Harold Hutchins
'Captain Underpants' character

Harold Hutchins is a clever, witty, curious and a good drawer 10-11+ year-old boy who lives with his mom and sister at 1520 Vine Street in Piqua, Ohio, where he and his best friend, George Beard, attend fifth grade (currently) together at Jerome Horwitz Elementary School. Dubbed as "the boy on the right with the T-shirt and the bad haircut", he is the deuteragonist of the Captain Underpants series.

He is voiced by Thomas Middleditch in the film Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

History[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

When Harold was six years old, his family moved to Vine Street in Piqua, Ohio, next door to George Beard. Harold's father had recently gotten divorced, and moved to Nevada almost six months ago, none of which had been easy for Harold. He didn't talk much about the subject, and kept to himself, mostly, and drew lots and lots of pictures, mainly about monsters and superheroes. The monsters he created were always evil and ferocious, and his superheroes were always brave and trustworthy.

Harold loved getting lost in his wonderful hand-drawn adventures, where the heroes were always triumphant gave the bad guys the punishment that they deserved. Normally, every day Harold would get dressed and eat breakfast, trying hard not to think about the tough day ahead of him. He hated every minute at his elementary school, with his mean teacher, rough bullies and straight evil principal. He would brush his teeth and very carefully place his favorite drawings into his backpack, unaware that one day, his life would be changed forever.

On that day, Harold's mother helped him put on his backpack at the front door, assuring him that he might make a friend that day. She then tells Harold that a little boy had moved in next door last weekend, and asks him if he knows his name. Harold had seen the kid once or twice, but never met him clearly, and shrugs. His mom suggest that he should go over and introduce himself, but poor Harold shrugs again. His mother then sends him off with a kiss and hug, and hands him two dollars from her purse for his lunch. Unfortunately, Harold's lunch money would never reach the candy machine or pop machine, and it was usually taken by a sixth-grade bully named Kipper Krupp, who, coincidentally, was the nephew of the principal. As such, him and his group of thugs were treated like royalty.

Harold knew from experience that wisest thing to do would be to stay out of Kipper's way, making his daily walk to school much more complicated. He quickly ran in spurts from trash can to mailbox to tree, hiding behind any object he could find, just in case Kipper and his friends were nearby. Usually, the worst section of Harold's mad dash to school was the intersection by Dogwood Drive and Rosita Lane, due to no hiding locations except for the large tree next to the coffee shop and the sign at the gas station across the street. Most days, he was lucky when waiting for the walk signal, until this particular day.

Meeting George Beard[edit | edit source]

Crouched quietly behind the tree at the coffee shop, concentrating on the traffic lights and cars, Harold watched out for Kipper. This was very stressful, but after a few minutes, the cars paused, the walk signal lit up, and Harold glanced left and right one more time before bolting for the display sign at the front of the gas station. Unfortunately for Harold, he is almost immediately noticed by the sadistic owner of the gas station, Billy Bill, who yells at him to get away from his sign. Then, some bullies from the school come and start beating up Harold and Billy Bill laughs at him. Luckily, his new neighbor, George Beard arrived and changed the letters on Billy Bill's sign, which caused Bill to get beaten senseless by a bunch of women and used his tie to ward off the bullies. Unfortunetly, the principal caught the boys and naturally, falsely accused them of bullying his nephew and sent them to detention.

A New Partnership[edit | edit source]

George and Harold got to know each other in detention and started to make comic books together. As a result, the two became fast friends. However, they couldn't stand Kipper's reign of tyranny anymore, so they decided to prank him constantly, but it never worked. For a backup plan, they made up a phony ghost story and scared the bullies into giving up their cruel ways and since then, the boys had devoted their lives to pranks and making comic books. Their characters included Dog Man, Timmy the Talking Toilet, the Amazing Cow Lady, Super Diaper Baby, Ook and Gluk and their most famous character, Captain Underpants.

The Adventures of Captain Underpants[edit | edit source]

One day, George and Harold decide to sabotage the schools homecoming game, just for fun. They do many things including putting helium in the ball, putting bubble bath in the bands instruments and pepper in the cheerleaders' pom-poms.

Mr. Krupp finds out about this with a surveillance video he secretly installed. He blackmails the boys into waiting on him, or else he'll be forced to show the tape to the football team.

After weeks of backbreaking labor, George and Harold purchase a hypnotizing ring so Mr. Krupp will forget all about the blackmailing and the sabotaging of the game. However, they get carried away and hypnotize him into thinking he's Captain Underpants, one of their characters. Mr. Krupp starts running around the city and George and Harold have to stop him from causing trouble.

Some robots rob the jewelry store and capture Captain Underpants. The boys barge in and help Captain Underpants stop the robots' creator, Dr. Diaper from blowing up the moon, so he can take over the world.

After sending Dr. Diaper to jail, the boys go back to school and try to undo the hypnosis, but nothing happens. George decides to splash water on Captain Underpants' head and he's snapped out of his hypnosis. George and Harold are free from their blackmail and are happy again. Unfortunately, they threw away the instructions, which contained a vital piece of information. So now, when Mr. Krupp hears the snapping of fingers, he snaps back into his trance and changes into Captain Underpants.

Depiction in the Film[edit | edit source]

General Information[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Harold, like his best friend George, is a class clown and loves to pull pranks. However, Harold is a bit more timid than George so he usually comes up with their prank ideas. Ironically, Harold a bit more bolder when it comes to fighting monsters. Despite his pranking nature, most of Harold's actions are generally targeted towards adult cruelty, such as his teachers. His other hobbies are skateboarding, watching TV, and making comic books with George, where he draws the pictures. He has created comic book characters like Captain Underpants, Super Diaper Baby, Timmy the Talking Toilet, Dog Man, Ook and Gluk, and the Amazing Cow Lady.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Harold is a Caucasian blonde 10 year old, who has a large, fluffy hairstyle. His outfit usually consists of a T-shirt and shorts. Like most human characters, he has black dots for eyes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Harold's favorite food is gum.
  • He has a younger sister name Heidi, who only appears once.
  • It is revealed in the fifth book that Harold does not like wearing a tie, as he was forced to wear one for Ms. Ribble and Mr. Krupp's wedding.
  • It is revealed in the final book that Harold will have twins named Owen and Kei and a husband named Billy in the future, which is ironically also the name of the sadistic mechanic who yelled at him the day he and George met.
    • It is also revealed in the final book that Harold is gay.
  • He and George both have ADHD. ( Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder )
  • In the movie, his favorite animals are dolphins.
  • In the film at the scene where Professor P. changes their brains, when Harold turns into a zombie first you can tell that his Laughing kilometers are smaller than George's.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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