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Haley James Scott
Haley James-Scott
Bethany Joy Lenz as Haley James Scott
One Tree Hill character
Portrayed byBethany Joy Lenz
First appearancepilot 1.01
Last appearance"One Tree Hill"
(episode 9.13)
Created byMark Schwahn
Other namesHaley James
(maiden name)
Tutor Girl, Tutor Wife & Mom, Baby Momma, Trial Separation Girl, Foxy, Stoner Girl, Trudy Gill, Fugitive Girl, (by Brooke)
OccupationMusic producer
Restaurant owner
English teacher (Tree Hill High)
Waitress (Karen's Café)
ResidenceTree Hill, North Carolina

Haley James Scott (née Haley Bob James) is a fictional character from the CW television series One Tree Hill, portrayed by Bethany Joy Lenz. Haley is initially introduced as Lucas Scott's best friend and eventual sister-in-law, upon her marriage to Nathan Scott, in their junior year of high school. Haley and Nathan have two children together, James "Jamie" Lucas Scott and Lydia Bob Scott.

Character development[]


Haley Bob James was raised by James "Jimmy" and Lydia James (née Brigard) in a very large family; the youngest of seven children, Haley's siblings are: Vivian, Taylor, Quinn, and three older brothers. Her best friend was Lucas Scott, whom she has been friends with since her childhood, all through high school and beyond. When Lucas joined the Tree Hill Ravens, his half-brother, Nathan Scott, vows to torment Lucas and targets Haley in his plans. Haley secretly agrees to tutor Nathan if he promises to stop hazing Lucas. Nathan agrees and eventually their tutoring relationship becomes romantic. Nathan and Haley fall in love with each other; which results in their marriage and Haley losing her virginity to him. Through Lucas and Nathan, she also becomes close friends with Tree Hill High cheerleaders, Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis.

Nathan and Haley struggle against various hardships while trying to realize their personal dreams of basketball and music. Her dream of being a singer almost destroys their marriage, as she leaves Nathan to go on tour with Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton), a successful rock star. When Haley returns; the couple remains separated because Nathan distrusts her and Haley moves in with Brooke, becoming a Tree Hill High cheerleader in the process. Nathan Lucas and Haley soon reconcile and they have married again in a second wedding ceremony. In her senior year, Haley discovers that she is pregnant with her and Nathan's son, who is later named James Lucas Scott. To make ends meet, she continues to work in Karen's Café and help out her fellow students with tutoring.

Haley grew up with her best friend (and later, brother-in-law) Lucas Scott in Tree Hill, a small North Carolina town. Her first job was as a waitress at Karen's Café. She later dates, then marries Lucas's slightly younger half-brother Nathan Scott. In high school, she joins the cheerleading squad due to the desperate asking of her close friend and roommate Brooke Davis and as a way to stay close to Nathan during their trial separation. Later Haley named Brooke the godmother of her son James Lucas Scott and Brooke named Haley the godmother of her twin sons Davis and Jude Baker. On the day of graduation, Haley goes into labor with James Lucas Scott, her son with Nathan. Eventually, she gives birth to their daughter Lydia Bob Scott. In later years, she is asked by Lucas to be the minister at his wedding to Peyton Sawyer. She is happily the aunt of Sawyer Brooke Scott, the daughter of Peyton and Lucas. She is known for her cautious and studious ways, as well as for her talent for music and teaching.

Character arc[]

Season 1[]

Haley is initially hesitant when her best friend, Lucas decides to join the Ravens varsity basketball team. and instantly clashes with his half-brother Nathan, also a player on the team. Nathan, "the popular and bad boy of Tree Hill", decides to use Haley in his scheme to destroy Lucas and Haley agrees to tutor Nathan if he leaves Lucas alone. When Lucas finds out what has been going on, he is angry with Haley but she refuses to stop tutoring Nathan as she made him a promise.

