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The Arrowverse is an American media franchise and shared fictional multiverse that is centered on various television series primarily airing on The CW and web series airing on CW Seed. The series were developed by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg, Geoff Johns, Ali Adler, Phil Klemmer, and Caroline Dries, and based on characters appearing in publications by DC Comics. The shared universe, much like the DC Universe and DC Multiverse in comic books, was established by crossing over common plot elements, settings, cast, and characters that span across five live-action television series and two animated series.

The franchise began with Arrow, based on the character Green Arrow, which debuted in October 2012. It was followed by The Flash in 2014, and the animated web-series Vixen in 2015. The franchise was further expanded in 2016, when in January of that year a new series titled Legends of Tomorrow debuted, starring characters that originally appeared on both Arrow and The Flash. Later that year, the CBS series Supergirl, having already crossed-over with The Flash, was moved to The CW for its second season, where it has remained since. A fifth series, Batwoman, premiered in 2019. A second animated web-series, Freedom Fighters: The Ray, was released in 2017, which followed Ray Terrill / The Ray, who would make a live-action appearance during that year's crossover event "Crisis on Earth-X". In addition to the live-action and web-based series, the franchise has spawned three promotional tie-in live-action web series, Blood Rush, Chronicles of Cisco, and The Flash: Stretched Scenes; released in 2013, 2016, and 2017 respectively. Since 2014, there has been a yearly crossover event involving many of the live-action series of the Arrowverse. Additionally, Matt Ryan has reprised his role as John Constantine from the NBC series Constantine, initially in guest appearances in episodes of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, before becoming a series regular for the latter, in addition to continuing storylines from the former series; the 1990 CBS series The Flash was retroactively added to the franchise when John Wesley Shipp reprised his titular role in crossover event "Elseworlds".

The franchise has been successful, creating a large fandom around the world and has received positive reviews, where critics praised the themes, action sequences, direction and character development.


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In January 2012, The CW ordered a pilot for Arrow, revolving around the character Green Arrow and developed by Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti, and Marc Guggenheim.[1][2] Stephen Amell was cast in the titular role.[3] When developing the series, Guggenheim said that the creative team wanted to "chart [their] own course, [their] own destiny", and avoid any direct connections to the series Smallville, which featured its own Green Arrow (Justin Hartley).[4] In July 2013, it was announced that Berlanti, Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns would be creating a spin-off television series based on The Flash.[5] The character, played by Grant Gustin, was set to appear in three episodes of Arrow's second season. The third episode was supposed to act as a backdoor pilot for the new series,[6] but a traditional pilot was eventually ordered instead.[7]

In November 2014, Berlanti expressed interest in making his CBS series Supergirl exist in the same universe as Arrow and The Flash,[8] and in January 2015, The CW president Mark Pedowitz revealed that he was also open to a crossover among the series and networks. However, CBS president Nina Tassler stated that month that, "those two shows are on a different network. So I think we'll keep Supergirl to ourselves for awhile."[9] In August 2015, Tassler revealed that while there were no plans at the time to do story crossovers, the three series would have crossover promotions.[10]

In January 2015, the CW announced that an animated web-series featuring the DC heroine Vixen would debut on CW Seed in late 2015 and be set in the same universe as both Arrow and The Flash.[11] Amell and Gustin would reprise their respective roles in the series,[12] and the character of Vixen was expected to make a live-action appearance on The Flash and/or Arrow as well.[13] The next month, it was reported that another spin-off series, described as a superhero team-up show, was being discussed by The CW for a possible 2015–16 midseason release. Berlanti, Kreisberg, Guggenheim and Sarah Schechter would be executive producers of the potential series, which would be headlined by several recurring characters from both Arrow and The Flash. That May, the CW officially confirmed DC's Legends of Tomorrow for a January 2016 premiere.[14][15] Pedowitz later stated, "There is no intention, at this point, to spin anything else off" to add to the universe,[16] though after Vixen was renewed for a second season he said, "Hopefully, that character could actually spin itself out, if not, maybe join as one of the Legends" in Legends of Tomorrow.[17] In August 2015, in a video about the production of Vixen's first season, Guggenheim referred to the series' shared universe as the "Arrowverse".[18] Kreisberg confirmed that this was the name the producers used for it.[19] The universe has also been referred to by the media as the "Flarrowverse", "Berlanti-verse" and "DC TV-verse".[20][21][22] In October, additional Arrow showrunner Wendy Mericle revealed that the producers had begun having someone track all the characters and plots used by each series, in order to make sure everything lines up.[23] The Flash executive producer Aaron Helbing noted in April 2016 that "sometimes the schedules don't line up exactly...and that stuff is out of our control", such as when Barry was shown using his abilities on Arrow, while not having them the same week on The Flash.[24]

