Foyle's War is a British detectivetelevision series, written by Anthony Horowitz. The series is broadcast in Britain by ITV, in the Netherlands and in Belgium by KRO Canvas.

The series plays during the Second World War in Hastings, southern England. Detective Christopher Foyle (played by Michael Kitchen) tries to solve crimes that are committed during this turbulent period, aided by his assistant Paul Milner (Anthony Howell) and his driver Samantha "Sam" Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks).

The last episodes each about one hundred minutes and are separate from each other, while there, especially in the first seasons, also an overarching storyline is. The (love) relationships between characters.

The eighth season was produced from August to december 2012. The recordings were made in Ireland and London. The three two-hour episodes are set after the end of WORLD WAR II. On november 20, 2013, it was announced that a ninth season will come with three more episodes of two hours each. The recordings will be made inLiverpool from January to april 2014. The broadcast is scheduled for beginning of 2015. [1]


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Season 1[Edit]Edit

# Title Episode Broadcasting UK Story
1 The German Woman 27 October


At a time when a number of Germans is accommodated in a British camp, a woman murdered on gruesome way.

On a tree at her dead body is a swastika painted. Detective Foyle starts his quest for the offender and realizes that the seemingly quiet Sussex has no shortage of suspects.

2 The White Feather 3 november


When a girl is arrested on suspicion of sabotage, Foyle comes in contact with a group of nazi sympathizers.

Shots are discharged on the charismatic leader of the group, but it is the hotel owner who Bob explains. Foyle investigates the murder and unravels an diabolical plot to smuggle highly sensitive information to the enemy.

3 A Lesson in Murder 10 november


A conscientious objector, dies while he is in custody.

These dark event shows the beginning of a whole series of very suspicious deaths and a complicated puzzle for Foyle. In addition, it appears the accession of Italy to have tragic consequences for the war to a close friend.

4 Eagle Day 17 november


Foyle during a murder investigation sees through an ingenious plan to move to a local museum art treasures from a mine in Wales, safe for robbing Nazis.

In the meantime Foyles son his first flight as a pilot in the Royal Air Force and is accused of delivery of sensitive information to the enemy. Foyle feels torn between his desire to help his son and his responsibility as a police officer.

Season 2[Edit]Edit

# Title Episode Broadcasting UK Story
1 Fifty Ships 16 november


The search for a looting in Hastings ends unexpectedly in a murder investigation when a corpse is found by the father of one of the suspected looters.

Foyle made a link between an American industrialist and a German spy exposed, but this research brings an important contribution at risk. However, this murder should be solved?

2 Among the Few 23 november


When a truck full of gasoline crashed, Foyle has the suspicion that somewhere an illegal bomb is designed.

Sam convinces Foyle the need her undercover at the local gas station to work for an investigation to be able to do so. But what they discovered, the Inspector in a scandal involving his son Andrew, or worse ...

3 War Games 30 november


When a member of the Home Guard is killed, discovered Foyle that some people have anything to their business not to endanger relations with the Nazis.

Because this is a tragic accident? When he discovers that his old friend Stephen Beck lawyers a few days before his death had a meeting with the victim, Foyle is there anything but reassured. His old police sergeant Jack Devlin now appears to be in the army officer and it soon becomes clear that the two of them share a disturbing history...

4 The Funk Hole 7 december


Foyle is investigating a theft, and a possible murder, at a guesthouse where they who can pay the war relatively comfortably can sit out.

But it is very difficult for him when he accused of spreading rumors and is temporarily relieved from his post. While trying to clear his name, Foyle sends his replacement, Sam unexpectedly back to the transportation Corps.

Season 3[Edit]Edit

# Title Episode Broadcasting UK Story
1 The French Drop 24 October


As a son of a M15-boss perish in an explosion, refuses Foyle to believe in suicide.

The investigation leads to the headquarters of the Special Operations Executive, where agents are trained in murder and deception. The local preacher, uncle Sams, reports that there are strange things happen at the cemetery. Sam goes to investigate.

2 Enemy Fire 31 October


Surgeon Patrick Jamieson takes Digby Manor about to to set up an experimental Medical Center to treat pilots with burns.

The doctors call Foyle's help if their work is sabotaged. After a pilot incurs severe burns, the service technician of the planes killed. The lazy mechanic had many enemies, including Foyle's son Andrew, who is now off is ...

3 They Fought in the Fields 7 november


Farmer Hugh Jackson is shot dead in his chair.

Near is a German parachutist, found hanging in a tree. His gun is gone. Before Foyle and Milner the opportunity to question him, he is carried away as POW. Sam is going to work on the farm on to discover what plays there. Farmer's son Tom and farm workers Rose and Joan take a little in their shield.

4 A War of Nerves 14 november


The trail of a criminal gang leads to a shipyard.

