BBC Radio 4 Extra (BBC 7 to 4 October 2008, BBC Radio 7 to 3rd april 2011) is a digital radio station in the United Kingdom and part of the British Broadcasting Corporation. The transmitter was launched on 15 december 2002 by Paul Merton, in a broadcast which was also broadcast on Radio 4. BBC Radio 4 Extra programs are especially spoken comedy-, dramaand children's programmes. It is the main broadcaster of the spoken entertainment programmes in the archives of the BBC, and is designed to be a place to have to the "BBC Sound Archives" can send out.

Programs that qualify for BBC Radio 4 Extra are either at least three years old, either already twice broadcast on the original radio station. Therefore the broadcasts contain classics from the 1950s to recent Radio 4programmes, such as Little Britain. There are also private programs like the stand-up comedyprograms Spanking New on Seven, the BBC New Comedy Competition and The Comedy Club.

BBC 7 in 2003 won the Sony Radio Academy Award for Station Sound, was nominated in 2004 for the Promo Awardin 2005 , won a Silver for the Short-Form award, and nominations for a Speech Award and the Digital Terrestrial Station Of The Year Award.

The station can be received via internetworldwide, in Northern Europe through the Astra 2A satellite and in the United Kingdom via Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), cable TV and DVB-T.

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