In January 2016, Tassler's successor Glenn Geller said "I have to be really careful what I say here" in regards to a potential Supergirl/Arrowverse crossover, so "Watch and wait and see what happens."[25] The following month, it was announced that Gustin would appear on the Supergirl episode "Worlds Finest". Berlanti and Kreisberg, also Supergirl executive producers, thanked "the fans and journalists who have kept asking for this to happen. It is our pleasure and hope to create an episode worthy of everyone's enthusiasm and support."[26] In "Worlds Finest", Supergirl is established as being in an alternate universe where the Flash helps Kara fight the Silver Banshee and Livewire in exchange for her help in returning home.[27] The events of the episode intersect with the events of the eighteenth episode of The Flash season two, "Versus Zoom".[28] The crossover required "a lot more logistical trickery" than the usual Arrowverse crossovers, due to Gustin filming The Flash in Vancouver alongside Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, while Supergirl was produced in Los Angeles.[29] The producers chose to use the Flash as the character to crossover, due to his ability to travel between various Earths, and because it was "a little more fun at first to bring the veteran from that show to the chemistry of a new show." Berlanti stated that "in a perfect world", the crossover would have featured both Gustin and Amell's Green Arrow, "but logistically that would have been a nightmare to try and do both shows. We had to facilitate one."[30] Gustin was optimistic that the crossover in 2016 would allow another crossover the following year with the rest of the Arrowverse shows.[28] In May, it was announced that Supergirl would move from CBS to The CW for its second season, and that production would move from Los Angeles to Vancouver, where the CW Arrowverse series film.[31] The second season premiered on October 10, 2016.[32] It was also announced that Supergirl would appear on Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow during the 2016–17 season crossover episodes, though Guggenheim cautioned that "She is going to be coming over but we're not going to do a full on Supergirl crossover".[33] Kreisberg also confirmed that, despite the series moving to The CW, the title character's universe would not be integrated into Earth-1, the main universe of Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, and would continue to exist in a parallel universe.[34] The Earth the Supergirl series inhabits is Earth-38 in the Arrowverse multiverse,[35] and has been informally referred to as "Earth-CBS" by Guggenheim, named for the network where Supergirl first aired.[36] In August, the CW announced the animated web-series Freedom Fighters: The Ray for CW Seed, intending that the actor cast as Raymond "Ray" Terrill would appear in the live-action series, much like Mari McCabe / Vixen.[37]

In July 2018, it was revealed that the CW was developing a script for a potential series centered on Batwoman, intending to launch it after the character debuted in the "Elseworlds" crossover event. The series, if picked up, would be written by Caroline Dries, with plans to air in 2019.[38] In August, Ruby Rose was cast as Kate Kane / Batwoman.[39] In December, it was announced that "Crisis on Infinite Earths" would be the fifth annual crossover, following the "Elseworlds" crossover.[40] Further details explained that "Crisis" would run for five hours, marking the Arrowverse's longest crossover, and that the five parts would not air on consecutive nights, as with previous crossovers. Instead, three episodes would air in December 2019 and two in January 2020. It would also include Batwoman and Legends, which were not part of the "Elseworlds" crossover.[41]

In January 2019, Batwoman received a pilot pick-up from the CW.[42] On January 31, 2019, the four series already running on The CW were confirmed for further seasons, carrying them through the 2019–20 television season.[43] On March 6, 2019, it was announced that the eighth season of Arrow would be the final season of the series, with an abbreviated ten-episode season.[44] On May 7, The CW ordered Batwoman to series.[45] In August, it was reported that another untitled spin-off has been plotted.[46] In September 2019, it was reported that The CW was developing a female led spin-off series with Katherine McNamara, Katie Cassidy Rodgers and Juliana Harkavy as the leads.[47] The following month, Marc Guggenheim released an image indicating Green Arrow and the Canaries as a potential name for the show.[48] The same month, a Superman & Lois spinoff series entered development with Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch reprising their roles as Clark Kent / Superman and Lois Lane from Supergirl.[49]

Television seriesEdit

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Arrow (2012–present)Edit

Main article: Arrow (TV series)

Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns home after being stranded on a deserted island for five years. Upon his return to Starling City, Oliver rekindles his relationships and spends his nights hunting down wealthy criminals as a hooded vigilante.

The Flash (2014–present)Edit

Main article: The Flash (2014 TV series)

Crime-scene investigator Barry Allen awakens from a nine-month coma after being struck by lightning due to the S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator explosion and finds himself with superhuman speed. Barry vows to use his new powers to protect Central City as the Flash, a masked superhero, while he pursues his mother's murderer, the Reverse-Flash.[50]

Supergirl (2015–present)Edit

Main article: Supergirl (TV series)

Kara Zor-El, who was sent to Earth from Krypton as a 13-year-old and taken in by the Danvers family, must learn to embrace her powers after previously hiding them. After an unexpected disaster, Kara is forced to reveal her powers, and becomes National City's protector.[51][52]

Legends of Tomorrow (2016–present)Edit

Main article: Legends of Tomorrow

Rip Hunter travels back in time to the present day where he brings together a team of heroes and villains in an attempt to prevent Vandal Savage from destroying the world and time itself.[53][54]

Batwoman (2019–present)Edit

Main article: Batwoman (TV series)

Kate Kane must overcome her own demons before being able to protect the streets of Gotham as Batwoman and becoming their symbol of hope.[38]

Web seriesEdit

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Vixen (2015–2016)Edit

Main article: Vixen (web series)

After her parents were killed in Africa by local corruption, Mari McCabe inherits her family's Tantu Totem, gaining the powers of animals, using them to fight as Vixen to stop threats like those that claimed her family.[55]

Freedom Fighters: The Ray (2017–2018)Edit

Main article: Freedom Fighters: The Ray

Raymond "Ray" Terrill is a reporter who gains light-based powers after being exposed to a genetic light bomb. Ray discovers the bomb in his investigation of a secret government project attempting to harness the power of light and weaponize it.[37] The Ray is a member of the Freedom Fighters on Earth-X, a world in the multiverse where the Nazis won World War II.[56][57]

Recurring cast and charactersEdit

Main article: List of Arrowverse cast members

List indicator(s)

This section shows characters who will appear or have appeared in at least two series as a member of the principal ("main") cast for at least one of those.

