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Arthur Petrelli
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Arthur Petrelli, portrayed by Robert Forster, is a fictional character featured in the NBC drama Heroes. He is the husband of Angela Petrelli, father of Nathan and Peter Petrelli, and Gabriel "Sylar" Gray, and is the biological grandfather to Claire Bennet. Arthur is an evolved human with the ability to steal other abilities through physical contact.

Character history[]

Arthur fought in the Vietnam War under the alias "Dallas" alongside Linderman. After the war, Petrelli and Linderman "were brought together" into a group of twelve by Adam Monroe, with a mission to help save the world. Linderman tells Nathan that Arthur became disillusioned and gave up trying to save the world, resulting in his alleged suicide. It is revealed in the third season that Angela actually poisoned Arthur because of his attempt on Nathan's life. He secretly survived, but was left paralyzed due to nerve damage from the poison.

Arthur is the primary antagonist of the third volume, "Villains," where he is first revealed to be alive. He is in charge of Pinehearst Industries, recruiting various posthumans to assemble a new group of villains, as well as arranging for Adam Monroe to be brought to him in order to absorb his powers, healing Arthur's paralysis and killing Adam. He is shown to be ruthless in this endeavor, killing any who oppose him. For example, he snaps Maury Parkman's neck without hesitation when he protests the order to kill Matt.

Powers and abilities[]

Arthur has the power to take the abilities of other posthumans through physical contact. The transfer is one-way, as he is unable to return them.[1]

The abilities that Arthur has acquired are:

Ability Source Episode
Telepathy Unknown n/a
Rapid cellular regeneration Adam Monroe "Dying of the Light"
Electric manipulation Peter Petrelli
Telekinesis Peter Petrelli
Space-time manipulation
(expressed through visual art)
Empathic mimicry
Enhanced dreaming
Rapid cellular regeneration
Induced radioactivity[2]
Enhanced strength
Intuitive aptitude
Superhuman speed
Poison emission Maya Herrera "Eris Quod Sum"