After Nathan's girlfriend Peyton Sawyer dumps him, he and Haley start to grow closer. After many fights, including Nathan's inability to admit their growing relationship in front of his friends,[1] they embark on a relationship together. Lucas and Haley struggle to maintain their friendship as she and Nathan continue seeing each other. Haley is angry to learn that Nathan initially only came after her because he wanted to get back at Lucas but when Nathan proves her that he's not that guy anymore, she forgives him.

Haley also becomes friends with Peyton, who she initially disliked, and counsels Peyton as she and Lucas find themselves caught up in a love triangle with Brooke Davis. Although Nathan's mother, Deb is fond of Haley, she faces hostility from his father, Dan. When Nathan becomes involved in Dan and Deb's messy divorce, Haley suggests that he emancipates himself from them. After doing so, Nathan moves into his new apartment.

One morning, Haley comes over and Nathan notices that she has gotten a tattoo of his jersey number, 23, on her lower back and this leaves Nathan wondering why Haley still won't sleep with him. Haley has always vowed not to lose her virginity until she is married and Nathan comes to respect that, while he and Haley acknowledge that their relationship has taken on a new dimension—they have fallen in love. However, when Haley discovers that Nathan has been surfing porn on the internet, she feels insecure about a sexual relationship once again, until Nathan declares his love for her in the rain. Meanwhile, Lucas tells Haley that he has decided to go and live with Keith in Charleston and Haley is saddened that her best friend is leaving. When Lucas comes to say goodbye to Haley, he is surprised to discover that Haley slept with Nathan in spite of her wish to be a virgin until marriage. She explains that she did wait; Haley and Nathan got married the night before.

Season 2[]

As their marriage continues, Haley and Nathan seem to encounter more and more hardships as a young couple, realizing that their marriage might hinder their dreams; Nathan's dream being basketball and the NBA, and Haley's dream being music. With the arrival of Haley's older sister, Taylor, the couple has their first big fight, as it is revealed that Nathan lost his virginity to Taylor his freshman year. Also with the arrival of Chris Keller, a conceited albeit talented musician, the problems in the marriage are escalated, due to Nathan's jealousy and distrust of Chris. As Haley and Chris begin to spend more and more time together, recording a duet of Ryan Adams' "When the Stars Go Blue," they realize that they have a strong musical connection. This, of course, angers Nathan even more, especially when he realizes that Chris' feelings for his wife are not exactly platonic.

When Haley is offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go on tour with Chris Keller, The Wreckers (Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp) and Gavin DeGraw and after confessing that she kissed Chris, Nathan is outraged and gives Haley an ultimatum; if she goes on the tour, their marriage is over. Haley is hurt and ultimately decides that she needs to follow her dreams. She reluctantly accepts Chris' offer, unlike Nathan who had refused his dream of attending High Flyers (earlier in the season), an elite basketball camp just to be with his wife. Haley's leaving sends Nathan on a downward spiral, but Haley fulfills her dreams by building a music career and by performing her songs in front of huge crowds.

Though it is made clear numerous times that she regrets leaving Nathan, when he visits her on tour, he is unable to convince her to return to Tree Hill. Near the end of Season 2, she receives a petition for annulment for the marriage to Nathan Scott, leaving Haley heartbroken and filled with regret. Shortly after, Haley is visited by Lucas and Brooke at one of her shows in New York. Lucas tells Haley that although he is so proud of everything she has accomplished, her absence is simply "killing" Nathan. In the end, it is Lucas and Brooke's visit that convinces her to return to Tree Hill and to Nathan. In one of the final scenes of the (second season) finale, she shows up at the Scott residence doorstep. Her intentions aren't made clear until the third-season premiere.

Season 3[]


Nathan and Haley's wedding reception. In "The Show Must Go On" (episode 3.22)

At the outset of Season 3, Haley returned to Tree Hill to find that many things have changed during her absence. Although she professes her undying love for Nathan and begs for his forgiveness, their marriage continues to fall apart. Nathan's anger and inability to trust Haley leads him to strongly consider a divorce. (However, the state requires a year-long period of separation, in which circumstances improved.) Haley also finds that her close friend, Peyton, has flat-out refused to speak to her, as Peyton is also angry and hurt by Haley's sudden departure and how it effected her friend Nathan as well. Haley is faced with a dilemma because, since Nathan moved back into his parents' house and her own parents are traveling the country in an RV, she has nowhere to live. In the end, she moves into her former apartment with Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) and becomes a cheerleader.

