"Sweet Soul Music" is a soul song, first released by Arthur Conley in 1967. Written by Conley and Otis Redding, it is based on the Sam Cooke song "Yeah Man" from his posthumous album Shake; the opening riff is a quote from Elmer Bernstein's score for the 1960 movie The Magnificent Seven.

It reached the number two spot on both the Billboard Hot 100 and the Billboard R&B chart, and #7 on the UK Singles Chart.[2] J. W. Alexander, Sam Cooke's business partner, sued both Redding and Conley for plagiarizing the melody. A settlement was reached in which Cooke's name was added to the writer credits, and Otis Redding agreed to record some songs in the future from Kags Music, a Cooke – JW Alexander enterprise.[citation needed]


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The song is an homage to soul music. The following songs are mentioned in the lyrics:

Additionally, James Brown is described as "the king of them all".[3]

At the end of the song, Arthur Conley sings the lyrics: "Otis Redding got the feeling."

Cover versions[edit]Edit

"Sweet Soul Music" has been covered by the following groups and artists:

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