an old building "the Arcadian" is looking at that will be demolished for the new Office of GNB that Ted has designed. After first Teds nemesis to have been because they demolish the building allows it that Ted get them: Zoey a relationship after marriage with "the Captain" on the cliffs is run.

Lily and Marshall are still engaged in attempts to have children and it seems like something is not right with one of the two. Lily, however, shows huge be fruitful so the problem would lie at Marshall. He undergoes a test by the fifth doppelganger (that of Barney) which shows that it is unlikely that he will be able to conceive children only he comes out that this Barney really is and later tells the real doctor comes running in and that everything is ok with Marshall and he should easily get children. During that episode comes the terrible news that Marshall's father died of a heart attack. The hit comes up huge in to Marshall and also after the funeral he continues one more time with his mother in Minnesota, missing him so much that he comes back to Lily.

Robin goes after more disappointments in her work (including irritations about her new co-host Becky) as Anchor away at Channel 12 and takes a job as editor at another news channel. Sandy, her former co-host turns out to be her new boss.

Barney and his brother confront their mother with the fact that she has continuously lied to them after they have found a photo in a book which is written on the back: "your son". The result is that Barney's brother finds his real father. Hits during the season Barney there themselves ever more ready to meet his real father. Furthermore, he falls in love with Nora, a colleague of Robin, after they helped him on Valentine's day alaser game contest. He remains, however, strongly deny this. At the end of the season we see Ted who is called as a witness by the groom. That turns out to be groom Barney, with whom he marries is not known.

Season 7[Edit]Edit

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First episode of season 7 starts where the last episode of the previous season had ended, namely at the wedding of Barney and the still unknown bride. Ted tries to reassure Barney by an old memory to tell, in which we also are told that Lily and Marshall are expecting.

Ted again during the season a (futile) attempt to revive a relationship with Robin. He comes Victoria (Cupcake, see season 1) again, but even her off, because of his infatuation. Robin designates him off again, making the contact between Ted and her will be placed on the back burner. They see each other for a long time no.

Barney Gets a steady relationship with a stripper, and pretends that totally awesome finds. In reality however, it eats away him on that evening, she dances for other men. She indicates that they only stop stripping when they would get married. After long time gives them on a trip that Barney has organized for her that she has stopped stripping, just as Barney asks her to marry him.

Lily & Marshall move during the season to a suburb, to the old House of lily's grandparents. They have, however, not at all to their liking, so they move back to Manhattan, to the apartment of Ted. They also have plenty of pressure with Lily's pregnancy. At the end of the season is the baby born that if "middle name" (second name) Wait For It gets, at the request of Barney.

In the last episode calling Ted with Victoria. She appears about to stand to get married, but goes love in on Ted's request to meet each other. They let the wedding for what that is. Ted wants to drive her back to the ceremony, but eventually the Church purposely over ... into the sunset. At the end of the episode we see again the same wedding as in episode 1. However, now We see who the bride is. It is Robin Scherbatsky.

Season 8[Edit]Edit

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On Monday 24 september 2012 came the eighth season out in America on the CBS. The new season began where it last left off, namely at the wedding of Robin and Barney. The title of this first episode is ' Farhampton '.

Barney gets into this season a relationship with a colleague of Robin, which Robin self-loathing. This whole relationship turns out to be put in scene, however, and it is a play from The Playbook to get to Robin.Barney asks Robin to marry on the roof of the World Wide News-building, where they say Yes. In this episode is also the GNB building (which Ted has designed) opened with a great opening ceremony.

In the last episode of the season goes Marshall to his parents for a week before they go to Rome, as his mother tries to persuade him not to go. Lily is very worried about it, but has other problems to her head. Ted leaves his refurbished home to Lily, but Lily sees the "For Sale" sign in the House are. Ted wants to move to Chicago the day after the wedding of Barney and Robin, Lily tries to hear from him why he wants to again and finds out that Ted has feelings for Robin, by what happened in a previous episode (Episode 23, where Robin hair chain are looking for) and that he can no longer continue. Lily knows where the chain has remained and it turns out that Ted had him all this time in a pen box. Ted gives the necklace as wedding gift, but Lily warns him. Barney and Robin are going to have a night out to a restaurant where they have been previously, there, they have a couple that their evening ruined. they are going to try to ruin their night also, and Robin has a plan for, she has done her engagement ring in the champagne and they get in a fight.Later that evening they come back against the couple in the park and tell them that they are getting married and that Barney and Robin their have helped. Marshall receives a phone call from the Court that he is right to be adopted, and that thwarts their plans to go to Italy to go. the last part of the last episode of the season you can see the mother and future wife of Ted, played by Cristin Milioti.