Though many relationships in her life are going poorly, Haley is able to reconnect with Lucas, whose forgiveness is much more easily achieved than Nathan's. As they are able to re-establish their foundation as best friends, Haley and Lucas begin their senior year the same way they had begun their junior year; united against the world. Haley is one of the few people who knows about Lucas's HCM, and pleads with him to stop playing basketball. Concerned for his safety, she threatens to tell Whitey Durham, Lucas's coach, about Lucas's heart condition unless Lucas tells him himself.

In an effort to regain his trust for her, Nathan calls Chris Keller and asks him to come back to Tree Hill to help Haley with her music. Although reluctant at first, Haley agrees to work with him when she finds out Nathan is the one that initiated it. Nathan and Haley get closer and eventually get back together. Later on, after a slow process, Nathan and Haley realize that they love each other too much to let their marriage die and begin to re-establish their relationship as a married couple and move back in together. She also reconciles with Peyton, who admits that she was taking her frustrations out on Haley because, out of everyone who has left her over the years, Haley is the only one who came back. Haley finally finds a way to balance her love for Nathan and her love for music and records Halo for Peyton's Friends With Benefit CD, promoting breast cancer awareness.

When troubled teen, Jimmy Edwards, brings a gun to school, Haley and Nathan end up trapped in the tutor center with him during the shooting. After the death of Keith Scott they realize how they need each other and decide to move back in together. During a weekend getaway at a friend's cabin, Haley ecstatically accepts Nathan' proposal to renew their marriage vows in front of all their loved ones. The wedding takes place in the season three finale, along with a shocking cliffhanger in which Haley might be pregnant and Nathan's fate is unknown. The episode ends with Haley's calling for help.

Season 4[]


Haley confronts Rachel. In "Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers" (episode 4.14)

During the premiere of season four, Brooke was viewed as being the one pregnant, but after a few episodes, it was discovered that Brooke was covering for Haley's pregnancy. When Brooke finally told Haley she couldn't pretend to be pregnant any more, Haley realized it was time to face Nathan and tell him about their baby. Because of Haley's and Nathan's debt, she's been working shifts at Karen's Cafe and has been tutoring Rachel in Calculus. On the day of the State Championship game Haley is found on the bathroom floor in pain, the other girls including Rachel, Peyton, Bevin and Brooke rush her to the emergency room. The doctor told her she would be fine but it was stress causing her problems, and told her she was having a son. After the State Championship game, Haley jumped in the way of a car that was about to hit Nathan. The car was being driven by Daunte, as revenge for Nathan's betrayal after he was lent money. After a string of operations, she was fine and to her and Nathan's delight, they find that the baby has a heartbeat of their son. After Nathan tells her what he did, she freaks out and leaves; but eventually forgives him. He then buys her a maternity prom gown after winning the stripping contest.

We find out from Haley's class assignment with Skills that if she doesn't pursue a singing career she wants to be a teacher. She also fears that her son will not find his place in the world, like she sometimes feels. In "Pictures of You" (episode 4.13), Skills assures her that he will find a place and that he will make sure of that. Meanwhile, the person who stole the Calculus test is still unknown so the whole Calculus class takes a retake to find out who the cheater is. Rachel puts Brooke's name on her test so Principal Turner assumes she is the one who stole the test. Principal turner confronts Haley about this and Haley knew she could not trust Rachel. Haley also loses her job at the tutor center for letting a student get a hold of the key to the cabinet with the tests.

