TVTimes is a television listings magazine published in the United Kingdom by IPC Media, a subsidiary of Time Inc. It is known for its access to television actors and their programmes. In 2006 it was refreshed for a more modern look, increasing its emphasis on big star interviews and soaps.

TVTimes belongs to IPC Media's family of television magazines, within IPC Media's sub-group Connect. Other IPC Media TV titles include What's on TVTV Easy and TV & Satellite Week, as well as the soap bi-weekly Soaplife.


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TVTimes currently publishes broadcast programming listings for all major television channels. Before 1991 it published listings for ITV and (from 1982)Channel 4 only. Although every ITV region originally had its own version, there are now four:


The magazine was launched on 22 September 1955, just the start of transmissions of ITV, but became a national magazine only in 1968. Prior to 1968, several of the regional ITV companies – Westward TelevisionScottish TelevisionTyne Tees TelevisionUlster TelevisionTWW and Teledu Cymru (and briefly WWN) – produced their own listings magazines. The Midlands originally had their own edition ofTVTimes listing ATV and ABC programmes, but a separate listings magazine in the Midlands called TV World existed from 1964–68 before TVTimes went national. Until television listings were deregulated in 1991 the TVTimes was the only place where complete weekly listings of ITV programmes could be published.[2]

Channel Television continued to publish its own listings magazine until 1991 (it was feared that the company might go under without the revenue from its own magazine).

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