HAL Laboratory, Inc.
Native name
Kabushiki kaisha haru kenkyūjo
Industry Video game industry
Founded 21  1980; Script error (1980-02-21)[1]
Founder Mitsuhiro Ikeda
Headquarters Script error
Key people
Number of employees
156[1] (2017)
Subsidiaries Warpstar, Inc. (50%)[1]
Website Script error
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HAL Laboratory, Inc. (Japanese: 株式会社ハル研究所 Hepburn: Kabushiki kaisha haru kenkyūjo?) is a Japanese developer that was founded on 21 February 1980 that is closely affiliated with Nintendo. It is headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo.[1] The company got its name because "each letter put them one step ahead of IBM".[2] The company is most famous for its character Kirby, the eponymous protagonist of the series of games; the Mother series (otherwise known as EarthBound); and the Super Smash Bros. series.

HAL Laboratory started off making games for the MSX system and the Commodore VIC-20.[3]

In many of its games during the early to mid-1990s it used the name HALKEN, derived from their Japanese name. Some of its early titles were also released as HAL America, a North American subsidiary of the company led by Yash Terakura.[4] HAL owns 50% of Warpstar, Inc., the production company that created the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! anime series.[1]

List of games developedEdit

Nintendo systemsEdit

Home consoleEdit

Family Computer Disk SystemEdit
Nintendo Entertainment SystemEdit
Super NESEdit
Nintendo 64Edit
Wii UEdit
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Game BoyEdit
Game Boy ColorEdit
Game Boy AdvanceEdit
Nintendo DSEdit
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Other systemsEdit

Commodore VIC-20Edit

Commodore MAX Machine[6]/Commodore 64Edit

  • Pool
  • Billiards
  • Bowling
  • Jupiter Lander
  • Le Mans
  • Mole Attack
  • Money Wars
  • Pinball Spectacular
  • Road Race
  • Slalom

Coleco VisionEdit

  • Mr. Chin


  • Balance
  • Butamaru Pants
  • Cue Star
  • Dragon Attack
  • Dunk Shot
  • Eggerland Mystery
  • Eggerland 2
  • Fruit Search
  • Gall Force
  • Heavy Boxing
  • Hole in One
  • Hole in One Professional
  • Inside the Karamaru
  • Inspecteur Z
  • Mobile Planet Stillus/The Roving Planet Stillus
  • Mr. Chin
  • Pachipro Densetsu
  • Picture Puzzle
  • Rollerball
  • Space Maze Attack
  • Space Trouble
  • Step Up
  • Super Billiards
  • Super Snake
  • Swimming Tango
  • Tetsuman
  • The Roving Planet Styllus


  • Hole in One Special
  • Zukkoke Yajikita Onmitsudoutyuu
  • Mr. Ninja – Ashura's Chapter




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