At a party later that night Haley confronts Rachel about "stealing" the Calculus test and slaps her (also for hitting on Nathan). Rachel then tries to push Haley but is stopped by Skills who asks her to leave. Rachel takes the fall for Brooke because she wants Brooke's fashion designs to be sent to Victoria's Secret. By the end of the night, a sex tape is revealed of Nathan and Brooke. Haley as well as everyone else is left in shock. Haley is a little overemotional due to the fact that she is pregnant so she does not take the video lightly. She asks Nathan to write a list of every girl he has ever slept with. In the end, Nathan writes the list, but Haley doesn't read it because she knows that she is the only one that matters because she is the only one he has ever loved. They go to the prom together and are really happy. Days after, the gang goes to Honey Grove, Texas, to help Mouth. Their car breaks down, where Chris Keller rides up in his tour bus. They crash the prom there, where Haley finds out it was Brooke who stole the Calculus test. Haley is mad at first, but she forgives Brooke. Once back in Tree Hill, Principal Turner tells Haley she cannot make her valedictorian speech, because of Nathan's point shaving. Nathan finds out, and fixes the situation, and Haley gets to make it. She then visits Whitey at his house to talk about Nathan. In the middle of her valedictorian speech for graduation, when she is quoting Julius Caesar, Haley begins to laugh nervously and bend over in pain. It turns out she has gone into labor with her son. Everyone looks shocked and Nathan stands up in excitement.

Soon after, she gives birth to a son, James Lucas Scott (best known by his nickname Jamie). She also makes up with Rachel, yet they still have a strained relationship.

Missing years[]

Two years before the start of season 5, Haley is seen with a two-year-old Jamie. There she attends Nathan's national championship game. Four months before the start of Season 5, she accompanies Nathan to celebrate his eponymous shoe, but leaves early to look after their son Jamie. It is later that night that in an accident Nathan (temporarily) loses the use of his legs.[2]

Season 5[]

Struggling with her marriage, she tries her best to raise her son Jamie[2] and soon hires a nanny named Carrie. She then becomes a teacher at Tree Hill High and gets sexually harassed by Quentin Fields, the star player of the Tree Hill Ravens basketball team, and runs away in tears. The next day, she challenges him to leave her class and fail it, effectively preventing him from joining the Ravens (now coached by Lucas), due to the school policy. She also makes Nathan realize his selfish ways could cost him their marriage and his son.[3]

Peyton has Haley sit in on one of her studio sessions with Jason's band. After Jason acts up, and after hearing the band's pianist Mia play, Haley convinces Peyton to let Jason (and effectively the rest of the band) go so that Mia could become the real star. Haley offers to work on Mia's record, reawakening her musical talent and passion. Arriving home late at night, she goes into Jamie's room to kiss him goodnight and finds a sweet drawing of Jamie with Carrie, the new nanny, and fears that Jamie may have replaced her with Carrie in the event of her constant absence in his life.[4] She then offers Quentin a deal to go back to both her classes and basketball which he agrees to (with a little push from Nathan.)

Haley starts to get anxious about how attractive her nanny is but does not notice how much Carrie is hitting on Nathan.[5] She soon gets disappointed by most of her friends when she witnesses Lucas kiss Peyton and when Nathan once again lets his temper get the best of him when Jason sexually harasses Haley.[6] Haley misses the Ravens' first basketball game due to being locked in the Tree Hill High School library with Brooke, Peyton, Mia, Lindsay, and at one point, Tim.[7] When she comes home, she finds Nathan and Carrie in the shower and kicks them out.

As Carrie manipulates Jamie into hating Haley, Nathan tries to defend himself, begging for forgiveness and swearing that Carrie's inappropriate crush and constant flirting was never reciprocated. However, he only makes the situation worse by revealing Carrie kissed him, leading to an argument. Jamie is outside at the time and falls into the pool trying to retrieve his basketball. The argument abruptly ends when they see Jamie floating face down in the pool. The two of them rush outside and Nathan dives into the pool and pulls Jamie out. As Haley holds him, relieved that he is okay, she angrily tells Nathan their marriage is over, leaving him devastated.[8] Lucas and Lindsey then try to save her marriage by inviting her to their combined bachelor(ette) party, but it backfires as Haley realizes she is done trying to change Nathan.