  • An empty, dark grey cell indicates the character was not in the series, or that the character's official presence has not yet been confirmed.
  •  V indicates a voice-only role.
  • A number beside a character's name indicates the character is from that alternate world (i.e. a 2 indicates a character from Earth-2).
Character Cast member Television series Web series
Arrow The Flash Supergirl Legends of Tomorrow Batwoman Vixen Freedom Fighters: The Ray
Barry Allen
Grant Gustin Recurring[58] Main[58] Guest[26][59] RecurringV [12]
Scott Whyte RecurringV [lower-alpha 1]
John Constantine[lower-alpha 2] Matt Ryan Guest[61] Main[62] Guest
Alex Danvers38 Chyler Leigh Guest[63] Main[64] Guest
Kara Danvers38
Melissa Benoist Guest[63][65] Main[66] Guest[67] RecurringV [lower-alpha 3]
John Diggle
David Ramsey Main[68] Recurring[69] Guest[70] Guest[59]
Dinah Drake
Black Canary
Juliana Harkavy Main Guest Guest
Gideon Amy Pemberton GuestV [71] Main[72]
Morena Baccarin RecurringV [73]
Carter Hall
Falk Hentschel Guest[74] Main[75]
Nate Heywood
Nick Zano Guest[76] Main[77]
Cecile Horton Danielle Nicolet Main Guest
Curtis Holt
Mister Terrific
Echo Kellum Main[78] Guest GuestV [79]
Jefferson Jackson
Franz Drameh Guest[63][80] Main[81] GuestV [82]
J'onn J'onzz38
Martian Manhunter
David Harewood Guest[65] Main[83]
Kate Kane
Ruby Rose Guest[84] Main[39]
Laurel Lance
Black Canary
Katie Cassidy Main[85] Guest[86] Guest[87] RecurringV [88]
Laurel Lance2
Black Siren / Black Canary
Main[89] Guest[88]
Quentin Lance Paul Blackthorne Main[90] Guest[91] Guest[92]
Sara Lance
White Canary
Caity Lotz Recurring[93] Guest[59][63] Main[94] Guest
Mari McCabe
Megalyn Echikunwoke Guest[95] MainV [96] GuestV [79]
Malcolm Merlyn
Dark Archer
John Barrowman Main[97] Guest[98] Recurring[99]
Mon-El38 Chris Wood Guest[65] Main[100]
Mar Novu
LaMonica Garrett Main[lower-alpha 4] Guest
Ray Palmer
Brandon Routh Recurring[101] Guest[101] Main[102] Guest RecurringV [82]
Oliver Queen
Green Arrow
Stephen Amell Main[103] Recurring[104] Guest[63] Recurring[105] Guest RecurringV [12]
Matthew Mercer RecurringV [lower-alpha 5]
Thea Queen
Willa Holland Main[106] Guest[59]
Cisco Ramon
Carlos Valdes Recurring[107] Main[108] Guest[63][59] RecurringV [109] GuestV [110]
Rene Ramirez
Wild Dog
Rick Gonzalez Main[111] Guest
Mick Rory
Heat Wave
Dominic Purcell Guest[63] Recurring[112] Guest[63] Main[102] Guest
Kendra Saunders
Ciara Renée Guest[113] Recurring[113] Main[114]
Felicity Smoak
Emily Bett Rickards Main[115] Recurring[116] Guest[63][92] RecurringV [109]
Mia Smoak
Katherine McNamara Main Guest Guest
Leonard Snart
Captain Cold
Wentworth Miller Recurring[117] Main[102]
Caitlin Snow
Killer Frost
Danielle Panabaker Recurring[107] Main[118] Guest[63][59] GuestV [79]
Martin Stein
Victor Garber Guest[63] Recurring[119] Guest[63] Main[102] GuestV [120]
Ray Terrill
The Ray
Russell Tovey Guest[121] [121] MainV [121]
Eve Teschmacher38 Andrea Brooks Guest[122] Main[123]
Eobard Thawne
[lower-alpha 6]
Tom Cavanagh Recurring[124] Main[124] Guest[124]
Matt Letscher Recurring[125] Main[99]
Harrison Wells[lower-alpha 7] Tom Cavanagh Guest[63] Main Guest[63]
Iris West Candice Patton Guest[63] Main[126] Guest[63] [67]
Nora West-Allen
Jessica Parker Kennedy Main Guest
Wally West
Kid Flash
Keiynan Lonsdale Main[127] Guest[63][128] Main

After Miller's exit as a series regular during Legend of Tomorrow's first season, it was revealed he signed a deal with Warner Bros. to become a series regular across any of the shows in the Arrowverse. The deal was initially focused on Miller and his characters of Leonard and Leo Snart appearing on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Berlanti stated that Miller's deal was "the first contract not applicable to just one show," adding "In success we hope to continue with other characters finding their way across all the shows."[129] Barrowman signed a similar deal to Miller in July 2016, allowing him to continue being a series regular on Arrow as well as The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow,[130] followed by Cassidy for her character Laurel Lance.[131]

