A standard Bob-omb

Bob-ombs, known as (Bomuhei) in Japan, are enemies in Nintendo's Mario franchise. They are living, circular, black bombs possessing orange legs, fuses, and sometimes arms, golden or silver wind-up keys or electric interfaces that go :,3,2,1. They first appeared as enemies in the North American and European versions Super Mario Bros. 2. The pink version of Bob-ombs, known as Bob-omb Buddies, assist Mario in Super Mario 64. The main attack method of Bob-ombs is to either wander around aimlessly, eventually exploding, or actively seek out a target to detonate near. Inanimate Bob-ombs are commonly used as weapons in various spin-off games such as the Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. series. Before they explode, they start flashing and their key spins rapidly, plus smoke comes from its fuse. (They also shake in Mario Kart Wii.) Two sub-species of Bob-ombs, called Bulky Bob-ombs and Bob-ulks, appear in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. They are larger pink and purple (respectively) versions of Bob-ombs that don't actually attack, but instead charge up an attack and defense power to use later in a big explosion that deals massive damage. In the game Super Mario Galaxy the Bob-ombs appear as an item.