When Haley reads Lucas's book and realizes the depth of his feelings for Peyton, she calls him to tell him not to marry Lindsey. After witnessing Lindsey leave Lucas at the altar, she realizes that Jamie is missing and blames herself for his disappearance. Jamie returns home that night, followed by his rescuer, Dan.Which we see later than Lucas and Nathan get in a physical altercation with Dan. She and Nathan attend marriage counseling and are able to work things out. She reboots her singing career when she and Peyton record an album. After learning that Dan is dying, she tries to prevent Jamie from spending time with him, but after Jamie gets mad at her for this, she allows him to approach Dan once after a Ravens game. Haley tells Lucas that he needs to choose who he wants to be with, because the people who care about him are worried.

Season 6[]

Haley initially did not have any significant scenes but appeared in several scenes with Lucas, Nathan and Jamie. Haley is the one who breaks the news to Nathan that Quentin was shot and killed. Haley gets a call from a nurse from Tree Hill hospital informing her that Dan is dying. Knowing that Jamie didn't get a chance to say goodbye to his grandfather, she takes him to see Dan after getting a call that he was close to death. However, she did not realize that it was Carrie, who had kidnapped Dan and was using him to lure Jamie. Once there, Haley tells Jamie to wait in the car and goes inside where she sees Dan restrained to the bed and heavily drugged. She undoes the restraints and asks what's going on. Dan, through blurred vision, sees Carrie sneak up behind her. He tries to warn her, but Carrie hits her on the head, knocking her unconscious. She wakes up later on and finds Jamie in the cornfield trying to escape from Carrie. As they are hiding, Haley's phone rings from a return call from Nathan. She and Jamie make a run for it with Carrie giving chase. Before she catches them, she is knocked out by Deb, by hitting Carrie from a bottle to the face. Carrie soon regains consciousness and comes at Haley with an ax, but is stopped when Dan shoots her. Nathan gets a chance to play Slamball, which Haley watches with trepidation, yet decides to support Nathan. During a game, Nathan gets knocked out of a window by a former rival and decides to give up Slamball as it is not worth losing his family over. Haley performs in Peyton's USO show and battles stage fright, although she eventually goes on singing "Feel This". Her performance is amazing and the crowd loves her. In the episode following Chad Michael Murray's 40s episode, Haley helps Jamie prepare for his school talent show, where he is to follow in his mother's footsteps and play the piano. He wants to do stand-up, and decides to do a mixture of both. When Nathan receives the news that he has just been accepted to the Charleston Chiefs, Haley is very excited for him and hugs him and they kiss. Haley supports Nathan after he makes the Charleston Chiefs basketball team. She also helps Mia find inspiration for her next album and is the first (after Lucas of course) to find out about Peyton's pregnancy, already calling dibs on godmother. After Nathan returns home for the weekend, she and Nathan leave Jamie and Andre with Luke and Peyton and go on a double date at TRIC with Mia and Chase. As a joke, Mia and Haley sign Nathan and Chase up for karaoke. Haley goes to Nathan's basketball games, and she and Jamie are sad that Nathan doesn't get to play. After she tells Nathan to keep pushing, and after Jamie adorably calls his coach and asks him to give Nathan another chance, Nathan gets a chance to play and Haley is ecstatic. Haley chooses Sam's essay to win an essay contest, and she will put the essay into the school newspaper. However, the strict new principal tells Haley she doesn't like the essay because of the sex and drug references, and she tells Haley to either not publish the essay or be fired. Haley chooses to publish the essay anyway, and Sam watches Haley follow the principal into her office to receive her punishment. She lures Nathan to a creepy old house in Charleston, where he now plays basketball, and sets up a romantic dinner to celebrate their anniversary. Here, she reveals that she was suspended from her teaching job for publishing Sam's essay. She also talks about moving here, and the two discuss Haley possibly going back on tour. In the end, it's decided that if the house is still available many years from now when Jamie's all grown up, they will return.