Expanded settingEdit

Official crossover eventsEdit

List indicators

  • A grey cell indicates the series was not a part of the crossover event.
  • The number in parentheses next to the episode title indicates which part of the crossover it is.
TV season Crossover title Episodes Ref(s)
Arrow The Flash Supergirl Legends of Tomorrow Batwoman
2014–15 "Flash vs. Arrow" Season 3, Episode 8
"The Brave and the Bold" (2)
Season 1, Episode 8
"Flash vs. Arrow" (1)
In Central City, a metahuman who uses people's emotions to rob banks turns the Flash against the Arrow. Then, in Starling City, the two heroes face off against Captain Boomerang.
2015–16 "Heroes Join Forces" Season 4, Episode 8
"Legends of Yesterday" (2)
Season 2, Episode 8
"Legends of Today" (1)
The Flash and the Green Arrow team up to take on Vandal Savage, who is looking for Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall, the reincarnations of Hawkgirl and Hawkman. Legends of Tomorrow, especially the first season's main plot, is set up during the events of this crossover.[134][133]
"Worlds Finest" Season 1, Episode 18
"Worlds Finest"
The Flash passes through an extradimensional breach while testing a tachyon accelerator, entering the universe of Supergirl and Superman.  He teams up with Supergirl in order to take down Livewire and Silver Banshee, after which Supergirl assists him in returning to his universe. While not officially part of the crossover, "Versus Zoom", the eighteenth episode of the second season of The Flash, featured Barry entering and exiting the breach to Earth-38 between two moments.
2016–17 "Invasion!" Season 5, Episode 8
"Invasion!" (2)
Season 3, Episode 8
"Invasion!" (1)
Season 2, Episode 7
"Invasion!" (3)
The Flash recruits Supergirl from Earth-38 to help him, the Green Arrow, and the Legends of Tomorrow face off against a race of alien invaders called the Dominators. Though Supergirl does not have a participating “Invasion!” episode, the end of the Supergirl episode "Medusa", with Barry and Cisco recruiting her from her universe, is considered the beginning of the crossover, resulting in her appearing in the other series' episodes.[36]
"Duet" Season 3, Episode 17
A musical crossover between The Flash and Supergirl, where the Flash and Supergirl face the Music Meister. The end of the Supergirl episode "Star-Crossed" began the musical crossover that primarily occurs during "Duet".[65]
2017–18 "Crisis on Earth-X" Season 6, Episode 8
"Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2"
Season 4, Episode 8
"Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3"
Season 3, Episode 8
"Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1"
Season 3, Episode 8
"Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4"
Barry Allen and Iris West's friends come to Central City to attend their wedding, only for the event to be disrupted by Nazis from Earth-X led by their versions of Oliver Queen and Kara Danvers who are joined by Eobard Thawne. Though Freedom Fighters: The Ray did not have an episode as part of the 2017–18 crossover, the series further explores The Ray, Earth-X, and other characters and concepts seen in "Crisis on Earth-X".[142][57][56][60]
2018–19 "Elseworlds" Season 7, Episode 9
"Elseworlds, Part 2"
Season 5, Episode 9
"Elseworlds, Part 1"
Season 4, Episode 9
"Elseworlds, Part 3"
The Monitor is testing Earths across the Multiverse to prepare for a coming crisis; he gives Arkham Asylum doctor John Deegan the ability to rewrite reality on Earth-1, which results in Oliver Queen and Barry Allen swapping lives and powers. Recruiting Kara Danvers, who is unaffected on Earth-38, they go to Gotham City to confront Deegan, receiving help from Batwoman. The characters Nora Fries, Lois Lane and Psycho-Pirate are introduced to the Arrowverse in the crossover, which also features the return of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman and John Wesley Shipp as an alternate Barry Allen / The Flash.
2019–20 "Crisis on Infinite Earths" Season 8, Episode 8[146]
Season 6, Episode 9
"Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three"[147]
Season 5, Episode 9
"Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One"
Season 5, special episode
Season 1, Episode 9
"Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two"[147]
Continuing from the "Elseworlds" crossover. The five-hour event will span two months instead of airing on consecutive nights as per previous crossovers, with three episodes airing in December 2019 and two in January 2020. The event includes characters from various DC films and television series.[149][150][151]

Yearly crossover events in the Arrowverse have occurred since the 2013–14 television season, when Barry Allen was introduced in the eighth episode of Arrow's second season ahead of the debut of The Flash. The next year, the eighth episodes of the third season of Arrow and the first season of The Flash formed a two-part event known as "Flash vs. Arrow". In January 2015, The CW president Mark Pedowitz said that there would be an Arrowverse crossover every season.[152] In the 2015–16 television season, a two-part event, "Heroes Join Forces" between the eighth episodes of the fourth season of Arrow and the second season of The Flash was used to set up a new team-up series, Legends of Tomorrow.[153] For the 2016–17 television season, the "Invasion!" crossover included The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, with the event beginning at the end of Supergirl.[154][36][140] A true four-part crossover occurred in the 2017–18 television season with "Crisis on Earth-X", which also tied into the animated web series, Freedom Fighters: The Ray, and featured characters and concepts from that series.[142] The 2018–19 crossover, "Elseworlds",[155] included Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow and saw the introduction of Batwoman ahead of her debut in her own series.[38] At the end of "Elseworlds", it was revealed that the 2019–20 television season crossover would be "Crisis on Infinite Earths",[40] a five-part crossover with episodes of Supergirl, Batwoman, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.[149]

Additional crossovers include "Worlds Finest", an episode which sees Barry Allen travel to Supergirl's Earth for the first time,[156] and "Duet", a musical crossover with The Flash and Supergirl.[65]


In October 2014, Johns explained that DC's approach to their films and television series would be different to Marvel Studios' cinematic universe, stating that their film universe and TV universes would be kept separate within a multiverse to allow "everyone to make the best possible product, to tell the best story, to do the best world."[157] The second season of The Flash began to explore this concept of the multiverse, by introducing Earth-2, which features doppelgängers of the inhabitants of Earth-1.[158] Supergirl was confirmed as an alternate Earth, later designated as Earth-38,[35] with The Flash crossover episode "Worlds Finest" (2016).[159] Freedom Fighters: The Ray is set on Earth-X.[57] As of 2019, some of the Earths confirmed to exist in the Arrowverse multiverse include Earths 1 through 52, Earth-X,[160] Earth-90,[161] and Earth-221.[162]

The Flash (1990–1991) Edit

Main article: The Flash (1990 TV series)

In The Flash (2014 TV series) episode "Welcome to Earth-2" (2016), glimpses of the multiverse are seen, including an image of John Wesley Shipp as the Flash from the 1990 television series, implying that the series exists on an alternate Earth within the Arrowverse multiverse;[163][164] Shipp reprised his role as Barry Allen / The Flash from the 1990 series in the annual crossover event "Elseworlds" (2018) with his native universe designated as Earth-90.[165][161]

Constantine (2014–2015)Edit

Main article: Constantine (TV series)

