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The emblem of FOXHOUND

High-Tech Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND (ハイテク特殊部隊フォックスハウンド Haiteku Tokushu Butai Fokkusuhaundo?), alternatively spelled "FOX-HOUND" or "FOX HOUND", is a US Army elite special forces unit that has appeared in numerous forms throughout the Metal Gear series.[1] FOXHOUND was originally established in 1990 according to the Metal Gear 2 user's manual to cope with local revolutions, regional complications, and global terrorist activities; Metal Gear Solid 3 would later retcon the year FOXHOUND was established, stating in the ending timeline that FOXHOUND was established in 1971. This unit specializes in black ops, carrying out top-secret operations within "unauthorized" combat zones which are too politically sensitive to intervene in through conventional means. In the MSX2 versions of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2, FOXHOUND members are often referred to as "FOX HOUNDERS", although this term fell into disuse in later versions.

In the original Metal Gear game, FOXHOUND has Big Boss as the team's commanding officer while Solid Snake and Gray Fox serve as field operatives. However, Big Boss betrays the unit in the end of the game. In Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, Roy Campbell went from the unit's executive officer to the new commanding officer while drill instructor Master Miller and military strategist George Kasler form part of Solid Snake's support crew in the game.

The FOXHOUND unit turns rogue in Metal Gear Solid as the Sons of Big Boss (ビッグ・ボスの息子たち Biggu Bosu no Musuko-tachi?) under Liquid Snake's leadership (Revolver Ocelot, Psycho Mantis, Sniper Wolf, Vulcan Raven and Decoy Octopus) involved in a terrorist revolt on Shadow Moses Island in the hopes of threatening the rest of the world with Metal Gear REX as a second "Outer Heaven" but were defeated/killed by Solid Snake with help from Otacon, the Cyborg Ninja and Meryl Silverburgh. The unit is disbanded, however, Raiden believed to be in the service a new version in Metal Gear Solid 2 under the command of a Colonel AI representation controlled by the Patriots, and Meryl Silverburgh wears FOXHOUND's shoulder sleeve insignia on the right side in Metal Gear Solid 4 while leader of Rat Patrol Team One (ラットパトロールチームワン Ratto Patorōru Chīmu Wan?) (Johnny, Ed and Akiba).

Outside the Metal Gear series, FOXHOUND is mentioned in Snatcher as a military unit that JUNKER Chief Benson Cunningham previously served; and in Policenauts as Meryl's former unit (the character being the basis for Meryl Silverburgh in Metal Gear Solid, has a paint tattoo of the team's original logo). Outside of video games, the team has inspired a New York rock-jazz fusion band to take FOXHOUND as their name, as well as inspiring replica clothing company AbbyShot Clothiers to create the "Foxhound Coat", a replica of Liquid Snake's trench coat from Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.[2]


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