Principal Rimkus calls Haley into her office and tells Haley that she will resign her position as editor of the school newspaper, tell her literature class she made a serious error in judgement, and print a written apology (which Rimkus has prepared for her) in the next issue of the paper, and if she does not comply, she will be fired. Haley spends the episode pondering what she should do, and tries to distract herself by helping Mia with her album. In the end however she begins apologizing to her class with Rimkus watching her, but she snaps inside and tells them that she was 100% right to publish Sam's essay and they should always tell the truth and stand up for what's right, and given the look on Rimkus' face, she knows that she was just fired, but continues to tell her students never to give up. Due to her new lack of a job, she decides to fully commit to music by becoming a full-time producer of Mia's new record. Principal Rimkus has taken over all of Haley's classes and a rebellion takes place sparked by Sam and Jack. After walking out of class, they convince Haley's entire class to go to her house and surprise her, and they tell Haley they can't imagine being taught by anyone else but her. They begin a mini-lesson in Haley's living room but are interrupted when a furious Rimkus walks in. Everyone heads back to school, and all Rimkus has to say is that Haley left some stuff in HER new classroom that needs to be removed. After a confrontation between Haley and Rimkus about her nasty attitude, Haley goes to pick up her things and Rimkus begins to offer Haley her job back, and Haley declines and tells her congratulations for firing a teacher who loves her class and obtaining a class who doesn't want to learn. She drops Jamie off at school and his teacher Lauren tells Haley a very prestigious private school called the Oppenheimer School has asked to meet with Jamie for him to become a student, which excites Haley since she always wanted to go there as a child. She and Nathan take Jamie there and it's not easy since they have recess textbooks and "mathketball" (which worries Nathan). In the end, Nathan and Haley, with input from Jamie, decide it is best to keep him in his current school.

Peyton tells Haley the label wants to buy one of her songs, saying there must have been a singer who liked it. Haley is a little unsure about selling her songs seeing as she has never done that before. Peyton asks Haley just to think about it. Haley considers but before she has completely made up her mind, the singer with an interest in her song arrives and it turns out to be Nick Lachey. He asks Haley if he can buy it and she says no, thinking it is best. He tries to guilt her into letting him buy the song, but to no avail. Towards the end of the episode Haley is in the studio, and Nick comes back asking her to reconsider. She asks him to sing for her and when he does she decides to let him buy the song, but only on the condition that she produces it.

After the Minister is unable to attend on the day of Peyton and Lucas's wedding, Lucas asks Haley to officiate the wedding, registers on LastMinuteMinister.com and although she initially found it hard to find anything to say she eventually made a heartfelt speech for the couple. She then has "slutty wedding sex" with Nathan at the reception. In the season 6 finale, Haley finds out that Nathan has made it to the NBA. Haley and Nathan tell Jamie to watch the sports news when Mouth announces the big news and Haley, Nathan and Jamie all take a trip to Charlotte where Nathan plays his first game for the Bobcats.

Season 7[]

Season 7 begins with Haley (now the head of Red BedRoom records.) in Peyton's recording studio, which she has now taken ownership of, recording a new song called "Quicksand". She throws a massive party for Jamie's 7th birthday party, which many people attend, including her sister Quinn. Quinn later reveals to Haley she lied about missing her husband David, not because they are away from each other but because she left him. Haley gets a phone call to go to the studio and finds a label executive named Miranda Stone there. She is there to permanently shut the label down. Haley enlists Mia's help. Mia tells Miranda if she closes the label, she will never record again, and Haley won't either. After Miranda considers the fact that the label might lose their most popular artist, she convinces John Knight, the label owner and Peyton's old boss, to keep the label. Nathan comes home and explains that a woman named Renee is claiming to be pregnant with Nathan's child. Haley gets furious when she finds out Clay wants to pay the woman to keep her quiet, but after Brooke and Quinn help her deal with this issue, she eventually starts thinking it's a good idea if it means protecting their family, especially Jamie, from the fallout if Renee takes her claim public. After Nathan decides to tell Renee that she's getting no money, they realize this will provoke Renee to publicly reveal her pregnancy, and they decide Jamie needs to find out from them first, and Nathan goes to tell him. Haley begins to get suspicious of Renee's intentions after hearing nothing from her in three days, but while shopping at the supermarket with Quinn and Jamie, Jamie finds a tabloid magazine with one of the pictures Renee showed Clay on the cover, officially publicizing the whole scandal.