By May 2015, Amell had had discussions with DC Entertainment about portraying Queen on NBC's Constantine, starring Matt Ryan; saying, "The reason that I was going to guest star on Constantine...was [Constantine's] an expert when it comes to the Lazarus Pit, which is now something that is a part of and will continue to be a part of Arrow." Amell stated that, even though Constantine was not renewed for a second season, a crossover "was and is still on the table".[166] Guggenheim revealed a desire to integrate John Constantine into the Arrowverse, saying, "A lot of the pieces are in place, except for that one final piece, which is what's the fate of Constantine? That's the tricky thing. But it comes up in the writers' room constantly—we have a number of ideas, one idea that's particularly exciting to me. We're in a little bit of a wait-and-see mode".[167] In July 2015, Mericle added on the subject, "It's something we've been talking to DC about and it's just a question of some political things, but also [Ryan]'s schedule."[168]

In August 2015, it was confirmed that Ryan would appear in Arrow's fourth-season episode "Haunted" for a "one-time-only-deal". Guggenheim said, "This is something the fans were clamoring for," praising DC for being so "magnanimous and generous in giving us this one-time dispensation." Due to Arrow and Constantine sharing the same studio, the producers of Arrow were able to use Ryan's original outfits: "The trench coat, the tie, the shirt...the whole wardrobe is being taken out for [sic] storage and shipped up to Vancouver [where Arrow shoots]." John Badham, a director on Constantine, directed the episode that Constantine appears in.[169] Mericle confirmed that this version of Constantine would be the same character that had appeared in Constantine.[61] On filming the episode, Guggenheim referred to it as "a Constantine/Arrow crossover" and felt that "we got the chance to extend Matt Ryan's run as Constantine by at least one more hour of television. I think you'll see he fits very neatly into our universe. It never feels forced".[170]

In July 2017, Guggenheim indicated that "really good conversations" had taken place with Ryan to appear again in the Arrowverse,[171] and in October 2017, it was revealed that Ryan would appear in two episodes of the third season of Legends of Tomorrow, "Beebo the God of War" and "Daddy Darhkest", with the appearance taking place chronologically after "Haunted", revisiting the setting of Arrow's fourth season and the events following that season's final episode. Klemmer described the tone of the episodes as "The Exorcist meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".[62] Ryan was made a series regular for the fourth season of Legends of Tomorrow.[172]

Jesse Schedeen of IGN felt in October 2018 that none of the character's Arrowverse appearances thus far "really directly reference the events of the Constantine series, leaving it up in the air as to whether this John Constantine is the same character from that series or if Ryan is merely playing a different, very similar version of his character."[173] In November 2018, Ryan spoke to the relationship between the character seen in the NBC series and the one seen on Legends of Tomorrow and in the Arrowverse. He said the two were the same character with "the same DNA", and likened each appearance to that of different comic book writers and artists working with the character: "He has the same outline, but he looks different. The hair is slightly different. He has a slightly different cadence sometimes. Different artists and different writers write him in different ways." Ryan also noted that while the fourth season of Legends of Tomorrow mentions the Astra storyline from the NBC series, it would not explore the Brujeria storyline, though Constantine "still carries that baggage around with him".[174]

"Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossoversEdit

Main article: Crisis on Infinite Earths (Arrowverse)

Russell Tovey reprises his role as Raymon Terrill / The Ray from the previous episodes within the Arrowverse. The character is shown to be flying through the skies of Earth-X, moments before that reality is destroyed by the Anti-Monitor.[175] Tyler Hoechlin also returns to reprise his Superman role from Supergirl.[176][177] Characters from Black Lightning, which had previously remained separate from the Arrowverse, were also confirmed to appear in the crossover event.[178] with Cress Williams confirming he would appear as the titular superhero in the crossover two weeks later.[179] The crossover introduces Osric Chau as Ryan Choi,[180] and will have Brec Bassinger debut as Courtney Whitmore / Stargirl from her upcoming titular series, set to premiere on the streaming service DC Universe later in 2020.[181] Kevin Conroy reprises his role as an aged Bruce Wayne, albeit for the first time on-screen in live-action format. Wayne had previously been briefly referenced by name in Arrow's sixth season and in the "Elseworlds" crossover, while also being hinted at throughout the various series of the Arrowverse.[182][183]

The various DC Entertainment releases confirmed to be a part of "Crisis on Infinite Earths", and related to the Arrowverse multi-verse throughout these episodes includes:


In April 2015, to celebrate the season three finale of Arrow and season one finale of The Flash, The CW released a short promo titled "Superhero Fight Club".[189] The short features characters from Arrow and The Flash battling each other in a hero vs. villain showdown. Characters include The Arrow, Flash, Arsenal, Black Canary, Dark Archer, Reverse-Flash, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Firestorm, Ra's al Ghul, and Atom in a cage match fight, with Black Canary and Arsenal vs. Dark Archer, Arrow vs. Ra's al Ghul, Flash vs. Captain Cold and Heat Wave, which is interrupted by Reverse-Flash, until Firestorm intervenes and the Atom makes an appearance at the end.[190] In September 2016, The CW released the promo "Superhero Fight Club 2.0" to promote the start of the 2016-17 season with the addition of Supergirl to their lineup, as well as their new mobile app, where the promo could exclusively be viewed initially. The new Superhero Fight Club sees Green Arrow, Flash, Atom, Firestorm, White Canary and Supergirl go up against a new fight simulator created by Cisco Ramon and Felicity Smoak, while John Diggle and Martian Manhunter observe. After defeating the simulator, Cisco releases Gorilla Grodd into the arena for the heroes to face.[191][192] In January, 2018, The CW released the promo "Suit Up", featuring the various heroes putting on their costumes in order to promote the return of Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl from their first mid-season break, as well as the premiere of Black Lightning.[193]