Season 9[Edit]Edit

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In december 2012, it was announced that a ninth season, after Jason Segel (Marshall) signed the contract at the last minute for a next season. [4there will be radical changes compared to the previous seasons. So will the full ninth season take place during the weekend of the wedding of Barney and Robin. Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney will meet before the mother (Tracy) Ted does. The last episode was aired on March 31, 2014.

On september 23, 2013, the first two episodes of the last season in the United States. It can be seen how Lily met the mother. In addition announced that James (Barney's brother) is going to separate. In the penultimate episode marry Barney and Robin.

During the season are not only to see the events that take place during the weekend of the wedding of Barney and Robin, but also a lot of previews. Many of those previews are about the relationship of Ted with the mother, but we also see Lily & Marshall with their two children in Italy. Especially during the last episode looked far ahead. We see how the marriage of Barney and Robin after three years dies, how Barney is trying to revive the old "McLaren 's" times, how Ted are beautiful moments in his marriage are going through, but also how Ted to Tracy's illness is.

The episode ends with the initial encounter between Ted and Tracy at the station of Farhampton. Ted closes his story off with "... and that is how I met your mother". However, his son and daughter understand the real purpose of his story. Their conclusion: Ted wants their approval to six years after the death of their mother "aunt" Robin on date to carry. Inmmers less than the whole story went about their mother, but extensively on Ted's feelings for Robin? Ted decision after round Robin on the approval of his children to look for. With the "blue French horn" of course ...

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character Comments
Josh Radnor Ted Mosby The protagonist of the story. He is an architect by profession. In the end it turns out that Ted told the story to his children to make it clear that Robin is actually the great love of his life. At the urging of his children, ask Ted on a date.
Jason Segel Marshall Eriksen Teds best friend, with whom he is living together since his student years. He is a lawyer by profession and Lily's husband. Along with Lily, he has a son, Marvin, a daughter, Daisy and another third child.
Cobie Smulders Robin Scherbatsky Robin is a television host where the other friends in the beginning of the series around. Ted falls as a block for Robin, but she is not ' the mother ' (where the series is about the Ted from 2030 calls her against his children invariably Aunt Robin ("aunt Robin'). She and Barney getting married in season 9. They disbanded in the future because Robin and Barney go throughout her career, getting away from the fact and no time was for him and her friends. She continues to keep in touch with Ted and many years later, he again for her front door to ask her out on a date.
Neil Patrick Harris Barney Stinson Barney is a faith as women. He is against getting married and relationships. He works at a bank but it's uncertain what its proper function. He and Robin getting married in season 9, but in the future they go back apart because Robin is too much focus on her career and also frees up any more time for Barney and her friends. Barney is again a faith until he unexpectedly after a one-night stand aware father in a daughter, Ellie. Barney is very happy with Ellie that ultimately the only woman in his life is.
Alyson Hannigan Lily Aldrin Marshalls wife. She goes over time at Ted and Marshall live. She is student of occupation. In season 7, she and Marshall get a son, Marvin and in season 9 Lily gets told she is pregnant again. In the future she gets a daughter, Daisy and a third child.
Cristin Milioti Tracy McConnell The future wife of Ted. Along with Ted has them, in the future, 2 children: Luke and Penny. She is sitting in the band that plays on the marriage of Barney and Robin. She is first seen at the end of season 8. She and Ted are very happy in the future but Tracy eventually dies, 6 years before Ted starts telling the story to their children.


After the last episode to have seen many fans were disappointed. Their opinion was that they looked for years to the encounter with the mother, and that we would see many episodes where Ted and Tracy as parents and as a couple their dream waarmaakten. But Ted finally come together with Robin was not a nice thought for many fans of the show. In addition, went very the ninth season on the fidelity of Barney and Robin. In the last episode we were told that they got divorced three years later. Some find this a waste of the ninth season and they find that it does not take into account the progress of the story.

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