Aaron Alexander Barschak (born 1966) styles himself as a "comedy terrorist" and fringe UK politician. In 2003, he attracted media attention by surreptitiously joining Prince William's 21st birthday party.


Aaron Barschak was born in 1966 and comes from a Jewish family. His father, Fred Barschak, fled Vienna in 1938, the rest of his father's family died during the Nazi Holocaust. Aaron grew up in Hampstead in North London and attended City of London School where he learnt French and Spanish. After leaving school, Barschak travelled to Bolivia working at importing Western pop records and later moved to New York to study acting.

The Windsor Castle gatecrashEdit

He came to public attention on 21 June 2003, when he gate-crashed Prince William's 21st birthday party at Windsor Castle whilst wearing a pink dress, a false beard and a turban in a fashion similar to Osama bin Laden. After flashing his merkin at the crowds outside, he scaled the walls of the castle and entered William's party. He was arrested after storming the stage where William was giving a speech. He was not prosecuted.

The intrusion triggered a police investigation into the security breach.

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