Ratings Edit

Series Season Originally aired Nielsen ratings
First aired Viewers
(in millions)
Last aired Viewers
(in millions)
Average viewers
(in millions)
Rank 18–49 rating (rank)
Arrow 1 10, 2012 (2012-10-10) 4.14[194]  15, 2013 (2013-05-15) 2.77[195] 3.68 130[196] 1.2 (125)[197]
2 9, 2013 (2013-10-09) 2.74[198]  14, 2014 (2014-05-14) 2.37[199] 3.28 128 (119)[200]
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Critical response Edit

Series Season Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
Arrow 1 85% (36 reviews)[246] 73 (30 reviews)[247]
2 95% (12 reviews)[248] N/A
3 90% (9 reviews)[249] N/A
4 85% (10 reviews)[250] N/A
5 88% (13 reviews)[251] N/A
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8 98% (57 reviews)[254] N/A
The Flash 1 92% (62 reviews)[255] 75 (38 reviews)[256]
2 94% (24 reviews)[257] 81 (4 reviews)[258]
3 85% (23 reviews)[259] 80 (4 reviews)[260]
4 79% (19 reviews)[261] N/A
5 94% (11 reviews)[262] N/A
6 99% (12 reviews)[263] N/A
Supergirl 1 92% (72 reviews)[264] 75 (38 reviews)[265]
2 92% (20 reviews)[266] 81 (4 reviews)[267]
3 78% (15 reviews)[268] N/A
4 87% (7 reviews)[269] N/A
5 99% (10 reviews)[270] N/A
Legends of Tomorrow 1 65% (36 reviews)[271] 58 (27 reviews)[272]
2 88% (10 reviews)[273] N/A
3 88% (8 reviews)[274] N/A
4 95% (94 reviews)[275] N/A
Batwoman 1 72% (39 reviews)[276] 60 (15 reviews)[277]


After the first Arrow/Flash crossover, Brian Lowry of Variety talked about the spin-off series and the crossover, applauding the producers for replicating the success of Arrow but with "a lighter tone" and "a hero with genuine super powers" in The Flash, and calling the crossover an appropriate moment for everyone concerned to take a short but well-deserved victory lap." Lowry also said that the crossover "does a nifty job of bringing the two series together, although probably not in a manner likely to boost the shared audience between them much more than already exists."[278] Meredith Borders at Birth.Movies.Death. called the crossover episodes "fun" and said positively that "too much happened that was unrelated to one show or the other – and that's a good thing. While the crossover episodes were definitely open to new viewers of either The Flash or Arrow (or both, presumably), with each episode wrapped up tidily by the end of its hour, plenty of show-specific plot stuff was advanced without spelling it out for newbies. New viewers to either show could follow along and have a good time, but veteran viewers were rewarded with major storyline motion."[279]

Following the release of the first trailer for Supergirl, Paul Tassi wrote for Forbes about why he felt that series should be kept separate from the Arrowverse: He called the moment in the Arrow third-season finale where Barry Allen appears briefly, but abruptly leaves since "Arrow needs to let its own characters solve its problems", a "weird moment" that shows "the cracks [that] form when it's just two shows that have to work together on the regular." Tassi then noted the further complications of adding Supergirl, saying, "The more shows you have, the more heroes you introduce, the harder it is to keep explaining away why they're not constantly around to help each other. Supergirl already has that problem built-in with Superman, who it seems will not be a regular fixture on the show, and I'm sure there will be many excuses as to why he's too busy to help Supergirl fight her latest battle. Add in Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow mythology, and it's probably too much to juggle....I think Supergirl deserves to launch without Arrow and The Flash on its shoulders, and be allowed to find itself before being assimilated into an existing universe."[280]

With the premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, ScreenRant's Alice Walker discussed how the series "has hurt Arrow and The Flash", noting that the latter required minimal setup when it was spun-off from the former and had an element of mystery surrounding its quality with "a "wait and see" attitude" from audiences, while Legends was instead met with much excitement long before its release leading to each piece of news concerning it being "publicized and met with fanfare – to the detriment of the other shows involved." Walker felt that audiences knowing which characters would appear in Legends, and how, took "the thrill out of the story" of the other series as such information spoiled some of their upcoming plot twists, including the resurrection of Sara Lance or the fact that Ray Palmer "could never really pose a threat to Oliver [Queen] and Felicity [Smoak]'s relationship, or run Palmer Technologies long term, since it was widely known that he would be a huge part of Legends." Additionally, the annual Arrow/The Flash crossover suffered from also trying to set up Legends, which was "too much to ask from the already crowded storylines and ended up feeling like an exercise in synchronicity, with producers planting more seeds than they could reap. The crossover event was no longer a fun way to contrast the two shows; it now had to serve the much larger purpose of setting up an entirely new world." Walker stated that the premiere of Legends "means that Arrow and The Flash can finally stop dedicating so much time and plot to laying the groundwork for the spin-off, and start focusing on the fundamentals of their own shows again."[281]

After the "Elseworlds" crossover teased the comic Crisis on Infinite Earths would be adapted in the 2019 crossover, Mike Cecchini of Den of Geek stated, "The Arrowverse is becoming the most intricate, risky live action superhero universe in history. Yes, it's at least as big and crazy (perhaps even moreso in some ways) than the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we had best enjoy this while we have it, because it's unlikely we'll ever see this much crazy DC Comics love on screen in one place at one time ever again."[282]

