In Batman comic books, Crime Alley is a dangerous, crime-infested area of the fictional Gotham City. In Bruce Wayne's youth, his parents were killed there by Joe Chill, after the family visited a cinema, motivating Bruce to later become Batman.

In the graphic novel Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, an elderly Bruce Wayne also chooses Crime Alley as the setting for his dramatic showdown with Superman, who had been enlisted by the United States government to defeat Batman. Using various tricks and with the help of the Green Arrow, Batman defeats his rival and afterwards fakes his own death.

The alley has also been portrayed in film. In Batman and Batman Forever, flashbacks are seen of Bruce watching his parents being killed by a thug named Jack Napier, who would later become the Joker. In the reboot of the Batman films, Batman Begins, the murder is seen in more detail, with Joe Chill depicted as the shooter.

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