Flurrie as she appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Madame Flurrie, commonly referred to simply as Flurrie, is a fictional character in Nintendo's Mario franchise and Mario's third party member in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She is a wind/cloud spirit and a retired actress who ultimately decides to return to acting. Her ability is to blow out large amounts of wind, which can (in the overworld) make incoming enemies dizzy or blow away pieces of the scenery.

Character history Edit

When Mario, Goombella, Koops and Punio go to the Great Boggly Tree, they find that the door is locked. Punio recalls a secret entrance somewhere around a low branch of the tree, but it is covered by a an "invisible thing", and he doesn't know how to remove it or even exactly where it is. He suggests that Mario should go to Flurrie's house and ask her to help them find it.

When they go to Flurrie's house, she tells them that she can't be seen without her necklace and asks Mario to get it back for her. They return to the first area and find the Shadow Sirens with the necklace. Mario defeats them and gets the necklace back for Flurrie, who insists she must repay Mario and gives a very large kiss which knocks away his current party member and Punio. She then joins the party. Throughout the game, she appears to be infatuated with Mario and constantly flirts with him.

At the very end of the adventure, Flurrie becomes a top-class actress once more, now alongside a reformed Doopliss.

Strategy-wise, Flurrie is considered to be the best tank. She has very high HP, can recover HP each turn (though only hers) with Lip Lock and has an attack that pierces damage, which makes her an excellent option for being put in front of Mario.

In Super Paper Mario, Flurrie appears as a Catch Card won by winning the Duel of 100 in the Sammer's Kingdom.

Trivia Edit

  • Flurrie's name is a corruption of the word "flurry," which can refer to an unsuspected burst of wind.
  • Flurrie's hair style strongly resembles the one that Ludwig von Koopa has.
  • Of all the Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door characters that make cameos in Mario's house in the beginning of Super Paper Mario, Flurrie is the most noticeable.
  • During battle, Flurrie's attacks are very similar to Lakilester's attacks in the original Paper Mario (Gale Force to Hurricane and Dodgy Fog to Cloud Nine). She also shares Sushie's Body Slam ability.
  • In Nintendo Power's official guide for Super Paper Mario, Flurrie's name is misspelled as Madame Flurry.