A Goomba from New Super Mario Bros.


A Paragoomba

Goombas, known as Kuribō in Japanese, are enemies in Nintendo's Mario franchise. They are depicted as brown mushroom-like creatures with feet (the Japanese name, "Kuribo" implies a chestnut, from the Japanese word "kuri" for chestnut), with a bushy brow, and a pair of fangs sprouting from their lower jaw. They are sometimes called "a mushroom gone bad". Goombas generally tackle, headbutt, or bite an enemy. In many of the games, they are usually quite easy to defeat, with a simple stomp they shall be squashed. The Goombas once lived in peace in the Mushroom Kingdom, but they betrayed their homeland to side with Bowser. Some Goombas act as friendly characters in the Paper Mario series, two even joining Mario on his journey. It is said in Super Paper Mario that Goombas have a long-standing fear of Koopa Troopas. Many variants of the Goomba have appeared throughout the years including Paragoombas (Patakuribō), Gloombas, Spiky Goombas, and Microgoombas (Mamekuribō, lit. "Bean Chestnuts"). Paragoombas are distinguished by their winged appearance, thus making them more versatile and mobile than typical Goombas. Gloombas are blue variants of the Goomba which live underground in recent Paper Mario games. Spiky Goombas are Goombas wearing headgear with a spike that can deal damage to the Mario if he attempts to stomp on it. Therefore, they need to be attacked by other means, such as Mario's hammer. Microgoombas are miniature, parasitic Goombas which latch themselves onto Mario, reducing his jumping ability. In Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Princess Peach, Paragoombas drop Microgoombas to attack Mario and Peach. Giant Goombas are larger versions of Goombas and sometimes can take more than one stomp on the head. Other types of Goombas have appeared throughout the Mario series, although these largely vary from game to game. Goombas made their first playable appearance in Mario Superstar Baseball, and again in Mario Super Sluggers, as a playable character.

In the 1989 television cartoon The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Goombas are loyal soldiers in King Koopa's army. They often appear in costumes related to the episode's theme, such as zombies or pirates. They were included in the subsequent spin-offs The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Bros. live-action film, where they were originally inhabitants of Dinohattan who opposed King Koopa's rule, and were devolved into large, reptilian monsters as punishment for this disloyalty. In Super Mario Galaxy, Goombas are often different in many galaxies.