In an air attack is precisely not a bomb that goes off. The engineers who come find him dismantling a huge amount of money. If they go to the pub and meesmok, one of them kidnapped. Foyle discovers that the bosses of the yard got money for more workers than there actually work.

Season 4[Edit]Edit

# Title Episode Broadcasting UK Story
1 Invasion 15 January2006 When American soldiers in Hastings to, they are not really friendly received by the local population.

It runs completely out of control when a local high school, which had a relationship with a soldier, is found dead. It is to calm the tempers Foyle and the case to solve.

2 Bad Blood 22 January2006 A failed biological experiment results in the death of a woman.

When also incurs a possible deadly disease, Sam goes Foyle on research. While Sam fights for her life, are looking for Foyle for answers and is facing secret investigations where even Churchill none of know.

Season 5[Edit]Edit

# Title Episode Broadcasting UK Story
1 Bleak Midwinter 2006 When Grace Philips, an employee of a ammunition depot killed at, at the eye, accident,

asks another employee he wants to investigate the matter or to Foyle.

It soon turns out that Grace someone in the depot suspected to have committed theft. Then in the village another woman brutally murdered. The case takes an unpleasant turn when the second victim, Jane, Milner's wife turns out to be. Milner can itself give no convincing alibi and had all the reasons to do away with his wife. Sam and Foyle must now pull out all the stops to the link between Grace and Jane and to find the real killer.

2 Casualties of War 2006 Foyle's life is turned upside down when his goddaughter Lydia after long time pops up in Hastings with her son James.

James is traumatized after a bomb attack at his school where he was one of the few survivors. Lydia then disappears without a trace. Foyle is convinced that there is a crime in the game is and that there is a connection between a number of sabotage on a military research lab. However, he is forced to investigate an illegal goknetwerk. When a gambler is found dead near the Research Center seems to be a link between the two cases.

Season 6[Edit]Edit

# Title Episode Broadcasting UK Story
1 Plan of Attack 2008 A young man with an aerial view of a German village in your Pocket is found dead in a forest. Foyle has since terminated his job as a detective and his successor Meredith is convinced that this is a suicide goes. Milner knows, however, that the boy is murdered, and Foyle can help him to prove it. If there is then unloaded shots outside the police station and murdered Meredith turns out to be, there is no option but for Foyle resume his old job and the puzzle pieces together to look for.
2 Broken Souls 2008 The war has great mental traces stored at many residents of Hastings. The 15-year-old telegram delivery boy Tommy has delivered more bad news than he wants to remember. Fred Dawson, a returning prisoner of war, has seen what the war has done to innocent women and children. Fighter pilot Peter Phelps has colleagues for his eyes burn and see the Jewish psychiatrist Josef Novak fears for his family members, who were deported to a concentration camp in Poland. As an employee of the Hospital death is found, there are many suspects and Foyle between the debris of their war experiences in search of the truth.
3 All Clear 2008 The last days of the war are arrived and Hastings prepares on a victory party. The end of the war means for Foyle that he retires and his son Andrew hopefully returns. Milner could win a promotion and a transfer and he should prepare for the upcoming fatherhood. Only Sam still don't know exactly what they will do. Then a corpse discovered in a museum and the team must solve one last murder.

Season 7[Edit]Edit

# Title Episode Broadcasting UK Story
1 The Russian House 2010 It's July 1945. Great Britain will work in a peaceful period and Foyle would like to retire. When the famous artist Sir Leonard Spencer-Jones is found dead in his home, the suspicion falls on the young Russian prisoner of Niko. This saves on the flight bound for The Russian House, a sanctuary for Russians in London. Commissioned by the Ministry of war, however, close on the heels is Foyle him.When it encounters a web of intrigue, conspiracies and deceit, he brings his own life in danger like never before.
2 Killing Time 2010 The war may be over, but Hastings is the center of increasing racial tensions. The white soldiers boarded to go home, while the black soldiers on the American base stay behind. When the dead body of Mandy Dean is detected on the u.s. Army base, the finger of blame soon pointed out to the black soldier Gabe Kelly, of whom Mandy has a baby. Foyle start an investigation and soon finds himself in a head-on confrontation with the u.s. military.
3 The Hide 2010 The last working day of Foyle has come. When a member of a prominent family for treason is condemned to the gallows, he realizes that he still has one last thing to find out before starting a new life for him. The clocks ticking and Foyle must desperately seeking evidence to the name of this James Deveraux to purge. It is clear that this case for him more than any other from the past means to him and what he discovered hits him deep.

Season 8[Edit]Edit

# Title Episode Broadcasting UK Story
1 The Eternity Ring 24 March2013
2 The Cage 31 March2013
3 Sunflower 7 april2013
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