Other mediaEdit

Comic booksEdit

Title Issue(s) Publication date(s) Writer(s) Artist(s)
First published Last published
Arrow[283] 13 10, 2012 (2012-10-10)  23, 2013 (2013-10-23)
  • Andrew Kreisberg (#1–8)
  • Marc Guggenheim (#1–12, 0)
  • Sergio Sandoval (#1–3, 5–6, 8, 10)
  • Jorge Jimenez (#1 – 3)
  • Mike Grell (#1–4, 6, 9–10)
  • Eric Nguyen (#4, 9)
  • Julian Totino Tedesco (#4)
  • Xermanico (#5–7, 10–11)
  • Omar Francia (#5, 8, 11)
  • Pol C Gas (#6; 8)
  • Victor Drujiniu (#6–8, 12)
  • Le Beau Underwood (#7, 9)
  • Allan Jefferson (#7, 9–12)
  • Juan Castro (#7–8, 12)
  • Jonas Trindade (#11–12)
Arrow: Season 2.5[284] 12 8, 2014 (2014-10-08)  9, 2015 (2015-09-09)
  • Marc Guggenheim (#1–12)
  • Yuko Shimizu (#4)
  • Keto Shimizu (#5)
  • Joe Bennett (#1–5; 7–12)
  • Jack Jadson (#2)
  • Craig Yeung (#3–5; 7–12)
  • Szymon Kudranski (#4–7)
The Flash: Season Zero[285] 12 1, 2014 (2014-10-01)  2, 2015 (2015-09-02)
  • Andrew Kreisberg (#1–10)
  • Katherine Walczak (#4)
  • Brooke Eikmeier (#4)
  • Lauren Certo (#7–9)
  • Kai Wu (#7–9)
  • Phil Hester (#10)
  • Ben Sokolowski (#11)
  • Sterling Gates (#12)
  • Eric Gapstur and Phil Hester (#1–4; 6–11)
  • Marcus To (#5; 10)
  • Ibrahim Mustafa (#12)
Arrow: The Dark Archer[286] 12 13, 2016 (2016-01-13)  15, 2016 (2016-06-15)
  • John Barrowman
  • Carol Barrowman
  • Marc Guggenheim
  • Andrew Kreisberg
Daniel Sampere
Adventures of Supergirl[287] 6 11, 2016 (2016-05-11)  20, 2016 (2016-07-20) Sterling Gates
  • Bengal (#1)
  • Pop Mhan and Jonboy Meyers (#2)
  • Ray McCarthy and Emanuela Lupacchino (#3)
  • Carmen Carnero (#4)
  • Emma Vieceli (#5–6)
  • Cat Staggs (#5)



On February 23, 2016, Titan Books released Arrow: Vengeance, a tie-in novel by Oscar Balderrama and Lauren Certo, which is set before and during Arrow's second season, which details the origins of Slade Wilson, Isabel Rochev, and Sebastian Blood, and how they would all eventually meet and collaborate with each other to battle Oliver Queen / The Arrow as seen in the TV series. On November 29, 2016, Titan released The Flash: The Haunting of Barry Allen, a tie-in novel by Susan and Clay Griffith, which is set during The Flash's second season and Arrow's fourth season, which detailed that after he closed the temporal anomaly that nearly destroyed Central City, Barry an older version of himself, beaten, injured, and batter, but before he can speak, his doppelganger disappears. Barry then starts experiencing glitches in his powers, moments that leave him immobile and ghostly during missions. When a group of his worst villains, including Pied Piper, Weather Wizard, and Peek-a-Boo, decide to launch an assault on him, so Barry decides to seek help from his most trusted ally, Oliver Queen / Green Arrow. The story continues in Arrow: A Generation of Vipers, by Susan and Clay Griffith, which was released by Titan on March 28, 2017, which detailed Team Flash and Team Arrow working together to eliminate the bizarre energy that threatens to kill the Flash. When their quest leads them to Markovia, they must get past an army of mercenaries and assassins to face the mysterious Count Wallenstein.

A fourth novel entitled Arrow: Fatal Legacies was released in January 2018. It is co-authored by Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim and James R. Tuck, and is set between the fifth-season finale and sixth-season premiere of Arrow.[288] A fifth novel, following The Flash villain Weather Wizard in his attempts at revenge, was released in May 2018. Written by Richard A. Knaak, the novel is titled The Flash: Climate Changeling.[289]

In May 2017, it was announced that Abrams Books would be releasing two trilogies of middle-grade novels for The Flash and Supergirl, written by Barry Lyga and Jo Whittemore, respectively.[290] The first of these novels, The Flash: Hocus Pocus, was released on October 3, 2017. The novel takes place in an alternate timeline where the show's "Flashpoint" event never occurred, and The Flash must fight a villain known as Hocus Pocus who can control the minds and actions of people.[291] A sequel, The Flash: Johnny Quick was released on April 3, 2018,[292] as well as a third novel titled The Flash: The Tornado Twins released on October 2, 2018.[293]

The second of these trilogies began in November, 2017, with Supergirl: Age of Atlantis. The novel features Supergirl dealing with a surge of new powered people in National City, as well as a mysterious humanoid sea creature captured by the DEO who is seemingly attracted by the new superpowered people.[294] A sequel, Supergirl: Curse of the Ancients, was released on May 1, 2018,[295] with a third novel, titled Supergirl: Master of Illusion, released on January 8, 2019.[296]

In July 2017, a third trilogy titled Crossover Crisis was announced, focusing on crossovers between characters within the universe. The first novel, The Flash: Green Arrow's Perfect Shot, was released on August 13, 2019. The latter two novels will feature Supergirl, Superman, and the Legends of Tomorrow.[297]


The first guidebook to be released was Arrow: Heroes and Villains by Nick Aires and published by Titan Books, released in February 2015.[298] Described as "a companion" to the series, the book features sections on the various characters of the series, along with descriptions, backgrounds, comic book origins, and "where they stand as of the end of the second season of 'Arrow.'"[299]