She attends Brooke's fashion show at TRIC, and when she leaves, she finds Renee outside. Renee starts telling Haley about her and Nathan having sex and Haley hits Renee, making her fall to the ground. Renee decides to press charges on Haley for slapping her and Haley is arrested, spending a few hours in jail before Renee decides to drop the charges. Renee visits her while she's in jail and continues to tell Haley that Nathan is the father. Renee writes her phone number down and tells Haley to look at Nathan's old cell phone bills to prove that they knew each other. After she gets out, she fights with Nathan after she slowly starts realizing Renee's accusations may be true. He holds a press conference to take the claims head-on and he thinks Haley won't show after their fight, but she does come to support her husband, though she is seen at the end of the episode looking at the old phone bills, and she finds Renee's number on them. She confronts Nathan, and he tells her girls get hold of his phone number all the time and it was nothing. They are angry with each other, especially after Haley decides to pay off Renee after Nathan loses his endorsement deals. Renee has decided to demand $250,000, and Haley decides not to pay her off. Haley and Nathan later reconcile, and Nathan encourages her that she made the right choice. Renee then agrees to come onto Dan's television show to reveal her pregnancy to the world. In a surprising turn of events, Dan submits Renee to a surprise lie detector test, and all of the answers she gives come across true, which appears to shock her. He goads her into revealing that she did have sex the night of the party and got knocked up, but not by Nathan.

After recording several new songs, Haley officially makes her return to music during a free concert she puts together at Tric. Haley loses respect for her older sister after Nathan is unable to sign a new contract with the Bobcats since it is discovered Quinn has been dating Clay, an arrangement Nathan vehemently disapproved of, and this distraction might have cost Nathan his job. Quinn attempts to apologize to Haley, but her younger sister is not in a forgiving mood. She does eventually forgive Quinn when she needs help making a major decision after Nathan gets an offer to play basketball in Spain at the same time she must go on tour in support of her new record. In the end, they decide to move to Spain and Haley will take Jamie with her on tour and stop in places along the way that Jamie would enjoy, such as Disney World. Jamie is not pleased with this because he is angry about everyone leaving, such as Lucas and Peyton, Skills and eventually his grandfather, and he does not want to be one of them. After Nathan and Haley, along with Miranda and Grubbs the Bartender, convince him Spain isn't so bad, he eventually warms up to the idea. However, Clay, with Quinn's help, saves the day by swiftly orchestrating a trade that will allow Nathan to return to the Bobcats. He and Jamie surprise Haley and join her on tour, and the three depart Tree Hill for her tour. Coming home, Haley settles back into her life with Nathan and Jamie. Haley and Quinn then get a visit from Taylor.

When Haley's birthday comes, it appears no one remembered it. Later, Jamie decorates the house and Nathan surprises her with a new car, a Porsche Cayman. Haley's mom comes to town and tells her, Quinn, and Taylor that she has pancreatic cancer and doesn't have much time left. Haley continues to try to make her mom fight, and convinces her to let her medical records be seen by Nathan's team doctor. However, the results are the same and there's nothing to be done. Haley also tries to deal with helping Jamie cope since Lydia has told him the truth about how she will soon be with his grandfather. Haley spends one final "Christmas" with her mom after Lydia tells Jamie she will not be there for the next one. Later, Lydia and Haley are making chicken dumpling soup, a long time birthday tradition between them. Haley leaves for a while, and returns to find Lydia unconscious on the floor. Lydia is rushed to the hospital, where she is told she will die soon. Haley spends many moments with her mother in the hospital. At the end, Taylor comes to say goodbye to Lydia, and all three sisters lie with Lydia in her hospital during her last moments.

