Happy Days is a American television series that originally aired from 1974 to 1984. She won an Emmy Award in 1978 for mounting and that same year won actors Ron Howard and Henry Winkler both a Golden GlobeLove, American Style had its origins in an episode of the anthology series Love, American Style (1972), titled Love and the Happy Days. In it were not all main characters from the later series for and of those who were in there were some played by other actors. Harold Gould played Howard Cunningham in Love, American Style, where Tom Bosley did in the series.

Starting Point[Edit][edit | edit source]

Happy Days is a nostalgic look back at the fifties of the twentieth century, situated around the Cunningham family in Milwaukee and familiar Fonzie (Henry Winkler).Although women initially a bijfiguur magnet Fonzie was, its role is becoming increasingly important and he was finally credited as first from 1980. The role of Richie Cunningham, the teenage son of the family, was played by Ron Howard, which not only as an actor, but also as a Director and producer name would make.

The series had four spin-offs: Laverne & ShirleyBlansky's BeautiesMork and Mindy , and Joanie Loves Chachi. There was also an animated series made called The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang.

In Netherlands, the series from 1977 to 1978 by the AVRO manifested. From 1982 was to see Happy Days on Veronica. In the early 1990s, the series daily broadcast onRTL 4 and RTL 5 later on.

Division Of Roles[Edit][edit | edit source]

Played in at least 60 episodes

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