A follow up to Heroes and Villains by the same author and publisher, titled Arrow: Oliver Queen's Dossier, was released in October 2016, during the series' fifth season. The book is presented as information collected by the Green Arrow and Felicity Smoak over the course of his four years of activity. Included in the book are "handwritten notes" and "police reports" regarding the Green Arrow and those he targets.[300]

In May 2018, Titan Books and Aires released a guidebook similar to Oliver Queen's Dossier, but for its sister series, The Flash, from the perspective of Cisco Ramon. S.T.A.R. Labs: Cisco Ramon's Journal features "his confidential journal entries, covering everything from his tech designs, the villains and other heroes the team encounter, the team’s personal challenges and his own Vibe abilities prior to Flashpoint."[301]

A second guidebook for The Flash was released in November 2018, this time published by Abrams Books. The Secret Files of Barry Allen: The Ultimate Guide to the Hit TV Show features the Flash's "top-secret notes", as well as "classified S.T.A.R. Labs dossiers on everyone in Central City", an episode guide on the first four seasons of the series, and details on the life of the Flash "in Barry's own words."[302]

A similar guidebook for Supergirl was released in March 2019 from the same publisher. Supergirl: The Secret Files of Kara Danvers: The Ultimate Guide to the Hit TV Show features "detailed profiles on characters and super powers, a heroes and villains gallery, episode guide, and more" from the first three seasons of the series.[303]

Promotional tie-insEdit

Blood RushEdit

On November 6, 2013, a six-episode series of shorts, titled Blood Rush, premiered alongside the broadcast of Arrow, as well as online. The series, which was presented by Bose, and features product placement for Bose products, was shot on location in Vancouver, similarly to the main show. The miniseries features Emily Bett Rickards, Colton Haynes and Paul Blackthorne reprising their roles of Felicity Smoak, Roy Harper and Quentin Lance, respectively. The episodes set during the course of the second season of the television series, show Roy coming to Queen Consolidated to have a meeting with Oliver. As he is out, Felicity tells Roy to go wait in the lobby. As Roy leaves, Officer Lance calls Felicity, telling her that the blood sample the Starling City police found on the vigilante, which Felicity destroyed, has resurfaced. Felicity then calls Roy, using Oliver's voice encoder, asking him to break into the lab to retrieve the sample. Felicity guides Roy through the lab, where he is able to recover the sample. As Roy is leaving, doctors enter the room, seemingly trapping him. He notifies Felicity, who then hacks into the building's PA system, and issues an evacuation notice, giving Roy a chance to escape. Roy gets out of the room before it enters into lock down, and is able to avoid two guards with the help of Felicity and exit the lab. Roy returns to Queen Consolidated, and Felicity offers to mail the acquired sample for Roy as he goes in to meet with Oliver.[304]

Chronicles of Cisco: Entry 0419Edit

On April 19, 2016, a four-episode series of shorts, titled Chronicles of Cisco, premiered on AT&T. The series features Valdes and Britne Oldford reprising their roles as Cisco Ramon and Peek-a-Boo respectively. Set in the second season of the television series, the series sees Cisco attempting to make the Flash suit bulletproof and body-odor proof. While working on these, he receives a late-night Meta-Human Alert within S.T.A.R. Labs, and learns that Peek-a-Boo triggered the alert. She has come to S.T.A.R. Labs to make Cisco create a weapon for her, as he did for Golden Glider, Captain Cold, and Heat Wave. When he does not cooperate, she shoots him. Cisco survives being shot, realizing that the orange soda he spilt on his shirt was the missing catalyst to his bulletproof formula. Cisco tries to bring Peek-a-Boo back to the pipeline, but she locks him in the cell instead. Cisco is then seen being woken up due to a call from Barry. He believes he dreamt the whole experience, until he finds the bullet that shot him on the ground.[305]

Stretched ScenesEdit

On November 14, 2017, a three-episode series of shorts, known as "Stretched Scenes", premiered. The series, presented by Microsoft Surface, features Hartley Sawyer, Danielle Panabaker, and Candice Patton as Ralph Dibny, Cailtin Snow, and Iris West respectively. Set during the show's fourth season, it shows Dibny as he continually bothers Cailtin and Iris for their help, or for attention. The shorts premiered online as well as during the commercial breaks of the episodes "When Harry Met Harry...", "Therefore I Am", and "Don't Run".[306][307][308]

Audio seriesEdit

Audio studio Serial Box is currently developing an audio series based on the Arrowverse, titled The Flash: Rogues. The series will feature Lex Luthor altering the timeline in order to turn The Flash, Green Arrow, White Canary, and Supergirl evil, while their friends attempt to fix the timeline. The series currently has eight episodes planned.[309][310]


  1. Whyte voices Blitzkreig, an alternate version of the Earth-1 Flash.[60]
  2. Ryan previously appeared as the character in the NBC series Constantine. The Arrowverse version of the character is the same that had appeared in the NBC series.[61]
  3. Benoist voices Overgirl, an alternate version of the Earth-38 Supergirl.[60]
  4. Garrett is credited as a series regular in The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl during the 2019-2020 season, although he is only credited in the episodes which he appears.
  5. Mercer voices Black Arrow, an alternate version of the Earth-1 Green Arrow.[60]
  6. Tom Cavanagh portrays Eobard Thawne in the form of Earth-1's deceased Harrison Wells in the first and fifth seasons of The Flash in a main role, in a recurring role in the second season, and in a guest role in the crossover events "Crisis on Earth-X" and "Elseworlds".[124]
  7. Tom Cavanagh has portrayed several different versions of Harrison Wells from across the multiverse, notably "Harry" Wells from Earth-2, "H.R." Wells from Earth-19 and Harrison Sherloque Wells from Earth-221, in addition to portraying Eobard Thawne in the form of Earth-1's deceased Harrison Wells.[124]


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