A couple of days after her mother's funeral, Haley is taking a pregnancy test. Nathan tells Haley that he wants more children to which Haley confesses taking a pregnancy test that morning, but it turned out negative. Nathan then tells her that that's okay and they'll try again. Later that night, Haley sneaks out of bed and travels outside, where she has a breakdown and begins to sob. Haley jumps into the pool so she can 'feel again', but gets pulled out by Nathan. When she's in the water she sees flashbacks of her, Nathan, and Jamie. She also starts seeing a therapist, and says that seeing those flashbacks made her want to 'feel again'. On a trip to Utah to watch Julian's movie premiere, Haley tells Nathan she's pregnant and she thinks it will be a girl.

Season 8[]

In the premiere of the eighth season, Haley heads over to Clay and Quinn's wanting to tell her older sister about her second pregnancy. Instead, she finds them both critically injured by gunshot wounds and she breaks down while calling 911. While Quinn is unconscious in the hospital Haley names her the godmother of the child and is desperate not to lose her sister as they had recently lost their mother. Haley is relieved when Quinn awakens and recovers rather quickly. Meanwhile, Nathan tells her that the nerves in his back are deteriorating and that this season playing in the NBA will be his last.

Haley later begins working for a crisis hotline and beings helping an Irishwoman named Erin who Haley later meets in person after hearing her perform at an open-mic night at Tric during a Halloween party and she subsequently offers Erin a chance to record an album which she reluctantly accepts.

Haley and her family are nearly devastated with tragedy yet again when Brooke nearly drowns trying to save Jamie during a hurricane. Since Brooke has no job, she gets creative by making superhero costumes for her, Quinn and Haley. They soon helped a girl who was being picked on by popular girls at her school. Haley, who was previously a teacher, found out the bullies names and found out little bits and pieces about them. She used it to her advantage and the bullies stopped picking on the girl.

Later, Haley surprises Brooke by decorating the church and Brooke asks her to be the Maid of Honor as Peyton cannot make the wedding.

Haley wanted to make sure everyone was ready for the arrival of her baby, so she faked going into labor to see what Quinn, Brooke, Julian, Nathan and Clay would do. The first time she tricked Quinn, she didn't know what to do, but she caught on and was ready the second time Haley tricked her. Quinn asked what if Nathan and her were not there to help her, prompting Haley to call Brooke. Brooke comes over and freaks when Haley tells her, causing her to drop her keys in the air vent. They called Julian to retrieve the keys, and Haley plays her trick on Julian, who faints from the shock. She tries with Nathan and Clay but they wouldn't fall for it because they were told all about it. At the end of the episode, Haley is really going into labor, along with Chloe (who is carrying Brooke and Julian's adopted baby). Haley delivers her baby girl, which she names Lydia Bob Scott.

Haley decides to re-open Karen's Cafe and Brooke becomes her partner. In the flash-forward in the season finale, Brooke and Haley open Karen's Cafe with great success.

Season 9[]

Haley is moving on after giving birth to Lydia, taking on a new partner at the studio. However, she's dismayed to discover the partner is none other than Chris Keller, who's already convinced the label to let him stay on. At her godsons - Davis and Jude - christening, Haley is thrown when Dan comes to her, saying he has lost his restaurant in a fire and asks to stay at their home for a few days. While reluctant, Haley decides to let him stay without telling Nathan first. However Nathan has been kidnapped and doesn't come home so Lucas comes back to Tree Hill to take Jamie and Lydia home and let them live with him until Haley finds Nathan. Haley then goes to the police to ask for help to find Nathan. One of the police officers is actually one of the kidnappers who is getting paid to kill Nathan. So, when the cops don't do anything, Haley takes matters into her own hands and reaches the point where she begs Dan for help. Nathan is eventually returned to Haley with the help of Dan (who would later die from a gunshot suffered in the rescue), Julian and Chris Keller. The series finale shows Nathan and Haley continuing to lead happy lives after Nathan's kidnapping and also shows a final rain kiss. In a flashfoward, Nathan and Haley are still happily married and Haley still owns Karen's Cafe. The show ends with Nathan, Haley and Lydia watching Jamie's high school basketball game where it is revealed that Jamie beat Nathan's scoring record. The show ends by coming full circle.


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